Do You Want to Start a Coffee Shop- by hkksew3563rd


									?If you're considering opening up a coffee shop my first suggestion would be to gain
knowledge from others. There is no point to reinventing the wheel.

Discover those activities other franchises have done to be able to attain their success.
You may want to take a look at places like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.

For starters, literally drop by your competition. I am aware that this does not sound
like one of those jobs that you're going to cherish doing, however just consider it
preliminary research.

Go look and examine exactly how these businesses have their particular
establishments set up. Become aware of what kind of menus they have.

A coffee shop is more than just coffee. The more competing firms you investigate, the
more complete an idea you are going to have of exactly how to compete.

Next, you want to review their ad campaigns. Everyone advertises in different ways
based on their unique selling position, however they always do have aspects in

Look for those similarities. There are some important factors that you're going to want
to convey to your target market. The principal things are:

The quality of the coffee and food The atmosphere of the shop The price

Many people say that there's not a big difference between one coffee and another.
Those men and women aren't real coffee drinkers. Believe me...there is certainly a big

If you're aiming to cater to the person driving an 18 wheeler on Route 9, he's going to
expect a different quality of coffee than the guy who is wearing a $2,000 suit and
wouldn't buy anything off the rack. You want to recognise who your target market is
and what kind of coffee they are going to be expecting.

Similar thing with the ambiance. A number of customers solely would like their coffee
to go and that's it. Others are looking to sit down and take it easy and savor their brew.
And while they're doing it, they really don't expect to sit in a dump...although some
people would not mind provided that the coffee is excellent.

Finally, there's the price. Even though we are not talking about a big ticket product
like a Mercedes, some folks aren't going to want to pay much more than 50 cents for a
cup while other people will happily spend $2 or even more if the coffee is genuinely
exceptional. Once again, know who your market is.
When you go to different coffee shops, in particular ones in your area, you will
acquire a very good feel for who your market is. From there, it's only a matter of
catering to it.


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