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									?If you are planning a vacation or just taking a weekend trip to Monterey, then you
will expand your experience when you stay at a Monterey Bay Hotel. These hotels
provide you with easy and quick access to all of the entertainment on Montereys
Cannery Row. Check out the exciting adventure you can have, when you are close to
all of Montereys Historical sites.

Monterey Bay hotel is the best place to stay when in Monterey. The hotels in
Monterey bay are overlooking the fantastic scenery that makes the site famous, apart
from the bay.

Cannery row is marked by inns and their unique dcor. The guestrooms are decorated
in soft marine-inspired hues of green, blue and brown. The oceanfront patios offer a
ringside seat to witness a wide variety of shows put on by the waves of the sea. The
hotels even provide a pair of binoculars for a magnified look.

Also, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a splendid sight. It brings you
closer to sea life than ever before. The oceans edge galleries will amaze you with its
three-story live kelp forest.

You can experience a walk-through wave crash in it. The evenings by the bay are truly
romantic. Besides the extended aquarium hours, there are special programs such as
live music and special events.

Within its walking distance, and few steps away from San Carlos beach, are the
restaurants and famous attractions. The accommodations in Monterey Bay Hotel are
excellent. The luxury it provides for every guest is unmatched.

Even when a few of the hotels are old, the rooms are always renovated to preserve its
timeless look and to ensure that the stay of their guests are truly memorable. The good
thing about staying in a hotel is the choice of having an ocean view from your

The ocean is just breathtaking. The deluxe bathroom amenities are excellent, and the
breakfast meal served is always fresh and sumptuous. The customer service exerted
by the staff is always in the best of your interests.

A Monterey Bay vacation is among the top choices of families, lovers, and friends
who want to have a peaceful rest after a hectic schedule of activities from office and
school. The ambience in Monterey is relaxing and conducive to a holiday.

The Cannery Row is another tourist attraction in Monterey. The buildings in this place
are updated, and are a shinier version of turn-of-the-century canneries. The buildings
house a blend of specialty shops, local artists galleries, and other world-class
The restaurants offer a spectrum of taste. There are seafood favorites, of course, as
well as legendary fine dining, and merry nightlife at the restaurants. You can even
satiate your thirst for tasty wine during the Monterey Country wine tasting tour. There
are tasting rooms for Scheid Vineyards, Baywood Cellars, and A Taste of Monterey.
Wine visitor centers are located within the breathtaking view of the bay.

The accommodations at Monterey bay hotel are varied. There are deluxe, suites and
standards. But even their standard room accommodations are impressive. The room
service and overall customer service are excellent.

To choose a Monterey Bay hotel is easy. You only have to search on the web for the
name of the place, and the search engines will provide you with hundreds of sites
about different room accommodations from varying hotels.

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Bay, CA.

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