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					?If you do not have a particular career in mind but simply want to find the work that
will pay you the most, there are many options. In general, the people in the highest
positions of a company are paid the most. That means you can virtually choose any
field of work and spend years becoming more experienced and education so that you
can increase your worth to the company, and continually improve your position within
the business. Over time your pay will increase.

Ok, so the above is possible but it can take a long time to get there. Do you have the
patience to wait many years to achieve good money from high paying jobs? You do
need to have patience but you can take some shortcuts by getting into fields of work
that initially pay more. It is well known that careers that require a lot of study initially
often don't pay too well in the first few years. careers like accounting, IT, chef etc all
require you to take up junior position with the idea that you will gain experience and
knowledge, and then you will progress to higher paid positions with more

So what are some high paying jobs that will pay you well right off the bat? Sales are
one field that has no limits. If you get a job that is based mainly on commission sales
then you are essentially in charge of how much you earn. Car sales, real estate sales,
even retail sales can pay good money if you have the skills to deal with people and
convince them of your products. For that reason you must be a great talker and have a
good business and marketing sense, without being sleazy or untrusting. A good
salesperson will always have a place in a quality company and will be well paid.

Then of course there is the option of starting your own business. You can then have
control of when you work, how long you work and exactly what you do. This might
not be a high paying job right away but potentially it can be more lucrative than most
other jobs.

High paying jobs are everywhere, it just takes some imagination and patience to attain
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