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					Vilnius Gediminas Technical University                               ISBN        ISSN
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Telecommunications engineering study programme bachelor thesis.
Title: The demonstrational module for digital phase detection
Author Dainius Julgevičius            Academic supervisor doc. dr. Šarūnas Paulikas

                                                                   Thesis language

                                                                      X     Lithuanian
                                                                            Foreign (English)

       In this final bachelor’s work the demonstrational module for digital phase detection is
presented. Basing on this module, the laboratory work was created, which allows getting
more knowledge about digital phase detection process. The overview of the types of digital
modulations is made. More widely modulation and detection of binary phase shift keying
(BPSK) signal is analyzed.
       The demonstrational module is implemented using personal computer and digital
signal processing (DSP) Starter Kit (DSK) TMS320C6713. The phase detection and DSP
control mechanism is implemented using special algorithm that was written using C
language. The created module allows visualize the form of modulated and detected signals. It
can also perform the detection of inner (test) signal or the signal, taken from the external
BPSK source. There the plastic case for the DSP with all accessories, needed for laboratory
work was made, too.

      Structure: introduction, task analysis, the review of BPSK detection methods, creation
of the structure of the module, realization of the module, creation of the description of
laboratory work, experiments with laboratory work, conclusions, references.

      Thesis consists of: 56 p. text without appendixes, 41 pictures, 11 bibliographical

     Appendixes included.

Keywords: digital phase detection, modulation, digital signal processing.