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									                          Revolving Loan Fund “RLF” Program

The Revolving Loan Fund “RLF” Program:
Midwest Small Business Finance, offers a direct loan program called the Revolving Loan
Fund, to assist small businesses in Clay and Platte counties Missouri secure financing for
fixed assets at a below market interest rate for a term of up to ten years and a 10% down.(for
existing businesses).

Eligible Businesses:
       For profit
       Operate in Clay or Platte Counties
       Existing – in business and operating for 2 years or longer
       Start-up- in business and operating for 2 years or less
       Create or retain jobs through financing of project

Eligible Costs:
       Fixed Assets such as Machinery and Equipment, Furniture and Fixtures, Real Estate
and Real Estate improvements
       Loan Amounts of $25,000-$150,000+ in financing for fixed assets
       Manufacturing, processing or assembling of products; service-business
operations, and retail

     Low down payment (10% for existing businesses)
     Below market fixed interest rates
     Long-term financing

To apply for a Revolving Loan, the prospective borrower needs to submit the following
items for review:
        RLF Application Form
        3 years of historical business financial statements and tax returns
        Interim business financial statements current within 60 days
        Two years of business projections
        Personal Financial Statements for principals with 20% or more ownership in company

    • 3 years of personal tax returns for any principals with 205 or more ownership After an
application is submitted, a loan screening committee will review the project, and submit a
recommendation, which will then be approved by the board of directors. Upon approval of the
Board, staff may proceed with closing the loan.

                    For More Information or To Get Started Contact:
    Karine Decker, Director Finance Programs (816) 468-4736 or visit:
The Midwest Small Business Finance Website at

                 MSBF is an Equal Opportunity Lender

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