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					?Do you work with several computers? You can gain control over all of them
simultaneously. You will need Cat5 KVM. They can be used for digital applications.
Cat5 KVM switches are important components. KVM switches can be digital or
front-end IP products. Read this article to have better understanding.

Most Cat5 KVMs use RJ-45 interface and Cat5 Cable to enable the Cat5 KVM to
connect with other servers. The RJ-45 interface allows KVM multiple ports to
integrate into one U surface to save space. Category 5 KVM is cost-effective and
convenient to wire and extend the distance between Category 5 KVM and the
personal computer.

In order to make category 5 KVM functional, it needs the services of Cat5 KVM
switches. With Cat5 KVM switches, multiple computers can be controlled with one
single Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse or KVM. Cat5 KVM switches are useful if you
are using several computers and you do not want to separate input devices for them.

These switches support several platforms such as SUN, IBM, HP, and Dell. They are
also compatible with the operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 2003,
Windows XP, Windows 2000, UNIX and MAC. KVM switches are helpful in
utilizing space and managing cables.

The control can be switched between computers by pressing one single button on the
switch of Cat5 KVM. In buying KVM switches, there are important things to consider,
and one of them is their types. The USB KVM allows you to control up to 15 USB
computers with one single USB KVM and VGA monitor.

USB KVM switches come in 2, 4, 8 and 16 port versions. They have built-in on
screen display that is helpful in server management. The models that are included on
this type are audio and microphone features. They can be plugged and controlled via
hot keys, on-screen display and push buttons on the front.

IP KVM switches have almost all benefits of KVM switches. They also eliminate
distance problems by allowing secure remote access to manage connected personal
computers to an IP KVM through TCP/IP network. You can manage your entire
network from any location by using a 128-bit secure browser. IP KVM switches are
available in 8 and 16 ports, and support high resolution up to 1920 x 1440 in the local
and 1600 x1200 on IP.
Cat5 KVM can also use dual DVI KVM switches. These switches make possible to
use one KVM and two DVI displays to control several computers and dual display.
DVI KVM switches are built in a rugged metal enclosure. They are available in 2 and
4 port sizes with PS2 KVM DVI-I video connections. For their operation, they use
simple push buttons.

The products of KVM are classified as digital and front-end IP, if you want to
implement KVM over IP. Pure digital applications use digital KVM switches. They
are a network-based management approach, which allows you to gain BIOS-level
access of the connected servers by communicating with the networked digital KVM

The front-end IP products are situated at the console of existing analog switches and
allow remote users to gain secure access to an existing KVM switch. Cat5 KVM
enables you to connect several servers through Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 UTP cable
switches which are designed to offer added benefits like eliminating cable clutter,
better cable management, and higher density.

They also support multi-platform capabilities and longer distances between the server
and the switch. Cat5 KVM allows 1,000 feet distance apart or unlimited distance gap
if it is over IP.

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