Do Less And Be More Leadership by hkksew3563rd


									?Less is more!

A great maxim I learned over and over in my trainings as a psychotherapist, coach and
trainer. Get out of your own way and you get out of your client's or group's way. It's
all about them, not you.

Unless, of course, you want to be the sort of leader who acts like the worst kind of
guru or super star. Showmanship, power trip and little substance.

And I met plenty of them in a previous corporate career. Rising stars and charisma
caterers with very little in between. Far better to be a 'do less and be more' leader for
yourself, your people, your organisation, your stakeholders... "and" for all the
communities in which you play a part.

Having set the vision and outlined the outcome, trust your 'group' to achieve it. Be
available for consultation where needed and, when it is, be a coach. It's not an
opportunity to show how clever you are. It's an opportunity to be of service. To help
your people expand their abilities "and" their own Inner Leadership.

Unless, of course, you want to be the sort of leader who gets their rocks off with
control and power over others. The sort of leader who constantly interferes, disables
their people and creates dependence on them as leader. 'They need me!' Who says???

Create clear and wholesome relationship which offers potential for others to respond
similarly. Act unselfishly and they'll respond by simply doing what it is that needs to
be done.

Unless, of course, you want to be the sort of leader who manipulates rather than
influences. The kind of leader who's always got a hidden agenda. The kind of leader
who's always out for 'what's in it for me?'

***Personal development is "essential" for good leadership.***

The ability to lead yourself, to make choices about who you are and how you behave
is essential for good leadership. The ability to disable your historic behavioural
reactions, narcissistic needs and the dramas they create is essential for good

So ask yourself...

1. When did I last reflect on how I behave as a leader and how that could be bettered?

2. When's the last time anyone gave me feedback on how I behave as a leader?
3. When's the last time I asked anyone for feedback on how I behave as a leader?

If any of your answers are more than 4 weeks, go do 1 and 3 now! It means you've got
caught up in the busy-ness of your role and lost connection with its essence. That's to
inspire, influence, motivate and mobilise your people for the common good, coaching
and supporting "their" growth along the way.

***Good leadership is "always, always" about doing less and being more!***


Sharon Eden helps leaders and people dispirited at work find their purpose, passion
and power. She's a renowned psychotherapist, executive coach, trainer, speaker and
catalyst passionate in helping people like you develop their own Inner Leadership.
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