Do a double take with Promotional Lanyards by hkksew3563rd


If you are looking to get some extra travel time for your advertising message, then
look no further than custom lanyards. The product often seen dangling from a back
pack or draped around someones neck actually has many uses.

Commonly seen on the trade show floor, the custom printed lanyards serve as a
convenient way to hold your name badge credentials without damaging your clothing.
Although they are not particularly wide, many companies find they serve as a good
backdrop for the corporate brand along with block type lettering. For organizations
looking to defray the cost of a trade show, corporate sponsorship is a must, and also a
benefit for those who want to upgrade from blank lanyards. The benefits are clear;
you get an upgraded lanyard, and your sponsor enhances name recognition by having
their message literally around the necks of everyone in attendance.,

But that is not the only use for the ubiquitous strap. After the show, the lanyards can
be used to hold your keys or simply dangle from your refrigerator as a souvenir of
your travels.

When choosing a lanyard for your next event or promotion, keep in mind that most
custom printed lanyards are available with a variety of attachments. Choose the thin,
string loop attachment that conveniently holds a smart phone or USB device. This
provides an extra element of security when carrying around fragile or valuable

If you are working in construction or manufacturing environment, try out a lanyard
that has a break away attachment for the ultimate in safety when working around
heavy equipment. For general office staff, custom lanyards sporting your logo are
often used to hold employee identification and/or entrance security cards. This staff
favorite is not only convenient, but is also part of promoting your company culture
with branded merchandise.

New technology has made it possible for promotional lanyards to be printed in rich,
vibrant, process colors. If you need to include a photo or match a theme on your
printed materials, your lanyards can coordinate. The process is called sublimation, and
your custom imprint is part of the lanyard material. The advantage to you is that the
imprint will not wear or rub off and, the use of color will reinforce your message for
weeks and months after their initial usage.
If you are not ready to step up to custom printed lanyards, then rest assured that even
blank lanyards will be appreciated by men and women who do not want to pin or clip
their identification to their suit or silk shirts. They will be a much appreciated
accessory in areas where identification is required.

There is no shortage of options when deciding on a decorated lanyard for use in your
business, event or store. Choose the one that best suits your needs and youll reap the
rewards of the extra security and advertising from this fun, useful advertising product.

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