Disposable Diapers and Washable Diapers by hkksew3563rd


									?Diaper is defined as a soft, absorbent cloth folded and arranged between the legs and
around the waist of a baby to absorb and contain excretions; or a piece of absorbent
material with a waterproof outer layer, having the same function but intended to be
discarded or cleaned after a single use in full.

In general, diaper can broadly be classified under disposable or washable type. But
the question is: which one is the best? This is a debatable and truly subjective
question where no one can easily answer at once. First of all, we must always keep in
mind that each baby is born to be different, especially in suiting and reacting
themselves to a particular diaper. For parents, it will be a matter of personal
preference, how you feel on other factors that come into reality when making a wise
selection between washable and disposable diapers.

Due to the industrialization and modernization of the society, the use of disposable
diaper tends to be more popular and trendier than washable diaper in the past few
decades. Washable diaper is frequently perceived as old product that produced under
70s technology. In certain occasion, you will easily attract public attention if they
know that your baby is "still" using washable diaper.

However, no one is really keen to analyze the environmental impact on excessive
usage of disposable diaper. When your bin is full of disposable diapers everyday, how
could these little rubbish (but could be of huge volume cumulatively) be disposed of
out of your eyesight? While it is not recyclable or degradable, it will just be filled
under the land most of the time, or been burnt off effortlessly in many developing
The functional advantage of disposable diaper, as compared to washable type, is their
special ability to absorb and retain moisture (i.e. urine). Under decades of
improvement, disposable diaper that being synthetically made today could easily
absorb 15-20 times than its ordinary weight. This is far exceeded the capacity of
natural fibers, and turned to be the key selling point that attracted young parents and
nannies. However, this key advantage could also be the major culprit which is
accountable for "bulk content" of used diaper that will complicate the entire garbage

Apart from the disposal of diapers, the thermal processing of disposable diaper has
also brought some adverse effects to our mother earth. While the chemical compounds
are stable enough to be comfortably consumed, the disposable diaper are formulated
by non woven fibers. Those embedded chemical particles will functionally interact
with water molecules, and absorb vast amounts of water. Nevertheless, those plastic
resins are assembled chemically or thermally, which has no merit from the context of
global warming. The climate change will eventually affect the surrounding habitat
that we will no longer enjoy with, moreover for the younger generation.
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