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                A Defining Moment
                                          Sky Italia launches its HD offer

                                                          WE’RE ON THE BALL
                                                          Arena brings Bundesliga football to
                                                          KabelKiosk viewers

                                                          NEWS WITH A NEW PERSPECTIVE
                                                          Al Jazeera International and FRANCE 24
                                                          launch global news services

                                                          HITTING A MOVING TARGET
                                                          The latest in Mobile Satellite Services
                                                          on trains, planes and vessels

September 2006
inside                                                                                      September 2006
        Who’s making the news? A brief round-
        up of the headline developments from
        the world of satellite broadcasting.

        Eutelsat’s video neighbourhoods have
        come of age, as the digital revolution
        covers the world.

05      MSS ON TRACK
        When it comes to staying connected
        while you’re on the move, Eutelsat has
        it covered.

        The HDTV revolution continues with
        SKY Italia’s successful launch of its
        HDTV package.                                                                                                           Eutelsat’s Control Centre

08      TAKING THE LEAD                          New      broadcast      standards,    improved     at 13° East, which broadcasts 50 per cent
        KabelKiosk scores by bringing            compression,       consumer       devices     at   of the more than 2,000 channels we deliver,
        Bundesliga football to Germany’s         competitive prices – these developments are        Eutelsat is actively developing new satellite
        cable viewers.                           driving the dynamics of a video market that        neighbourhoods to support these growing
                                                 enables viewers to watch video at home, in         video markets, most particularly for eastern
                                                 the office, in front of a flat-screen display or a   Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.
09      A NEW VIEW
                                                 PC, in fixed and mobile environments.
                                                                                                    And, of course, this year also marks the launch in
        Al Jazeera International, an English-
                                                 For Eutelsat, whose core business is TV            Europe of the first commercial HDTV channels.
        speaking global news & current affairs
        channel, prepares to launch.             broadcasting, these developments open              By the middle of 2006 Eutelsat’s satellites were
                                                 new business opportunities, some of which          already broadcasting 12 channels in HD from
                                                 we invite you to discover in this issue of         three video neighbourhoods. Leading pay-TV

                                                 our newsletter. We also take a look at how
                                                 our satellites already play a pivotal role in
                                                                                                    platforms, including SKY Italia, who benefited
                                                                                                    from this summer’s World Cup to convince
        FRANCE 24 is set to bring a decidedly    extending broadband and GSM networks at            consumers of the viewing experience of HD
        French worldview to the global news      sea and soon on trains.                            are now rolling-out new sports, cinema and
        stage.                                                                                      entertainment content.
                                                 As new video services capture consumer

                                                 attention, we continue to see strong growth in
                                                 Standard Digital television in the key markets
                                                                                                    I look forward to seeing many of you at this
                                                                                                    year’s IBC in Amsterdam and to sharing
        Grandi Navi Veloci takes to the high     we serve in Europe, the Middle East and North      innovations that will surely make the second
        seas with broadband connections for      Africa. Over the last 12 months an impressive      half of 2006 as exciting as the first half.
        its passengers and crew.                 total of 400 new digital channels have started
                                                 broadcasting to cable and satellite homes
                                                 through our satellites. And more channels are      Olivier Milliès-Lacroix
                                                 set to launch, including FRANCE 24, France’s       Commercial Director
12      AND THE WINNER IS                        all-news channel, and the English version of
        The 9th HOT BIRD™ TV Awards take         Al Jazeera International.
        place in Venice in September, and
        Eutelsat waits on an IBC Innovation      In addition to launching two new HOT BIRD™
        Award.                                   satellites to our flagship video neighbourhood

>> 02
                                                                                                              >> THE EUTELSAT NEWS ROUND-UP

SIGNALS                                               >> LUXURY 24/7 WITH LUXE.TV                              >> EUTELSAT PARTNERS IN FIRST HD DTT
                                                                                                               TESTS IN PARIS, MARSEILLES AND LYON
                                                      For viewers who wish to immerse themselves
                                                      in round-the-clock luxury, the perfect channel,          This summer, Eutelsat partnered with TDF
                                                      LUXE.TV, launched free-to-air via the HOT                to transmit HDTV MPEG-4 content to Digital
                                                      BIRD™ and W3A satellites in June.                        Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitters in
                                                                                                               Paris, Marseilles and Lyon. The tests validated
                                                      Devised by Jean Stock, who already has a                 the full HD broadcasting chain to DTT homes
                                                      long career in broadcasting in Europe, the               from encoding through to reception.
                                                      channel claims to be ‘the first in the world
                                                      devoted entirely to luxury.’ Programming                 HD DTT tests began with live coverage of tennis
TPS launches a new advertising campaign for its HD
service in September 2006                             consists of magazines and news features,                 from Roland Garros, by France Télévisions.
                                                      entirely produced in High Definition by teams             HD content, including World Cup football, was
                                                      based in 20 luxury capitals around the world,            also provided by TF1, M6 and Canal Plus.
>> ALL EYES ON TPS HD SERVICE                         including Paris, New York, Tokyo and Dubai,
                                                      ensuring diverse, multi-cultural content.                Eutelsat provided capacity on ATLANTIC
In February 2006, France’s TPS (Télévision
                                                      Themes focus on six essential aspects of the             BIRD™ 3, which already delivers France’s five
Par Satellite) pay-TV platform successfully
                                                      world of luxury: Fashion & Beauty; Jewelry &             DTT multiplexes, to over-the-air transmitters.
launched its HD package, which now boasts
                                                      Clocks; Ideal Home; Sport & Leisure; Hotels &
over 21,000 subscribers.
                                                      Gastronomy; and Cars, Planes & Boats.
The HD offer includes sports, with coverage of
                                                      LUXE.TV is broadcast simultaneously in both
                                                                                                               >> MAX TV TAKES CAPACITY ON W2
the English Premier League and the German
                                                      Standard Digital and High Definition, on a 24-            Digital Cable Systems (DCS) of Romania has
Bundesliga, and cinema with the latest film
                                                      hour basis. The channel currently transmits              leased capacity on the W2 satellite for Max TV,
releases from Europe and the US, plus drama
                                                      in French and German, and plans to expand                a pay-TV platform delivered direct-to-home
and entertainment programmes.
                                                      internationally into other markets.                      (DTH) and via cable systems in Romania.
TPS is the first pay-TV group in France to
launch an HD offer. The company provides                                                                       Max TV joins 11 other Romanian channels on
a bouquet service of programming across                                                                        W2, as well as pay-TV platforms operating out
France, offering more than 200 channels. It                                                                    of Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia, consolidating
is also trialing video to mobile solutions with                                                                Eutelsat’s W2 video neighbourhood.
DVB-H norm. TPS currently has 1,750,000
subscribers, via various media, led by                                                                         DCS also aims to target the one million homes
satellite.                                                                                                     in Romania connected to small and medium-
                                                                                                               sized analogue cable networks, by feeding
                                                      “Cars, Planes & Boats“ on LUXE.TV                        cable headends.

Eutelsat has signed a multi-satellite agreement                                             Viewers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania can thrill and
for free-to-air broadcasting with French general                                            chill to the horrors of two new thematic channels from AXN Europe,
entertainment channel, Direct 8. Launched in                                                part of Sony Pictures Television International.
March 2005, by the Bolloré Group through
France’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT)                                               AXN Crime, dedicated to criminal investigation and mystery, and
network, the channel aims to consolidate its                                                AXN Sci-Fi, offering the best of science-fiction, are now broadcast to
audience in France and expand within Europe                                                 cable networks via Eutelsat’s W2 satellite at 16º East. Broadcasting
and Africa.                                                                                 18 hours a day, with soundtracks available in Bulgarian, Hungarian,
                                                                                            Romanian and Polish, the channels are encrypted in PowerVu and
Broadcasting via HOT BIRD™, Direct 8 can                                                    uplinked to the satellite from Eutelsat’s teleport in Rambouillet.
now be received by 2.8 million homes in
France, as well as up to 40 million direct-to-                                             “Efficient, flexible, and cost-effective distribution is one of the key
home satellite homes in Europe, North Africa              parts of our European growth strategy,” said Robert Billeci, SPTI’s Senior Vice President, Technical
and the Middle East. A second platform, on                Operations, International Networks. “As we continue to expand our international networks business,
W3A, provides coverage over sub-Saharan                   we’re pleased to be able to use the advanced broadcast capabilities of Eutelsat.”
Africa. The signal will also be available in Africa
for redistribution by terrestrial networks.

                                                                                                                                                              03 <<
 the view from
Defining our positions
New neighbourhoods develop as regions
embrace the digital age
Eutelsat’s reputation and commercial standing has been built on

                                                                                                    International Launch Services
serving a core market of western Europe from our prime orbital
position of 13° East; home to the HOT BIRD™ fleet of satellites,
and EUROBIRD™1 at 28.5° East.
As the broadcasting world continues its         some 90 channels broadcasting English,
transition into a fully digital environment,    French, Portuguese and Hindi to homes in
Eutelsat has also actively pursued a strategy   nearly 50 countries on the African continent
to build up new video neighbourhoods            and nearby Indian Ocean Islands.
hosting high-power satellites with broad

                                                                                                                                    Eight into orbit
footprints. More than half of the 400 new       Where East meets best
digital channels that came on board Eutelsat    Our W2 satellite at 16° East has further
last year target central and eastern Europe,    consolidated its market position, with
the Middle East and Africa.                     broadcast platforms and broadcasters
                                                that include SBB (Serbia), DCS (Romania),                                           HOT BIRD 8 satellite  TM

45 new channels for the Middle East
Broadcasting markets in this region are in
                                                Digitalb (Albania), Bikam (Bulgaria). W2 is a
                                                popular choice for broadcasters as viewers                                          successfully launched
a phase of dynamic growth. According to         with a double-feed antenna can also receive
the Arab Advisors Group, 45 new channels        free-to-air channels from HOT BIRD™.                                                On August 5th, at exactly 03.48 local time,
launched in the Middle East during the first                                                                                         the skies over Kazakhstan’s Baikonur
four months of 2006 alone. To support           In Turkey, DigiTurk, the country’s leading                                          Cosmodrome were brilliantly illuminated, as
this demand, in July this year Eutelsat         pay-TV platform, which broadcasts from                                              HOT BIRD™ 8 was successfully launched by
deployed the ATLANTIC BIRD™ 4 satellite         Eutelsat’s W3A satellite at 7° East, continues                                      a Proton M Breeze M launch vehicle. Weighing
to 7° West which also hosts two satellites      its expansion in both channel offering and                                          in on the launch pad at an impressive 4.9
operated by Nilesat, the Egyptian satellite     subscriber base.                                                                    tonnes, HOT BIRD™ 8 is now the largest and
operator. ATLANTIC BIRD™ 4 is also used                                                                                             most powerful European Ku-band broadcast
by Noorsat, the Bahrain-based provider          Satellite and DTT                                                                   satellite to go into geostationary orbit.
of capacity for video services. In addition,    In addition to broadcasting direct-to-home
Eutelsat provides capacity for direct-to-       and to cable networks through those                                                 In less than 10 minutes after lift-off, the three-
home services over the Middle East through      neighbourhoods, Eutelsat’s satellites also                                          stage Proton vehicle supplied by International
EUROBIRD™ 2 from 25.5° East.                    play an important role in the transport of                                          Launch Services (ILS) finished its ascent into
                                                television programmes to retransmitters.                                            space, leaving the upper stage of the Breeze M
From Russia to the African Continent            In France, for example, since March 2005,                                           to continue its mission for the next nine hours.
36° East, with W4 and SESAT 1, is the           ATLANTIC BIRD™ 3 ensures the primary                                                The satellite was separated at 08.59 (CET),
key position for these regions. NTV Plus,       transport of five digital multiplexes to                                             with signal acquisition established by Eutelsat
Russia’s leading pay-TV platform has leased     terrestrial transmitters. This satellite, located                                   from its Rambouillet teleport near Paris for
additional capacity on W4 to support its        at 5° West, already delivers analogue                                               deployment and in-orbit tests.
expansion, and Poverkhnost, selected W4         terrestrial TV channels to transmitters across
to launch the Ukraine’s first pay-TV platform.   France, received by 1.6 million homes with                                          In October, HOT BIRD™ 8 will assume all
The 36° East position also hosts the            poor terrestrial reception.                                                         broadcast traffic currently carried by HOT
growing MultiChoice Africa platform, with                                                                                           BIRD™ 3, which will subsequently continue
                                                                                                                                    commercial service at an alternative location.
                                                                                                                                    The new satellite’s additional capacity will
                                                                                                                                    contribute to raising in-orbit security at
                                                                                                                                    Eutelsat’s HOT BIRD™ video neighbourhood.

>> 04
                                                                           >> THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS FROM INSIDE EUTELSAT

                                                                                                                                 Virgin Pendolino train

Broadband on the move
Air, land and sea: new horizons for broadband delivery
Staying connected seemingly has its limitations - until recently there’s been virtually no way to log on if you’re a
mile high in the sky, cruising the ocean, or hurtling down a track. That’s now changing, with Eutelsat a key partner
in developing solutions that will keep us in touch and entertained, whether we travel by train, boat or plane.

For 25 years, Mobile Satellite Services           commercial and pre-commercial scenarios for       UK installation of a bi-directional satellite
(MSS) have largely relied upon L-band             this new wave of in-transit MSS. On page 11       communications system on a fully operational
frequencies, leaving Ku-band frequencies to       you can read more about how we are helping        train.
principally serve land-masses. But with the       Grandi Navi Veloci, a leading company in
rising demand for broadband, the scarcity of      passenger and goods transport throughout          This is clearly an evolutionary process that in
L-band frequencies is a structural limit to the   the Mediterranean, to extend GSM telephony        time will become a revolution in how we access
scalability of such services.                     and broadband services to passengers              the benefits of broadband when traveling from
                                                  and crew at sea. Likewise, our broadband          one place to another.
The recent evolution in the market demand for     subsidiary, Skylogic, is working with Arinc,
ubiquitous broadband services, with service       a leader in aviation communications, to help
quality comparable to those today available       provide VoIP and Internet access to business
via ADSL or fibre networks, has generated          jets.                                                >> FOR MORE INFORMATION
a new business opportunity for satellite
operators and satellite service providers.        In the UK, QinetiQ Rail has achieved a major         To read more about our
                                                  milestone in the development of wireless             broadband mobile satellite
Consequently, market offers have appeared,        technology by demonstrating a multi-bearer
starting from regional maritime services          wireless Internet system on a fully operational
                                                                                                       services, visit the Eutelsat
in Ku-band, evolving to global broadband          Virgin Trains ‘Pendolini’ train – with Eutelsat      website:
services for aeronautical, rail and shipping      providing the satellite capacity to enable
companies.                                        Internet access. By combining multiple               www.eutelsat.com/products/
                                                  WAN technologies including bi-directional
Commercial opportunities                          satellite and WiMAX, a number of technical           pdf/broadbandMSS.pdf
Eutelsat is currently involved in a number of     firsts have been achieved, including the first

                                                                                                                                               05 <<
                                                                                                            SKY Italia’s control room.

                                Hitting a New High
                                SKY Italia launches its new HDTV service
                                HDTV is no longer the TV of the future: it is the ‘here and now’, offering
                                viewers razor-sharp images and crystal-clear sound. Earlier this year,
                                SKY Italia launched its HDTV service, setting the new standard for TV
                                broadcasting in Italy.
                                Europe is now in the age of High Definition       SKY Italia score in Summer 2006
                                Television. In western Europe in particular,     SKY Italia began deploying HD-capable set-
                                steadily increasing sales of HD ready TVs        top boxes in early May. The stage was then
                                are being matched by the offer of HDTV           set for Italy’s first digital HD transmission,
  “The main event was the       content by pay-TV platforms. In Italy, SKY
                                Italia, the country’s leading pay-TV platform,
                                                                                 namely the UEFA Champion League’s Final,
                                                                                 broadcast live from Paris, on 17th May. It was
  coverage of all 64 matches    has recently launched its SKY HD package
                                dedicated to sports, cinema, entertainment
                                                                                 no coincidence that a football match should
                                                                                 usher in SKY Italia’s new offering; merely a
  of the FIFA 2006 World Cup,   and natural sciences.                            taster of what was to come in the summer.

  with over 18 hours daily of   Broadcast exclusively from Eutelsat’s HOT        The main event was the coverage of all 64
                                BIRD™ video neighbourhood at 13° East, SKY       matches of the FIFA 2006 World Cup, with
  live HD broadcasting...”      Italia has 3.9 million subscribers. To support   over 18 hours daily of live HD broadcasting
                                its expansion into HDTV, the company has         from Germany and Italy. The script went
                                leased new HOT BIRD™ capacity, taking the        as planned, with the perfect transmission
                                total number of transponders currently leased    rewarded with the dream outcome as the
                                to 18. SKY HD is broadcast in DVB-S2 with        Italian team lifted the trophy in High Definition.
                                MPEG-4 compression, enabling up to five           With Italy on a high, the SKY HD service
                                HDTV channels to be broadcast from a single      started its regular transmissions with four new
                                HOT BIRD™ transponder.                           thematic channels:

>> 06
  Copyright National Geographic Society.
                                                                                             >> TAKE COVER : FOCUS ON OUR LEAD STORY

SKY Sport HD showcases football, amongst
other sports, with games from Italy’s Serie
A, the English Premiership and the UEFA
Champions League. International events,
including tennis, basketball and American
football are also given the HD treatment.

SKY Cinema HD presents recent film
releases from around the world, as well as
screen classics from the past and present,
showcasing the very best of Italian and
international cinema.

Next: HD is SKY Italia’s HD entertainment                                                    >> THE HDTV REVOLUTION IS HERE TO STAY
channel, with drama and comedy shows,
                                                      26 MILLION HIGH DEFINITION TELEVISION SETS
music and lifestyle programming assembled
                                                      Recent forecasts predict that this is how many HD receivers and flat screens will be sold in Europe
from around the world.
                                                      between 2006 and 2010. In 2010, 33 million European households (20% of TV households) are
                                                      expected to own an HD screen, at a price of less than 1000 euros.
On National Geographic Channel HD,
National Geographic has embraced HD                   196 HD TELEVISION CHANNELS IN EUROPE BY 2010
technology and now brings the minutiae of             This is what industry expert Euroconsult, is predicting for the future: an explosion in HDTV, which will
life, to life, in amazingly rich detail and colour.   virtually put HD in every home that receives satellite broadcasts, in less than four years.

The numbers game                                      THREE TIMES MORE HIGH DEFINITION CHANNELS THROUGH THE SAME “PIPE”
These four new channels add to SKY Italia’s           With advances in digital compression and the widescale introduction of MPEG-4 and DVB-S2, it
existing digital platform, which includes over        is now possible to route three times more HD channels through a satellite transponder than with
160 channels. Viewers can create their own            MPEG-2 and DVB-S.
package, combining programmes from the
four main bundles: Mondo SKY, Cinema                  SATELLITE AND HDTV: THE WINNING TICKET
SKY, Sport SKY, and Calcio SKY.                       Universal and immediate coverage; flexibility to transmit all compression formats, no limits on
                                                      bandwidth capacity; the unique ability to deliver content to an infinite number of users and to feed
                                                      terrestrial networks – these are just some of the benefits of satellite in the HD world, which position
Specific HD channels are offered as an option
                                                      it for a dynamic future.
to the regular subscription for a monthly fee of
7 euros on top of the chosen package, and a
                                                      For more information, see our HDTV brochure on www.eutelsat.com
“one-off” set-up fee of 99 euros.

                                                                                                                                                           07 <<
Kick off at the KabelKiosk                                                                                       >> KABELKIOSK FACTFILE
Three-year deal brings live Bundesliga matches                                                              KabelKiosk has created a reputation
to cable viewers                                                                                            as one of the most diverse broadcast
                                                                                                            facilitators for cable in Germany and
Following the feverishly successful World Cup        KabelKiosk channels. Eutelsat visAvision               central Europe.
in Germany this summer, the appetite for live        intends to increase the TIVIDI package offering
football in the Bundesrepublik has never been        up to as many as 20 German-language                    Today, KabelKiosk provides:
greater.                                             entertainment channels.
                                                                                                            • Access to over 110 cable network
Eutelsat visAvision’s KabelKiosk, the first           The Bundesliga and TIVIDI packages will be               operators with a technical reach of
digital programme and service platform for           delivered by Eutelsat via its 8° West location,          two million homes.
independent cable network operators, is now          which already delivers the existing KabelKiosk
at the heart of live German football. This follows   service. On match days, the Arena signal will          • Over 50 channels, plus the new
a three-year deal between Eutelsat’s German          be delivered from the Munich Arena studio to             football package - one of the most
subsidiary and Arena (the programming arm            Skylogic’s teleport facility in Turin, where it will     comprehensive cable offerings in
of Unity Media), which holds the broadcast           be uplinked to ATLANTIC BIRD™ 2.                         Germany.
rights for Bundesliga matches.
                                                     Networks wishing to sign up to KabelKiosk              • Programming, which includes
The agreement brings all 612 matches of the          can contact:                                             entertainment, sports and music
Fussball-Bundesliga (German Soccer League)                                                                    (six MTV channels costs just
live to independent cable network operators          Eutelsat visAvision GmbH                                 2.95 euros per month).
in Germany. In addition to the Bundesliga            Im Mediapark 6
package, homes will soon be able to subscribe        D-50670 Köln - Germany                                 • 32 non-German channels broadcast
to an additional offer of nine entertainment         Telephone: +49 221 65 00 45 0                            in Turkish, Russian, Polish and Italian
channels in a new package named TIVIDI,              E-mail: info@kabelkiosk.de                               – 10 languages in total.
which will be encrypted in Conax, like all

>> 08
                                                                                             >> VIEWS FROM THE WORLD OF BROADCAST

Bridging the Gulf
Al Jazeera International offers a new global perspective
Al Jazeera is one of the most widely watched and respected networks in the Middle East. Later this
year, the news and current affairs broadcaster, based in Qatar, will launch Al Jazeera International, a new
English-speaking global news & current affairs channel, which intends to bring a new perspective to global
news coverage.
Since it began broadcasting in 1996, Al            Arab world that have encouraged growth of a          centre will ‘carry’ the network for several
Jazeera has built an independent reputation        free media, and we intend to build on this by        hours a day and take its editorial control
within the Persian Gulf and achieved a global      bringing a fresh perspective on regional and         from that location, with global transmission
profile, reporting on world events from the         global news from a unique viewpoint.”                coming through Doha. Within each hour-long
heart of the region. The launch of Al Jazeera                                                           segment, the first half will be devoted to news
International later this year, to a target of      Regarding the channel’s news coverage,               and the second half to feature, documentary
some 40 million households, will open up           Oliver adds; “We are a global television             and interactive programming.
the network to the English-speaking world,         network based in the Middle East, but Al
giving the west a first-hand account of where       Jazeera International will be truly international,   The channel will be available on pay-TV
the channel truly stands in reporting local and    offering news regularly from under-reported          platforms in major markets such as the UK,
global events.                                     parts of the world, including places like Africa     France and Germany, and will be available
                                                   and China. Our main focus is to seek out and         from the start in High Definition, where
A unique view of the world                         cover different perspectives of news through         requested by a platform operator. Revenues
Via Eutelsat spoke with Lindsey Oliver,            grassroots reporting wherever news is made,          will come from carriage fees, syndication and
Commercial Director for the channel, who           and to impartially present these stories to the      advertising.
provided us with an insight to the objectives      English-speaking world.”
for launching Al Jazeera International; “Never                                                          Eutelsat will broadcast the new channel in
before has there been such an intense political,   Broadcast through four centres                       association with GlobeCast, one of Eutelsat’s
intellectual, and market-based interest in         With a de-centralized editorial structure, Al        key satellite providers, via EUROBIRD™ 1 at
either the Arab world, or in a news outlet that    Jazeera International will broadcast live from       28.5° East and HOT BIRD™ 6 at 13° East to
can offer a unique grassroots view of global       four operational centres around the world -          viewers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle
current events. In recent years there have         Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington            East.
been ground-breaking developments in the           DC, over a 24-hour period. Each broadcast

                                                                                                                                                09 <<
                                                                                                                                                   >> CONTINUED

The French
                                                 Influential views and contrasting opinions
                                                 FRANCE 24 will begin transmitting two
                                                 channels, one in French and the other mainly

Perspective                                      in English, with Arabic and Spanish to follow.
                                                 The channel has the clear intention of offering
                                                 an alternative view to that of other global
                                                 newscasters, such as CNN International and

FRANCE 24 aims to                                BBC World.

cover and analyse                                “In today’s world, opinion makers are both
                                                 sceptical of and hungry for news. Before
world news with a                                taking a point of view, they look for several
                                                 contrasting opinions. FRANCE 24 must be
French outlook                                   one among these many views, which is why
                                                 the channel must be readily available to
                                                 world and business leaders,” states Alain de

                                                                                                       Photo: Elodie Grégoire
In December, FRANCE 24 will                      Pouzilhac, FRANCE 24’s Chief Executive.
bring a French perspective
                                                 The channel will have its own correspondents
to the world at large when it                    based around the world, in places as
begins broadcasting free-to-air                  diverse as Beirut, Nairobi, Buenos Aires, Los
                                                 Angeles, Islamabad and Beijing. FRANCE
to Europe, North Africa and the                  24 will also work closely with the bureaus of                                  Alain de Pouzilhac, FRANCE 24’s Chief Executive
Middle East via Eutelsat’s brand                 France Télévisions and TF1 networks, which
new HOT BIRD™ 7A satellite.                      will provide access to images and reports            FRANCE 24 is developing partnerships with
                                                 from their own correspondents. In addition,          other French media like TV5 Monde, AFP, RFI
                                                                                                      as well as international networks, to enrich its
 Photo: Gerp architectes et Lorme éclairagiste

                                                                                                      The big debate
                                                                                                      FRANCE 24 plans to create responsive and
                                                                                                      dynamic programming, offering newscasts
                                                                                                      every hour and half hour. News and current
                                                                                                      affairs will be strong on opinion and analysis,
                                                                                                      often presented in the great French tradition
                                                                                                      of debate. FRANCE 24 will also offer
                                                                                                      programming that ranges from sports to
                                                                                                      culture to lifestyle.

                                                                                                      The network will broadcast programmes
                                                                                                      directly from its main office in Issy-les-
                                                                                                      Moulineaux, on the outskirts of Paris. The
                                                                                                      editorial team of 150 journalists will operate
                                                                                                      from a vast newsroom of 1000 square meters
                                                                                                      with state-of-the-art technology including a
                                                                                                      high-speed network hosting the automation
                                                                                                      services, broadcast images, and IP telephone.
                                                                                                      The entire infrastructure, including wiring and
                                                                                                      video grid is HD ready and programmes will be
                                                                                                      automatically transcoded and made available
                                                                                                      for the Internet.

                                                                                                      Besides being available via HOT BIRD™,
                                                                                                      viewers in the United Kingdom and Ireland
                                                                                                      will be able to tune into the channel via
                                                                                                      EUROBIRD™ 1. The channel will also
                                                                                                      be available to cable homes in Germany
                                                                                                      via Eutelsat’s KabelKiosk platform on the
                                                                                                      ATLANTIC BIRD™ 2 satellite.

                                                                                                      The news landscape looks set to change,
                                                                                                      with the emergence of a distinctive French
                                                                     FRANCE 24’s future main offices   perspective on global events.

>> 10
                                                                                       >> INNOVATIONS IN BROADBAND AND TELECOMS

Surfing the
WINS extends
GSM telephony and
broadband for Grandi
Navi Veloci
Here we discover in more detail
how being all at sea, doesn’t
mean that you’re cut off from the
rest of the world.
In May this year, Grandi Navi Veloci, a leading
European passenger and goods transporter,
launched a satellite-based communications
network on its luxury cruise-ferries, enabling
passengers and crew to benefit from GSM
telephony and broadband services while
sailing in the western Mediterranean.
                                                   system, the equipment deployed on GNV                  Commercial and logistic benefits
How it works on water
                                                   vessels is made up of a stabilised 1.2 metre           In addition to providing passenger services, the
The service is provided by WINS, a joint venture
                                                   antenna, which communicates with capacity              network brings commercial benefits of remote
set up by Skylogic, Eutelsat’s broadband
                                                   on Eutelsat’s ATLANTIC BIRD™ 1 satellite.              credit card authorisations for payments and
affiliate, and Maltasat International. Satellite
                                                                                                          e-mail communication in order to coordinate
is used for a two-way high-speed connection
                                                   When a ship sails from the coast and loses             logistics for goods transport. Grandi Navi
between vessels and the Internet backbone,
                                                   the terrestrial GSM signal, a network signal on        Veloci also uses the network for real-time
via Skylogic’s teleport in Turin. For the GSM
                                                   passengers’ mobile phones indicates that they          connection from the Captain’s Bridge to its
service, WINS has installed a routing platform
                                                   can place calls and use SMS, via international         headquarters in Genoa. This enables them to
at the Turin teleport, which connects the local
                                                   roaming arrangements. Using VoIP, calls can            streamline supply management logistics, and
GSM network onboard ship with the global
                                                   also be made from cabins and suites with               also to control the security systems, which
GSM network via Maltasat International’s
                                                   fixed phones, as well as from the public phone          governs magnetic-card access to the ship’s
gateway facilities and an agreement with
                                                   facility, at rates of 1.5 euros per minute. Internet   cabins.
Vodafone Malta.
                                                   access is available on passengers’ individual
                                                   laptops through a Wi-Fi network and at eight           Dr. Aldo Grimaldi, President of Grandi Navi
WINS’s      turnkey     package     includes
                                                   fixed facilities located onboard, at rates of 10        Veloci pointed out the key benefits from his
procurement, installation and maintenance of
                                                   to 20 euros per hour, depending on the time            perspective; “The innovative solution proposed
networks onboard ships, complete accounting
                                                   of day. Fixed phone calls and Internet access          by WINS enables Grandi Navi Veloci to provide
and billing. Based on Skylogic’s D-STAR
                                                   can be paid for using GNV-branded prepaid              passengers with a satellite-based solution for
                                                   calling cards, or credit cards.                        extending mobile telephony and broadband
                                                                                                          services at sea. Real-time remote monitoring
                                                                                                          and management of our onboard sales will
                                                                                                          also be an efficient tool for even better service
                                                                                                          management and optimisation.”

                                                                                                                                                    11 <<
                                                                                                      >> WHAT’S GOING ON ELSEWHERE

over                                                                                                 Victory in

& OUT                                                                                                Venice 2006
                                                                                                     HOT BIRD TV Awards
                                                                                                     to recognise HDTV

                                                                                                     Now in its 9th Year, the HOT BIRD™ TV
                                                                                                     Awards is in preparation in Venice, Italy, to
                                                                                                     present prestigious prizes for excellence in
                                                                                                     thematic satellite broadcasting.

                                                                                                     Eutelsat is the main sponsor of the event, along
                                                                                                     with Eurovisioni and Sat Expo. The award
                                                                                                     ceremony will take place on the evening of
                                                                                                     28th September, on the island of San Servolo
                                                                                                     in the lagoon of Venice.

                                                                                                     Winning channels will be awarded on the
                                                                                                     basis of their dynamic approach, quality and
                                                                                                     creativity. The thematic categories selected
                                                                                                     for the HOT BIRD™ TV AWARDS 2006
                                                                                                     include: Children’s TV, Sport, Music, News,
                                                                                                     Documentaries, Lifestyle, Culture/Education,
                                                                                                     National Window and Cinema and Fiction.
                                                                                                     This year also sees the introduction of a new
                                                                                                     category for High Definition TV to award
                                                                                                     excellence to the first commercial channels
                                                                                                     broadcasting in HDTV.

New IBC Innovation Awards                                                                            For more information visit:

RAI and Eutelsat short-listed for                                                                       >> EXHIBITIONS CALENDAR:
prestigious Judges Award                                                                                IBC / 8-12 Sept / Amsterdam
                                                                                                        Eutelsat stand 251 - Hall 4
The IBC Awards Ceremony, which takes             transmissions of HDTV and Mobile TV,                   www.ibc.org
place on the evening of 10th September, will     covering the Torino area and some of the
take on a new significance this year, with the    Olympic mountain sites. The trial enabled              SAT EXPO / 28-30 Sept / Vicenza
                                                                                                        Eutelsat stand G02-08 - Pavilion F
introduction of a series of Innovation Awards.   viewers and mobile phone users across the
                                                                                                        Skylogic stand B01-05 - Pavilion F
RAI and partners, including Eutelsat, are in     region to enjoy the competitions, just as if they      www.satexpo.it
the running for the Judges Award.                were sitting in the first row.
                                                                                                        BAKUTEL / 3-6 Oct / Azerbaijan
The four awards are given out for content        The HDTV and DVB-H signals transmitted by              Eutelsat stand T-312
creation, content management and content         Eutelsat’s W3A satellite were received by a
delivery. The Judges Award will be the most      small antenna and rebroadcast by the Raiway            MIPCOM / 9-13 Oct / Cannes
prestigious of the night, as it represents       terrestrial network in the mountain sites.             Eutelsat stand 16.17 - Level 01
an outstanding contribution in technology                                                               www.mipcom.com
applications that encompass a combination of     The project was coordinated by the Centre
                                                                                                        ALGER TELECOM / 19-22 Nov /
content creation, management and delivery.       of Research and Technological Innovation of
                                                 RAI, with the aim to test the most recent DVB/         Eutelsat stand / Central Pavilion
A great team performance                         MPEG technologies. It also showed the ability          www.alger-telecomp.com
During the 2006 XX Olympic Winter Games,         of satellites to serve users directly and to feed
in Torino, RAI, Italy’s public broadcaster,      DTT and DVB-H networks.                                BROADCAST ISTANBUL / 23-26 Nov /
together with a team of partners including                                                              www.cebit-bcs.com
Eutelsat, launched a series of experimental      We wish all award nominees good luck.

   Eutelsat Communications
   www.eutelsat.com                  70, rue Balard                    tel +33 1 53 98 47 47
   infomaster@eutelsat.fr            F-75502 Paris Cedex 15           fax +33 1 53 98 37 00

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