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									?To put it quite simply, the cutting-edge Revinetix (http://revinetix.com/) is the next
evolution when it comes to disk backup. Whole enterprises will appreciate the
company's disk backup innovations and appliances, which includes deduplication and
byte-level replication. No longer will you have to worry about saving your files in a
secure medium that won't deteriorate in just a few years' time or become obsolete in
merely a couple of months. Revinetix understands the importance of disk backup as
well as its inherent superiority to other mediums of copying and data transfer.

By providing you or your company enterprise-class data protection while giving you
complete control over the software itself, you'll never have to worry about losing your
precious documents, pictures, CADD (computer-aided drawing and design) files,
graphic design projects, office presentations, videos, and so on ever again. A
Revinetix-brand appliance's natural compatibility to all the major operating systems
presently available and its capacity licensing feature all serve as feathers in the
company's cap as well.

Hardware and Software Data Backup Solutions

Revinetix has managed to become an industry leader of sorts when it comes to disk
backup solutions because of the way it redefines the standards of its own fields to
even greater heights of excellence. To be more specific, Revinetix disk backup
solutions offers the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) and comprehensive data
protection for banks and credit unions, universities, colleges, school districts,
multinational enterprises, and small to medium-sized businesses. Revinetix is the kind
of company that understands that backup software and hardware shouldn't only be full
of features, but should also be intuitive and cost-efficient.

The RevOS software and the Sentio data protection appliance are both reflections on
this school of thought. For one thing, the RevOS is tailored to cater to even the most
inexperienced of users, which was the same award-winning tactics that other
corporations went about marketing their own software. This is innovative data
protection with a clear insight on how digital files work as well as many failsafe
procedures to ensure that none of your data ever gets lost forever in the vast virtual

What's    more, Revinetix's       Sentioa data protection appliance that's
rack-mountableoffers the finest data protection hardware available that guarantees
five hundred gigabytes to seventy terabytes of storage, rapid data recovery tools, and
even network backup for all your website data that's distributed across the worldwide
web. In particular, network backup is a popular Sentio feature for enterprises big and
small because of the importance of having a web presence and the dangers of cyber

For further information visit revinetix.com

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