Discussing Your Salary Requirments At A Job Interview

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					?Although talking about your salary may be the most common question that you
would get during a job interview, this is actually a trick question. Giving out a price
for your work would tell your interviewer how you gage your work, your skill and
your experience. Just remember not to undersell or overprice yourself. Most
interviewers would ask you what your previous salary is in your former company.
They would often offer 10% to 30% on top of it if the company you applied in is well

To help you with discussing your salary during a job interview, here are some
guidelines you can follow:

Being prepared is one of the things that can help you answer this interview question
better. You should be able to know what type of salary your job entails. Get to know
the present market. You can ask your friends in the same line of work how much they
are earning nowadays. You can even browse through the Internet and look at job
openings and check out what possible compensations companies offer.

Be open to negotiation. It is not all the time that employers would agree on the price
you give. Be prepared to lower down your rates a little if you intend to enter the job
that you wanted. Eventually, if you prove your worth, you would be given the salary
that you wanted.

When asked about your previous salary, be truthful about. Give out the exact digits
you are receiving plus any added compensation given by your previous employer. If
you think that your previous job is giving you a low salary, let your interviewer know
that have certain job descriptions that you only have to do. While in this new job that
you are applying for, may entail certain work that goes beyond the things that you do
in your previous job. This is the right way to say that you wanted to heighten up your

You can redirect the question and ask them yourself what do they have to offer. You
can say, "my salary would basically depend on the job description that you would
give", or "what is do you usually give out your employees on this type of job". If the
digit that they give you is just about right, let them know that you accept it and tell
them that you have the same range of number in your mind. But if you think you
wanted to go higher, give out a price and tell them that your work experience, skills
and other qualifications are worth the increase.

In giving an amount for your salary, make sure not to give an exact amount. You can
give out a certain range that you think would be enough compensation for your work.
In giving out your desired salary, make sure that you give out the reason why you
come up with such an amount. Like for example, you can say that it is the current rate
for your type of work or because of your work experience.
Remember that when you price yourself, always be confident and take pride of what
you do and your capabilities as a worker.
This article is written by Jonathan Walker, web master of Jobs in sales

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