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									?A General Manager is a key functionary in a company. In a small company, General
Managers are often responsible for all operations. In medium and large companies,
GMs may be in charge of a specific division like production, sales, purchase,
promotion, etc. Usually they report to the Chief Operating Officer or to a Vice
President who in turn may report to the Chief Executive Officer.

Key Responsibilities

General Managers of a company take directions from the top executives. In
accordance with the overall plan for the company, they set specific goals for their own
departments. They then work to ensure that these goals are met with the help of
supporting staff members. They do this by formulating policies, planning the use of
materials and human resources and managing basic daily operations. Tasks of a
General Manager often overlap with those of the CEO and other executives.

Among their specific responsibilities, the General Managers are required to:

? Set goals and plan and manage programs to reach them.
? Manage the lower level executives, appoint department heads and carry out
organizational restructuring when required.
? Handle complex human resource issues like hiring or firing.
? Authorize budgets, large purchases, and use of materials and technology.
? Evaluate financial trends within the organization through detailed reports.
? Create detailed proposals to garner support from board and staff members.
? Assess competition, security and loss prevention issues.
? Acquire or sell different parts of a business, establish partnerships between

Level of Education Required

Educational requirements for the position of General Manager vary depending on the
kind of business. For instance, General Managers in technical or research firms often
have degrees in engineering or science. Most employees prefer to hire applicants who
have at least a bachelor's degree in business management. Courses in accounting,
finance and industrial relations are also helpful.

Many large companies have their own executive training programs from which they
later recruit General Managers. They prefer to take candidates with a bachelor's
degree in any field and a master's in business administration. However, it's proven
success in lower managerial positions that is often the most important qualification for
the position of General Manager.

Career Path
For the most part, General Managers work their way into this position. Direct
appointees are also often those who have had considerable success in lower
managerial positions in other companies. With success in the position, General
Managers are likely to be promoted to top-level executive positions. They may also
join other, larger and more prestigious companies in the same capacity. However,
competition for top managerial positions is high. Candidates with thorough
knowledge of the department concerned and the ability to manage middle level
positions effectively while delegating responsibilities and giving clear and consistent
directives are most likely to succeed in reaching this coveted position.


When discussing the General Manager Resume, General Manager is a coveted
position with wide ranging responsibilities in guiding a small company or a
department in a large company. Accordingly, it also requires a high level of education
consisting of a degree in business management and technical qualifications in the
concerned area. If successful in the position, General Managers have every likelihood
of being promoted to top-level executive of the company.

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