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					?Introduction of the Job

The role of classroom teacher is a very important position in a society as the
classroom teacher has the ability to shape and effect the youth of a population in a
way that no other position provides for. The classroom teacher must be dedicated and
passionate about their work as the job requires an individual to put forth a great deal
of effort that is often not reflected in their salary. The effects of this position however
are great and the work can be extremely rewarding.

Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of a classroom teacher require an individual to carry out the
planning, preparation and teaching of a program to assist students to achieve various
levels of educational growth. Classroom teachers play a critical role in the educational
and social development of others. Classroom teachers are also required to engage in
ongoing learning themselves in order to stay current in teaching methods and
materials. The classroom teacher is the connecting force between an individual
student and the institution they are attending, therefore it is crucial that the classroom
teacher follows and adhere to all regulations established by the institution while
assisting the student to reach their educational goals in an effective and constructive

Educational Requirements

The requirements necessary to become a classroom teacher vary depending upon the
type of institution you wish to teach in and the location of that institution, as license
requirements differ from place to place. Typically, teaching in a public school requires
license and the completion of a bachelor degree in the field of teacher education or
elementary education. Bachelor degree programs provide instruction in motivation
and learning, educational assessment, teaching methods and diversity, classroom
management and child development. Further instruction and knowledge will be
required if the position demands that the teacher instruct students in a specific field or
area of knowledge. If a license is required, most licenses can be procured through
completion of a bachelor degree in a related field or a certification course.

Career Path

There is not a great deal of opportunity for classroom teachers to move up in their
field but they can strive to be granted more responsibilities within their educational
institution. Many classroom teachers who do move up hold such roles as assisting the
institution to improve student performance and educational outcomes by developing
strategic plans and implementing school policies within the classrooms. Classroom
teachers may also be granted additional responsibilities in ensuring that the staff of an
institution remains well versed and up to date on teaching methods and educational
tools so that they can deliver high quality instruction to their students.


When discussing the the Classroom Teacher Resume, they are responsible for
managing the classroom in a way that offers the ultimate learning environment to
students. Classroom teachers must develop and deliver instruction in an effective
manner so that students can learn successfully and gain from their experience in the
classroom. The position of classroom teacher is multi-faceted and difficult. It takes a
special type of person to be a classroom teacher, but when that person does pursue the
role of classroom teacher the effects can be extraordinary and priceless on the future
of others and society.

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