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					?Introducing the Job of Bank Teller

Tellers are the employees that people typically associate with banks. They constitute a
large part of a bank's employee strength and conduct much of the bank's routine
transactions. The career of a teller, however, is on a declining graph these days
because of the increasing us of technology and new trends in the economy.

Key Responsibilities

Tellers have varied responsibilities in a bank. They accept deposits and loan payments,
cash checks and process withdrawals. In addition, they are often required to sell
various financial instruments, receive payments for customer's utility bills, charge
credit cards, sell travelers' checks and process deposit certificates. Some tellers also
specialize in handling foreign currencies and commercial or business accounts.

A teller has to pay a great deal of attention to detail. For example, before cashing a
check he must verify the name of the bank, the date, the identity of the recipient and
the legality of his documents. He must also ensure that the written and numerical
amounts are the same and that there are sufficient funds in the account. He must then
carefully count the cash. Similarly, while accepting deposits, tellers must check the
deposit slip for accuracy before processing the transaction.

Before beginning their shifts, tellers receive a working amount for the day. Taking
responsibility for its exact handling, they use it to make payments. After the day's
work, they count the cash again, sort checks and deposit slips, list the currency
received tickets on the balance sheet and make sure that amounts balance.

With the advent of modern technology in banking, tellers now use computers to enter
deposits, record withdrawals and for other work. As banks now offer more and
increasingly complex financial services, tellers are also being trained to for sales.
They have to learn about various financial products of the bank, explain them to
customers and refer interested customers to appropriate specialized sales person.

Level of Education Required

Tellers are required to have at least a high school diploma. However, many college
degree holders accept teller positions to enter the banking field with the hope of
eventually being promoted to a managerial or professional position. Good
communication skills, computer literacy, knowledge of word processing and
spreadsheet software are always valuable for the position of a teller.

Career Path

Tellers usually join a bank or financial organization as trainees. Once hired, they
receive on-the-job training along with some formal classroom training in area like
specific computer software.

Tellers advance in their career by assuming more responsibilities in the same
occupation. They may also be made head-teller or promoted to other supervisory or
managerial position. Banks and financial organizations usually fill most such
positions by promoting the existing employees. Therefore, tellers with an outstanding
record and additional skills or training stand a good chance of being promoted. They
can also prepare for better jobs by taking courses offered by banking and financial
institutes, colleges and universities and private training institutions.

In the next decade, the employment prospects for tellers are projected to grow more
slowly than the average for all occupations. Use of technology and changing business
environments are mainly responsible for this trend. For example, the use of ATMs had
done away with the necessity of a large number of tellers. In the future, only those
tellers who have excellent customer service skills, knowledge of a variety of financial
services and ability to sell them, will be in greater demand.


When discussing the Bank Teller Resume, the career of bank teller requires little
education and is relatively low paying and is witnessing a declining trend. In future,
tellers with good customer service skills and ability to sell financial products will be
in greater demand.

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