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									Agency Name: Attain
Address: 32 E. Washington St., Ste. 1400
City: Indianapolis                 Zip: 46204
Contact Name: Kristi Barber        Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 317-534-0236                E-mail:

To create solutions that enable people with functional limitations continue to live, learn,
work and play in the community of their choice.

Volunteer Opportunities (please list positions, duties, areas, ect. as applicable to your agency)
•     Assistance in Equipment Lending Library
•     Coordinating Special Events
•     Disability related research
•     Creating a Speakers Bureau
•     Fundraising

Is training necessary? If so when are trainings held? If not, what skills do you
Training depends on the specific volunteer duties. Training is provided by Attain staff.

Average Time Commitment              Depends on the project           hours per week/month

Do you require your volunteers to pay a fee? If so can, this fee be waived?
No fee

Do you have opportunities for groups of 15 or more for a one time occasion?
Special events may have an opportunity for 15 or more

Are internship opportunities available? If so are the paid or unpaid?
Yes - unpaid
Does you agency provide transportation to your facility?
Is your agency handicap-accessible?
Your approximate distance from Butler University 13 minutes and/or 6 miles

Other important information/comments
Attain focuses on assistive technology for people with disabilities. We are a statewide
organization serving people of all ages and all disabilities.
Categories that your organization specializes in:
Civil Rights
Special Needs

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