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					?You purchased a Wii console since it has the funnest games money can buy. It is a
special game playing experience unprecedented by the competitors. However, it is
also slacking in a couple important areas. You can't play your old Nintendo games,
you can't watch DVD movies, you cannot play downloaded or copied games, and
some other small concepts are also locked. These features can easily be added by just
discovering how to unlock Wii consoles.

One thing you want to avoid is the hardware modification method of unlocking your
Wii, for example with a mod chip. You would need to break open the console and
physically modify the hardware. If your unit is still under warranty, the rest of the
warranty will be voided. Even sending it into Nintendo for repair will be impossible.
They will simply return the system to you.

Besides all that, it's costly to do a hard-mod. The cost grows quickly if you have
someone else alter your Wii. You will most likely spend more figuring out how to
unlock Wii with a hardware modification than you paid for the original system. Not
the best value.

Your best bet is to find out how to unlock Wii consoles with a software alteration. It is
much less risky, easier, and will not void your hardware warranty, which is a huge
advantage. It is less expensive to change your Wii using a software modification also.
You can obtain a guide, with support, and all the required files for completing the mod,
for less than $30. To read more about these guides and scan through a review on the
most popular one, take a look at my site here: How to Unlock Wii

What features are possible when you unlock your Wii?

You can play N64, Super Nintendo, and even Sega Genesis games on your Wii. You
will experience DVD movies, and listen to MP3 music files, turning your Wii into a
full out media player. The media abilities is one of the select areas the Wii fell behind
the PS3 and XBox, but now your Wii canbe the best around.

One other feature all the game manufacturers seem to block is backing up your games.
You are making a large investment in your games, and taking a large risk consistently
using the original disc. As soon as you learn how to unlock Wii, you'll be able to play
your backup games, and protect the original. It's the greatest way to protect your
investment. By stopping one game from getting harmed, you have already paid for the
price of unlocking your Wii.

An unlocked Wii shows you something completely different for programs and games,
the HomeBrew channel. These are applications that have been created or changed by
the Wii community to play on Wii consoles. The most exciting part of the HomeBrew
software, you won't be spending more money for these applications. They are
community invented, and community supported. These community designs keep
expanding the capability of the Wii. If you are wanting to get the most from your
investment in the console, you need to have the HomeBrew channel.

If you are worried about learning how to unlock Wii, you should not be. The process
is very uncomplicated if you follow the directions used in one of the possible guides.
Most people can unlock their Wii console in less than ten minutes, and have fun
learning all of the unlocked features. You will obviously love your Wii even more.

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