Feature benefit chart by nuhman10


									                       Feature/Benefit Chart
Product: ___Chloraseptic Cough Drops________________________

         Feature                                          Benefit
Pharmacist # Recommended      Doctors believe it is safe and effective at helping reduce cough

Fast Acting                   Cough stops quickly

15 lozenges                   One box will last several days

Wild berry flavor             Taste good

Soothing Liquid Center        Helps stop cough and ease sore throat

Tamper Evident                Can safely use without worrying medication has been tampered
Maximum throat pain relief    Works for even really sore throats

Cools nasal passages          Makes it easier to breath

Questions and phone number    Easy to have questions about medication answered.

Expiration date               Show how long medication is effective
Product: ____________________________

        Feature                         Benefit
Product: ____________________________

        Feature                         Benefit

Product: ____________________________
Feature   Benefit

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