?According to Wikipedia, direct marketing can be defined as "a sub discipline of
marketing which is focused to driving purchases that can be attributed to a specific
call to action".

This marketing sub discipline includes mediums that allow you to communicate
directly with your customers. Generally, direct marketing includes direct mail, email,
newspaper, radio, television, and of course the internet. Direct marketing is a
marketing discipline by which an organization communicates directly with its
customers in order to generate a response, transaction, or sale. Direct marketing is a
tried and tested method which has become popular throughout every kind of business
in almost every country in the world.

The most common techniques of direct marketing include telephone sales, solicited or
unsolicited emails, catalogues, leaflets, brochures and coupons. Generally, an
important aspect of a successful direct marketing strategy depends on the compilation
and maintenance of your database of personal information regarding potential
customers and clients which are often sold or shared with other direct marketing

Direct marketing can also be termed as a strategy that enables you to target specific
groups which are relevant to the product or service your business is selling. Direct
marketing can result in huge cost savings to a business, as the direct marketers only
spend money on essentials.

This not only reduces expenditure but saves time as well. Direct marketers do not
attempt to influence people, who have absolutely no interest or need for their products
or services. Direct marketing generates a much more positive response than any other
marketing strategies because effort applied by the marketers concentrates on specific
and pre-qualified target groups.

In direct marketing, results are immediately achieved by targeting a relevant and
specific audience. Only by running a few simple tests, a direct marketer can determine
a close estimate of what percentage of this target will respond to the offers. With this
strategy, the results can be predicted accurately, so, direct marketing as a whole can be
described as a ‘numbers game.'

However, the main focus of any direct marketing strategy is to increase the number of
customers that respond to a marketing campaign or "response rate", while trying to
decrease the cost of advertising.

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