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Digital Signage


									?Most important in digital signage and digital media networks is pertinent, standard,
vibrant, and engaging content. Content that creates an impression can often require a
considerable amount of resources to build. If you are intent on utilizing your digital
sign as a gripping piece of your marketing mix, the need for good content will be
greater which can be produced or dragged from a existing feed.

From Digital Signage 'engines' which upload content onto a screen, to in-built touch
susceptible signage products. Fitting a digital signage solution in shop, office or
waiting room is the most effectual way of broadcasting any message. People are
impulsively drawn to looking at TV's to be informed and updated. The only cost, apart
from the primary purchase is the time it takes to make a new arrangement.

Digital signage relies on a range of hardware to carry the content. The workings of a
typical digital signage installation include more than one display screens and a media
players, and a content management server that is associated with the media player
over a network. Sometimes these components get available in a single device. The
content management server can support multiple media players which in-turn may
support multiple screens.

Digital signage can be available in any size with different features. For e.g. It can be
available in 15" ,17",19" or 22" and can support multiple file formats, WEP, NTP
Network (G.M.T) Timer, Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and DHCP.

A HD Network Digital Signage Screen is a Network HD Digital Signage that supports
WMV9, plays media files without a computer. It employs media files from CF
memory card and shows them on a TFT-LCD with audio-out from the built-in
speakers. The media files can be automatically upgraded at the particular time from an
FTP server. The VESA standard hole (100mm x 100mm) of HD Network Digital
Signage, you can mount it on the wall. It's an ideal solution for advertising,
presentations and media applications.

Wireless Touch-Sensor Buttons when pressed will play the corresponding file
automatically which can be adapted to 12, 24 or 36 for OEM project. Used with
variety of operating environment (glass, plastics and acrylic material, except metal
material).The Wireless Touch-Sensor Buttons when pressed will play the
corresponding file automatically which is great when you change to correspond with a

It supports multiple file format: Music (WMA), Picture and Movie (WMV9), supports
HTTP Control Function, Touch Screen Function and can easily connect to wireless
network using 802.11g at up to 54Mbps compatible at 11Mbps. It can also support
Auto Key Lock Function., Auto Key Lock Function, Download Pause / Resume
Function: Continue unfinished downloads upon next session. When you move higher,
feature will keep on adding like built-in stereo speakers(3W x 2 ) in two shapes front
and rear , can have resolution up to 1280 x 1024 , may include a full-function infrared
remote control.

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