Digital Signage for the Hospitality Industry

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					?The emergence of digital signage as an effective marketing and advertising tool is
most recognizable when walking into Times Square in New York City. Electronic
signs, some that are over twenty feet high and 50 feet long, dominate the block,
featuring supersized images that grab and hold the attention of even the most jaded
New Yorker. These digital billboards, flashing motion, sound, and color 24/7 are the
future of advertising.

Among the first to utilize the effectiveness of digital media advertising has been the
hospitality industry. Hotels, cruise ships, lounges and bars, restaurants, golf and tennis
pro-shops, resorts and casinos are offering targeted programming and advertising via
floor-standing advertising signs, or wall-mounted, vertical liquid-crystal display (LCD)
monitors. This electronic signage can be used to set the tome, the ambiance of your
lobby, waiting area, lounge, or, even the elevators and meeting-rooms.

Picture this dynamic, digital media advertising in your hotel lobby, flashing remotely
managed, digitally enhanced, targeted programming to your guests from sharp,
budget-friendly LCD screens. This cutting edge advertising media can be used to
promote hotel shops, restaurants, special offers, upcoming events, the list is
practically endless.

While your restaurant customers are waiting to be seated, an effectively placed LCD
ad player might feature a menu selection, or the evening's specials, even delicious,
new recipes in high definition (HD) clarity, and surround-sound. Your lounge may
feature drink specials, grill selections, or upcoming lounge acts.

All of this point-of-purchase, or POP advertising is not only a vital media, informing,
entertaining, and educating your customers, it is, when done with flair and with
discretion, a statement. This statement promotes your brand image and value by
simply improving the shopping experience for your customers. Thus, sales are
increased with on-site, targeted, relevant offers and information that educate and
inform your customers, and your business will gain an ambiance all its own, with an
in-store TV network featuring programming directed at your customers in the way
you want it to.

An in-house TV network, constantly and immediately changing and adapting to
customer whims, and reacting to ever-changing marketing strategies in real time, is
far more cost effective when compared to the expense of replacing static signage and
printed advertising posters. A dynamically presented series of entertaining ads and
offers will inform and educate your customers about your products, or services
without the blatant pressure that has characterized advertising and marketing for so
long. The age of coarse hype is coming to an end, to be replaced by discrete,
brand-oriented, electronic signage that is perfect for your hospitality business.

Innovative marketing technology such as electronic signage, digital billboards, LCD
advertising screens and ad players, the emerging industry of digital media advertising,
brings imaginative and savvy firms to sell, install and service this state-of-the-art


Article by Oleg Potemkin, Founder of Elite Digital Signs LLC, a digital signage
company from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Elite Digital Signs offers innovative digital
signage solutions including high-quality floor-standing LCD digital advertising
displays. Visit our informative digital signage site at Elite Digital Signs and learn how
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