Digital Photo Tips using Your Digital Camera by hkksew3563rd


									?With a digital camera, you don't have to use up a whole roll of film, send it to the
camera store and wait a week to find out you took some bad photos. If you don't like
what you see in the camera's review window, it can be deleted instantly! Having a
better digital camera is no guarantee of taking better photos though. There are some
digital photo tips that have stood the test of time.

Digital cameras take longer than film cameras to focus. Digital photo tips suggest that
the best way to get a clearly focused photo is to depress the shutter button halfway for
the camera to focus completely. Only when the image is completely focused should
you completely depress the shutter button and take the actual picture. Make the effort
to compose, frame and focus a shot and save yourself time and frustration.

Adjusting lighting is one of the digital photo tips you should never forget. Most
people use flash if the scene is dim or dark. However, this has the unfortunate effect
of bleaching or washing out objects in the foreground. Taking pictures like this won't
win you any new friends. Disable the auto-flash function and fiddle with the light
exposure settings instead to take advantage of ambient light. Make sure to steady the
camera as adjusting the exposure settings can make pictures prone to camera-shake
and blurring.

With digital photography, there is the temptation to cram as many photos as you can
into your memory card. Don't shortchange yourself, get as much memory as you can
afford. A large memory is desirable because you should take all your pictures at the
highest resolution the camera provides, which takes up more memory. High resolution
pictures allow you to make decent, large printouts of your images if needed. You're
not going to give a postcard sized image to someone wants to see every fine detail of
that beautiful flower you photographed, are you?

Digital photography is a relatively cheap hobby that allows an enthusiast a lot of room
for experimentation. Make sure you learn how to shoot a good photo first before
moving up to more advanced cameras.

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