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					Priests Phone
   Fr. J. McDermott, P.P.
         Tel. 431741
     Fr. P. Hughes, C.C.
         Tel. 438036
  Fr. R. Ó Dómhnaill, C.C.
         Tel. 434069
      Fr. W. Byrne, C.C.
         Tel. 433979
 Fr. B. Reynolds, O.P., C.C.
         Tel. 487270
     Fr. T. Durajczyk C.C.
         Tel. 437753
        Parish Sisters,
         Sr. Maureen
         Tel. 431842
           Sr. Eileen
         Tel. 431939
 Parish Pastoral Minister
     Margarita Bedding
     Tel. 087 6107528
         Parish Office
      Tel. 045 431394
      Fax: 045 486171
        Parish Centre
      Tel. 045 431121

Emergency Number
  Priest on call
                               P A R I S H                    N O T I C E S
  FIRST COMMUNIONS                             CONFIRMATION                             BAPTISM MEETINGS:

 will be celebrated in our Parish at            will be celebrated at Masses           Monday May 10th & Monday
 Masses over the weekends of May                  on Pentecost weekend,                  May 24th at 8pm in the
  1st & 2nd and May 8th & 9th.                     May 22nd & 23rd.                          Parish Centre.

    Pilgrimage to                                    Parish e-mail:                      PARISH PASTORAL
                                                                                        COUNCIL MEETING:
        Knock                                Sunday Newsletter available:
                                                             Thursday May 13th at 8pm
 will take place on Sunday June                     Parish Website:                       in Holy Family Convent.
 6th, further details in Sunday         
                                                   Diocesan Website:
      Letter nearer the time.                
                                                                                      Newbridge Parish & Caragh Parish
                                                                                      Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2010
   ?            aCknoWlEDgMEnt                                             ?          12th - 21st October 2010 - €1,334.00
on behalf of the Polish Community in the Diocese of kildare and leighlin, i                 including tax and charges.
would like to thank all who comforted, supported and sympathised with us
on the recent death of our Polish president lech kaczynski, his wife Maria                 For details contact Mary Lee,
and all people who died in the air crash near Smolensk in russia.                           Newbridge Travel & Tour
Special thanks to those who prayed for us in that terrible moment of our                           045 449522
national tragedy. it is greatly appreciated. thank you very much.
                                                     Fr. Tadeusz Durajczyk
    Chaplain to the Polish Community in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin           Newbridge Parish & Caragh Parish
                                                                                         Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2010
                                                                                            26th June 2010 for 5 nights
                      M A S S               T I M E S                                     - Price: €769.00 (all inclusive)
St ConlEth’S                 Cill MhuirE                DoMiniCan ChurCh                    in Hotel Agena Pont Vieux.
Saturday: Vigil Mass         Saturday: Vigil Mass       Saturday: Vigil Mass
          6.15pm                       7.00pm                     8.00pm                   For details contact Mary Lee,
Sunday: 8.30am, 11.00am      Sunday: 10.00am, 11.30am   Sunday: 9.30am, 10.30am,            Newbridge Travel & Tour
          12.30pm, 7.00pm                                         12noon, 5.30pm                   045 449522

             NO v E N A S P E A k E RS                                     The Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation would be
                                                                           delighted if you would join us for our 1st Regional
 May 3rd     Fr. B.J. McGuckian       Pioneer Association                  Roadshow Coffee Morning kicking off in Kildare at
                                                                           the Keadeen Hotel, on Thursday, 20th May from
 May 10th    Fr. Benny McHale         Tuam Diocese
                                                                           10am to 12 noon. If you have 20 minutes to spare,
 May 17th    Ms. Brenda Drumm         Catholic Communication Office        come along for a cup of tea or coffee and see the
 May 24th    Mr. Damian Lynch         Seminarian                           many ways you can help the Jack and Jill children in
 May 31st    Sr. Oonagh Marron        Salesian Order                       the Kildare area by recycling your old mobile phones
                                                                           or selling your old or broken gold to name but two.
 June 7th    Yvonne Rooney            Diocesan Youth Officer               Everyone welcome.

O’Sullivan & SOn
 Painting & DecOrating                                                                   Marty’s CaBs
               All painting and
              wallpapering needs.
                                                                                          Ph: 045-432015
             Member of the national guild                                                  087-2650210
                of Master Craftsmen                                                        Reasonable Discounts
              Phone: 086 3960125                                                             on Contract Runs
                                                                                                  For a
                                                                                       Punctual and Friendly Service
                 Web:                                                      Ring MaRtin Kenny Cabs
                                                                      • EDITORIAL •

                  T  his month’s issue of News and Views
                     is full of interesting articles for all age
               groups. As you can see from our Cover
                                                                                               We also have articles from
                                                                                               Bishop Jim Moriarity and Fr
                                                                                               Ruairí Ó Domhnaill on how
               Page we have featured the re-vamped Parish                                      the fallout from the clerical
               Website which was updated for us by a                                           abuse scandals has affected
               company called Parish We                                           them in their ministries and
               think you will agree that the improvements                                      their hopes for the future of the
to the site make it much more user friendly and interactive.                                   Catholic Church.                              By Breda Reid
New Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links have been                                              On page 6 Lauren Hayes, a young lady of this parish,
created. We will officially launch the updated site after                                      recalls her recent trip to Ghana where she and three friends
12.30 Mass in the Parish Church on May 16th which is                                           worked in an orphanage.
World Communications Day.
                                                                                               Moorefield GAA Club, looking to the future, features on
May is generally regarded as the month of Mary. On pages
                                                                                               our centre pages.
4 & 5 Fr. Willie has put together an interesting article on
the Rosary. We have also included a picture of a rosary                                        Sean Reid is still here on page 7 with Teen Talk, Know
beads for the children to colour in. Many people feel                                          your Rights is on page 11 and page 13 features Baptism
that the mantra-like prayers of the Rosary can bring about                                     and Death notices as well as Lotto results. Crooked House
a great sense of peace. Boyzone member Keith Duffy                                             have some Drama news on 12 and our feature on the
remarked on the Tubridy Show recently that praying the                                         2011 World Youth Conference is on page 14. Last but not
Rosary kept the band members going in the aftermath of                                         least is St Conleth, our saint of the month for May, who
Stephen Gately’s untimely death.                                                               features on the back page in full glorious colour.

Finding ourselves once again at the foot of the cross.
Living in the shadow of scandal: by Fr. Ruairí
I have lived the twelve years of my priestly life in the                                       I am aware that there were, and are, also
shadow of scandal. The so called glory days of the                                             scoundrels, criminals, wretched people
Church were never part of my experience. I was still in                                        of all kinds within our ranks. Saints and
seminary when the revelations about Bishop Casey first                                         sinners all together and I somewhere in
made headlines; and each revelation since then has been                                        the middle. The sinfulness of the Church
worse. I need to remind myself each day the reasons                                            shames me but sometimes also comforts
why I became a priest. Jesus Christ and His message                                            me because I would be very much out of
continue to inspire me and give me life. I know I can                                          place in a community of the perfect. The Church will
not be a follower on my own. I need the support of a                                           never be perfect but it can and should always strive to
community to keep the flame of faith alive in my heart.                                        be better. We cannot ever again tolerate a situation
My community is the Catholic Church. It has given to                                           where the most vulnerable in our society are even more
me all that I hold dear in life. It has also scandalised me,                                   vulnerable within our Church. The revelations of the
and given me cause for great shame. The Church is the                                          past few months and years have been a difficult pruning.
body of the crucified Christ but unfortunately we also                                         It has placed us at the foot of the cross. But the Church
have played the role of those who crucify. I love the lives                                    was founded at the foot of the cross with Mary. We
of the saints. I grew up with their stories. They were                                         should not be afraid to find ourselves there again from
models for me, signposts to follow. Increasingly now                                           time to time.

                                                                       Chiropody                                      ATTIC STORAGE
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                                                                                                                      2. Easy to use Design Ladder
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                                                                       Newbridge – Podiatrist – Chiropodist           all For k469
   Main Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare                                  M. S.Ch., M.i.Ch.o., M.ECh.a., M.a.E.P.,
                                                                                                                      Special offer: Wooden Ladder
  tel: 449522 / Fax: 449523                                                       M.a.Ch.i.(Dip), l.a.
                                                                                                                      Fully Fitted onlY k370                                                “By Appointment Only”                    Attic Ladders Fully Fitted &
        “Travel is our business . . .                                  Nail Surgery & Biomechanics                    New Trapdoor only k260
         Service our trademark”     Irish Travel Agents Association    10 Cutlery Rd, Newbridge 045 433970               PH: (045) 435636
The Rosary
“The Family that prays
together stays together”
(Father Patrick Peyton, The Rosary Priest)
In his Apostolic Letter to the people of Ireland
Pope Benedict XVI said “I ask you to offer
up your fasting, your prayer, your reading
of the Scripture and your works of mercy
in order to obtain the grace of healing and
renewal for the Church in Ireland”.
The month of May is traditionally known as
the month of Mary, the Month of the Rosary. So
what is the Rosary and what role does it play in our
everyday lives?
The Rosary is a popular form of prayer that combines
                                                                                                                 by Fr Willie.
meditation on the mysteries of faith with the recitation of         in the twelfth century, moved by a vision of our Blessed
vocal prayers. The Rosary is divided into five decades. Each        Lady, is said to have devised the Rosary more or less as we
decade represents a mystery or event in the life of Jesus.          know it today. On October 16, 2002, Pope John Paul II,
There are four sets of “Mysteries of the Rosary” (Joyful,           declared that 2003 would be the “Year of the Rosary”. For
Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious). These four “Mysteries           the first time in centuries a change was made in the Rosary.
of the Rosary” therefore contain a total of twenty mysteries.       The Pope added and defined 5 new mysteries that concerned
The Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries             events in the public life of Jesus. These new mysteries were
are then said on specific days of the week.                         called the “Luminous Mysteries” or “Mysteries of Light.
As suggested by the Pope John Paul II the Joyful mysteries          In recent times the Mother of God has appeared in various
are said on Monday and Saturday, the Luminous on                    parts of the world and asked for the recitation of the Rosary,
Thursday, the Sorrowful on Tuesday and Friday, and the              the prayer she gave to the world centuries ago. During the
Glorious on Wednesday and Sunday (with this exception:              apparition of Our Lady at Fatima 1917 she asked for the
Sundays of Christmas season - The Joyful; Sundays of Lent           following addition to be prayed after each decade: “O my
– Sorrowful).                                                       Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead
A “decade” of the Rosary corresponds to each of the twenty          all souls to Heaven, especially those who have most need of
mysteries commemorated in the Rosary. Ten Hail Marys are            your mercy.”
said for each decade; they are preceded by an Our Father            Despite all the additions and changes, the important core
and followed by a Glory to the Father. While reciting a             of the Rosary has always remained the same. It is a way
decade of the Rosary, one is to meditate on the particular          for God’s people to make holy the day, and to remember
mystery for that decade and on its meaning for our life.            the life of Jesus and his mother. May these humble origins
The Church has long recommended this form of prayer as              always be with us each time we pray the Rosary.
a convenient and effective way of meditating on the great           The Rosary is recited in Cill Mhuire before 10.00 a.m.
mysteries of our salvation.                                         morning Mass and in St Conleth’s Church before the 9.30
Different forms of the Rosary have been used in the church          a.m. morning Mass.
from the early desert fathers to monastic times. St Dominic

                                            luMvillE houSE
                                                                      The Curragh,
                                            * All Family occasions catered for.                           Middle Eyre Street,
                                            * Weddings a Speciality – –                                      Newbridge
                                                – – Landscaped Garden                                     Phone: 045 434790
                                            * Lounge Bar open every Evening
                                            * Dancing Classes on Sunday                        All mobile phones repaired
                                            * Adult Dancing Thursdays - live bands.
                                            * Sunday Lunch                                            or unlocked
The Mysteries of the Rosary
The Joyful Mysteries
1 The Annunciation
2 The Visitation
3 The Birth of Jesus
4 The Presentation
5 The Finding in the Temple

The Mysteries of Light
1 The Baptism in the Jordan
2 The Manifestation of Jesus at Cana
3 The Proclamation of the Kingdom
4 The Transfiguration
5 The Institution of the Eucharist

The Sorrowful Mysteries
1 The Agony in the Garden
2 The Scourging at the Pillar
3 The Crowning with Thorns
4 The Carrying of the Cross
5 The Crucifixion

The Glorious Mysteries
1 The Resurrection
2 The Ascension
3 The Descent of the Holy Spirit
4 The Assumption of Mary
5 The Crowning of Mary

“Say the Rosary every day
to obtain peace for the world”
(Our Lady of Fátima).                                        Illlustration taken from Diocesan Prayer book.

Care & Repair Volunteer Group
                                                                     the Newbridge Parish area who are aged 60+. Volunteers
                                                                     are members of the local community, and Newbridge Parish
                                                                     Care and Repair are currently looking for volunteers, as well

C    are and Repair are a volunteer group under the umbrella
     of Age Action Ireland, the national organisation that
works to improve life for older members of the community.
                                                                     as clients seeking work to be done.
                                                                     We are delighted to announce that the launch of the
                                                                     Newbridge Parish Care and Repair will take place in the
The service offered by Care and Repair is a minor repairs            Parish Centre, Newbridge on Thursday 13th May at 8pm.
service, including jobs such as replacing light bulbs, fitting       All are welcome to attend.
door chains and spy-holes or smoke alarms, putting up
shelves, moving light pieces of furniture across a room, and         Newbridge Parish Care & Repair, c/o Parish Centre
taking down curtains. This service is available to people in         Newbridge: 087 9536233

 J Lacey & Son Ltd                                                                                   berry Ken
                                            PainteR & DeCoRatoR                                ackom home for y nel
       Construction                               Advanced City & Guilds                     Blme fr           our

  “Make A House Your Home”                                                                                                         et
                                                        Wallpaper SpecialiSt                 Ho
  Extensions, Renovations, Conversions
   New Houses, Full Carpentry Service,
     VAT Registered. Fully Insured.
                                                                                             BlackBerry lane, newBridge, co. kildare
                                                                                              045 436375          087 2998083
                                            John o’shea                                           E.mail:
 Tel: 045 441777 / 087 9822401               tel.: 045 470041                                     Web:
        Fax: 045 441779                      Mobile: 085 7398610                           BoarDing kEnnElS For CatS & DogS
Making a difference: Lauren Hayes

I  have just returned from volunteering at Christ
   Orphanage in Ghana where I spent the last
three months. I travelled with three of my close
friends Anna, Alicia and Máirín. We went as
independents which basically means that we did
not pay an organisation; rather we organised
our own flights and accommodation, we even
bought bicycles for transport! We are all recent
graduates who soon discovered just how hard it
is to find a job on these here shores! So together
we decided to go work as volunteers in Africa,
something which, as it turns out, was enjoyable,
life changing, educational and very rewarding.     L to R: Nicholas, Anna, Mairin, Gifty,
                                                                                          Innocence, Lauren, Delali, Alicia and   Kennedy.
Christ Orphanage is a Non-Governmental Organisation which
was founded in 2007 by a member of the community in which              young people a bit more practical and fun!
it is based. The school has 150 students who are either from
under-privileged backgrounds or are orphans. Each of us was            It wasn’t all work and no play for the youngsters however!
assigned to a class. We worked with the children individually          Máirín, a playwright wrote a short play which was an
for twenty minute periods to concentrate on areas that they            adaptation of Tír na N’Óg. We got to work preparing the
may have been finding difficult. For my class aged from five           play which would be shown in our final week at Christ in
to seven years this was mainly letter sounds, spelling and             front of a hundred or so people from the community. The
mathematics. We had to be resourceful at times, for example,           main highlights for me were the dancers performing the Walls
writing and drawing in the sand on the ground proved to be             of Limerick, Dawning of the Day which was performed on
a very useful tool which made the learning experience for the          the tin whistle which Anna brought over and taught the oldest
                                                                       class and, of course, the kids absolutely acting their socks off!
                                                                       The donations which the school receive all go towards
                                                                       essentials such as food, and as one can imagine there is not
                                                                       much funding for trips. So we decided that we would bring
                                                                       each of the classes on a school tour! We took the older
                                                                       classes to the near by Wli waterfalls, the tallest waterfalls in
                                                                       West Africa where we all got the chance to play and swim
                                                                       in the beautiful surroundings. The younger children went
                                                                       to the Monkey Sanctuary where they got to hand feed the
                                                                       monkeys bananas! The trips were an amazing and wonderful
                                                                       experience, and definitely one of my favourite things about
                                                                       the trip.
                                                                       It is impossible to fully explain what a truly amazing experience
                                                                       we all had in Ghana and also it would be pretty hard to
                                                                       describe to someone just how nice the Ghanaian people are,
                                                                       so friendly and welcoming to us, teaching us everything from
                                                                       the local dialect to traditional drumming to dancing! I had so
                                                                       many great times in this beautiful country and it is something
                                                                       that I am so grateful to have experienced.
                Ryston Squirrel photograph by Pat Tinsley

  Mick SaMMoN                                                                                   Stepping Stones
              & co LtD                                                                                         Estd. 1994
    hEating anD PluMBing                                                                        Nursery • Playschool • Naíonra •
        ContraCtorS                                 SPECIAL OFFER                               Montessori • After School Clubs •
   Oil, Gas, Solid Fuel & Wood Pellet Heating                                                       Full Time & Part Time
  Systems, Solar Panels, Bathroom Renovations      NEW STATIONERY SuITE                                    Register now for
including Tiling & Electrics, Heating & Plumbing
    Repairs, C2 Registered / RG11 Registered           OFFER available,                              FrEE Pre School Year
 unit 17, newbridge industrial Estate, newbridge          please contact:                       to register or for further information,
Ph: 045 431049/087 2070803, Fax: 045 434590,                                                     Contact Sharon: 045-435348 / 086-
       email:             045 - 433874 / 435288                       0409773
  T T    een                  alk
                                                                                                                           sean reid

H       ello all and welcome to this month’s
        edition of Teen Talk! Exams are on
the tip of all your tongues right now I’m
                                               but some places might still take you on
                                               for work experience and even that will
                                               help you when you’re looking for work
                                                                                           weather is great, let’s just all hop on a
                                                                                           train and head into Dublin for the craic.”
                                                                                           Trust me, when you get older you’ll get
sure, especially those getting ready for       after school/college. (Thank you Kildare    less and less chances to do these impulse
the Leaving and Junior certs! I have talked    Nationalist for that week six years         things, and when they do come up you’ll
about these essentially every summer           ago!)                                       usually just want to sit down and read. So
since I started Teen Talk a few years back,                                                take full advantage of this free time and
so I’m sure you’ll be sick of me talking                    take                           (usually) good weather, get your mates
about it by now. Don’t worry, I’m not                 this chance to                       together and just let loose. It’ll also stop
going to discuss them this time ‘round,                                                     the summer becoming boring before it’s
I’ll just say that at the end of the day           head outside, leave                        even half-way through.
they are only exams and are not the             the laptop at home and                       And you don’t even need to head into
be all and end all of your life. While
it is understandable to be stressed            only use the phone to tell                    town to enjoy everyone’s company
                                                                                             and have a good time. Why not set
about the up-coming exams, don’t let              your folks where you                       up a BBQ with your mates on a good
it dominate your life. There are much
                                                                                                  day? Everything you need can be
more important things than trying to get          think they want you
                                                                                                        easily purchased in any of
600 points in the Leaving Cert. Try your                   to be!                                          the local supermarkets.
best, rest up well before each exam and
                                                                                                              Just get the one-use
when it’s finished don’t bother yourself
                                                                                                                kits, lots of food, a
with worrying about how you did because        B u t
                                                                                                                 laptop for music and
it won’t change your grade. Just kick back     the summer is the
                                                                                                                  someone’s garden
and enjoy the summer break!                    perfect time to get
                                                                                                                  then you’re onto a
                                               out and just have
                                                                                                                 winner. Plus it won’t
There are two different groups who have        a laugh with your
                                                                                                                break the bank either
very different views on what the summer        mates. During the
                                                                                                              since people can pool
should be about with young people.             school term it becomes
                                                                                                          together for everything
There are those who think you should           very easy to rely on texting
                                                                                                       you need.
build up your CV and spend the summer          and Facebook to keep up with
earning a living. Then there are those who     everyone, since you simply don’t have          The summer is the perfect chance
think you should be set free for three         the time to head out and see everybody      to really create some memories with
months and just take a well-deserved           week in and week out. Take this chance      your friends that will last longer than
break. Neither group is wrong, and you         to head outside, leave the laptop at home   any text you save on your phone or a
should try aim to take the best of both        and only use the phone to tell your folks   funny Facebook status. Get out there
groups during the summer. Saying that I        where you think they want you to be!        and communicate with the world the
understand that it may be harder to get        Abuse the fact that you now all have the    old-fashioned way and I’ll chat to you all
work this summer thanks to the recession,      freedom to just one day say “Hey, the       next month!

    A ccountAncy &
   t AxAtion S erviceS                          aC Computer                                  NEWBRIDGE
  We specialise in assisting Small
 Companies and the Self Employed                Services                                     MEMORIALS
                                                                                             HEADSTONES SUPPLIED
                                                045 431007
    • Year-end and Management Accounts.                                                         AND ERECTED
 • Self Assessment, Vat and Taxation Advice.
     • Company Registration Office returns.                                                        Additional Inscriptions
   • Business Plan & Cashflow preparation.
      • Computerised Accounting Systems.
                                                Mobile no: 087 6502485                            Restoration & Cleaning
                                                                                             Chippings: Hearts: Plaques: Statues
                                                    onlinE SalES, rEPairS &                          Visit our showrooms at
For an informal and friendly service from a
          fully qualified accountant.                    nEtWorking                                Morristown Biller, Newbridge
Contact: Kevin on 045-486433/087-2397031                         045 432291/087 2651759/087 9043215
Team Moorefield 2010;
Just a small representation of the many sections working in Moorefield Club 2010

M     oorefield GAA continue to work for the people of
      Newbridge by providing an environment and facilities
that will encourage both young and old to lead an active,
                                                                        Corrigan & Ethan Dowling.
                                                                        under 8s: Mick Meehan, Stephen McDonald
                                                                        & Darren Conlon.
healthy and full social life. Actively participating with friends       under 9 + 10s: Gerry Moran, Jude Maguire,
and families in many varied aspects of the GAA ensures fun              Andy Sherlock & Val Dowling.
and enjoyment, while building strong bonds of friendship.               under 11s: Decky Mc Donald, Colm
Hundreds of Newbridge residents support, participate, and               Dunne, Francis Heffernan, John Cassidy &
work within our club each week and help to create the                   Mick Kerr.
atmosphere of security and social involvement. In 2010 over             under 12s: Jim Dempsey, Darren McGrath,
30 teams will be catered for and accommodated within our                Sos Dowling.
club structure.                                                         under 13 + 14s: Paul Murray, Frank
                                                                        Connolly, Barry Lynch, Jim Harte & Emmett
UNDER- AGE                                                              McConville.
Starting with our 6 year olds, we introduced the much loved             under 16s: Oliver Kelly, Gerry Galvin, Noel
and specially designed Go Games Policy which promotes                   Lee, John McDermott, Decky Hanniffy,
enjoyment without the pressures of winning at all costs; this           Robert Devine, Shay O’Connor.
aspect encourages the kids to enjoy sport while having fun. All         Ladies under-age; Steady and fruitful
our coaches and mentors choose this method to ensure your               progress is being made in the ladies under-age
children grow to love sport and ensure their health and fitness         section by a dedicated group of adults which is proving to
while having a great time. Our under-age structure is one of            be the most stress free and enjoyable training sessions taking
our proudest achievements in the last 30 years with so many             place anywhere in Kildare. To hear the laughter and see the
dedicated people and parents involved. Chaired successfully in          smiles on the kids faces during sessions proves again, that you
the past by Seanie Whyte, Martin Philips, and, up to recently,          can really enjoy and get more out of one hour in our club than
Gerry Moran, massive progress has resulted in the fielding of           many hours looking at TV.
teams from u10, u12, u14, u16, and in many cases 2 teams
in the same age group, which would involve up to 40 kids, so            Mentors and coaches in the under-age ladies:
it is not uncommon to see over 200 children each Saturday               under 10s: Catherine Conaty, Niamh McMullen, Eadaoin
morning at our nursery in Scoil Mhuire and our club in                  Cummins.
Pollardstown. 2010 sees a new chairman at the helm in                   under 12s: Clem Hannon, Robbie Murphy, Declan
Moorefield. Emmett McConville has been elected to continue              Rasmussen.
the development of our under-age, having previous worked at             under 14s: Anthony Loughman, Roseanne Hannon, Paddy
all levels in the last 15 years with the under-age section and          Butler, Noel Moran.
progressing to Chairman of the South-Board Kildare branch               under 16s: John Cummins, Catherine Conaty, Bernie
and along with Gerry Moran as Board Na N’Óg representative              Curley, Derek Curley.
progressed GAA both in club and county. The highlight of                Training for u10, u12, u14, each Saturday morning at 11am
their endeavours was the organizing of the Féile All Ireland            in our club grounds. And training for our under 16s every
finals in Kildare, and Moorefield having the distinction of             Tuesday night.
hosting 4 All Ireland finals. Gerry Galvin as assisting chairman        ADULT LADiES FooTbALL AND CAMoGiE
makes up a very strong and determined force of experience               Moorefield ladies football club was established in 2000
people at the top of our under-age structure. Gerry will also           with the formation of the ladies junior football team: with
take on the role of Treasurer and Mick Meehan is the elected            a growing interest in ladies football we now field teams at
Secretary, Both Colm Dunne and Francis Heffernan share the              all age levels. This is primarily due to dedication and hard
role of PRO for the Moorefield under-age section.                       work of various coaches and volunteers throughout the club.
Mentors and Coaches.                                                    Having won several under-age titles over the past ten years,
under 6s: Tommy Martin, Justin Delmer.                                  we won our first junior championship title in 2009. Our
under 7s: Fergal Harrington, Michael Conlon, Dominic                    management team plays a central role in the development

   lEinStEr                                     Music lessons available on

SEnior CollEgE                                                      piano, violin, voice,
    The Courtyard, Newbridge                                            keyboard, guitar,
       tel: 045 487811                                                  drums, brass and
 For full-time 5th & 6th year and repeat
              Leaving Cert.                                                woodwind.
                                                                                                    087 2020348 & 087 7930906
         • Dedicated Teachers •                 Enrolment for new students Saturday
                                                 April 10th. 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.
       • Continuous Assessment •
         • Caring Environment •                       tel: 045-437175                           Aged 4 upwards Email:

   by Peter Whyte

of all our players. An educational
environment is created
empowering the players to reach
their upmost potential, whatever
that may be. New players and
volunteers are always welcome.
Please contact Catherine Conaty
Mentors and coaches                                                         Moorefield GAA Group
Tony Doyle, Francis Kelly, Paddy
Butler.                                                               Grounds Committee: John Cummins, Paddy Behan,
Training Tuesday and Friday nights at 7-30 in club grounds.           Donnacha Whyte, Christy Meade, Paddy Martin.
Hurling                                                               Ladies Committee: Joan Yorke, Alice Dowling, Michelle
Hurling numbers have doubled recently in our club due to              Burke, Ashling Whyte, Christine Murray, Mary Doyle, Ann
the success of our senior squad and the dedication of some            O’ Brien, Winifred Murray.
die hard mentors and coaches who give all of their time               Executive Committee
and efforts to this cause. Under the chairmanship of Jimmy            Chairman-Peter Whyte, Assisting Chairman - Tony Doyle,
Donnelly progress is assured. Secretary of Hurling is John            Secretary - Patsy Cradock, Assisting Secretary - Francis Kelly,
O’ Brien, with Treasurer Emer McNamara, PRO Frankie                   Treasurer - Treasa Collins, Assisting Treasurer - Joan Yorke,
Durney. Also on the committee are Paddy Maher, Brian                  PRO - Christine Murray, Irish officer - Paddy Behan, Players
Rafferty. The teams are coached by Jimmy McMullen, John               Rep - Kieran Murray.
Vardy and Mick Maloney.
                                                                      Executive Members: Decky Hanniffy, Eric McDonald, Angelo
Senior football                                                       Murray, Joe Rooney, Carrie Mc Dermott, John Cummins,
Our success has been consistent over the last twenty years with       Joey Hayden, Donnacha Whyte, Tim Durney, John Byrne,
all teams and has brought in excess of 30 county titles and a         John O’Brien, Tony Murray. The GAA Strategic 5 year plan
Leinster title in 2006.                                               has been implemented in Moorefield and we are ahead of
Managers and Coaches:                                                 implementation on many recommendations forwarded by
Minor; Bobby Foran,                                                   Croke Park. The 2 facilitators for Moorefield are Peter Whyte
Junior; Daryl Collins, Gerry O’ Connor, Paddy Collins.                and Emmet McConville.
Senior B; Martin Murray, Pat Flynn, Mick O’ Shea, Niall               Facilities: We can boast of three full-size playing pitches with
Murray.                                                               full drainage systems, 8 dressing rooms with shower facilities,
Senior: Jack Sheedy, Dave Barry, Mick Masterson, Richie               3 training sections and possibly the largest indoor training
Crean. Shane Dooley, Karen Roe Smith, Joey Hayden.                    area in the county, used extensively by many Kildare Gaelic
Feasibility Committee: Peter Whyte, Patsy Craddock, Paddy
O’Brien, Treasa Collins, Tony Doyle, Tony Murray, Joey                With so many activities taking place in our main building,
Hayden, Joe Rooney.                                                   we have now embarked on refurbishing the internal structure.
                                                                      In 2009 we were granted planning permission and will
Development Committee: Angelo Murray, Decky Hanniffy,                 commence a 3 year agreed plan. The jewel in the crown of
Eric McDonnell, Paddy O’Brien.                                        Moorefield is members of Club Moorefield. In 2008 we
Lotto Committe: John Byrne Tony Murray, Helen Durney,                 asked all our members who could assist the development of
Treasa Collins, Nancy Cahill, Ernie McMullen, Bill Smith,             our club facilities to contribute on a weekly basis a donation
Jimmy Sexton, Phyllis Durney, Liam O’Donnell.                         of €5 or €10. The response was so positive that we are now
Finance Committee: Treasa Collins, Peter Whyte, Joe                   in a position to commence a €300,000 development on the
Hayden, Joe Rooney, Tony Doyle, Tony Murray.                          main building. Club Moorefield members will attend a special
                                                                                                                   continued on page 11

 nEWBriDgE Foot                                                                                 PriVate FUNctioN
     CliniC                                                                                     rooM aVaiLabLe @
      Bernadette Slattery                         gEorgES StrEEt nEWBriDgE
                                                                                              JoHNSoNS LoUNge
  Podiatrist – Chiropodist M.C.S.Ch.          MID WEEK WASH & BLOW ONLY €18                     Birthday, Engagement, Anniversary,
            IRL, M.I.C.P.O.
                                                 alSo FantaStiC MiD WEEk                                   Bereavement
   Reg. Health Professional Council                                                                   Wide choice of Catering
                                              StuDEnt & SEnior CitiZEn oFFErS!
 nail SurgErY & orthotiCS                                                                       & Entertainment Options available
 No parking problems, Wheelchair accessible        Tel: 432888 / 434995                             Free room Hire!
 For appointment phone 045 431879.             Email:                    coNtact catHeriNe
       107 Moorefield Drive.                   *Above offers apply Monday to Thursday                  087 2930881
                                 a homily given by
Bishop Jim Moriarity
                                  at the Chrism Mass
                                in Carlow Cathedral
                                  during Easter Week
“Although I have lived through much darkness,                            children and presume that once there is a policy in place
I have seen enough evidence to be unshakably                             everything is satisfactory. We must ensure that this policy, as
                                                                         Pope Benedict reminds us, is “continually revised and updated”.
convinced that no difficulty, no fear is so great that it                May we work together as people and priests in this task so as
can completely suffocate the hope that springs eternal                   to ensure the safety of all children in our care. Through the
in our hearts. Do not let that hope die! Stake your                      experience of the past few months, many faith-filled people
                                                                         have become disillusioned with the Church. Down through
lives on it!”                                                            the years so many people have committed themselves to and
These are words spoken by the late Pope John Paul II to                  have supported their local parish. Some are active in various
the young people attending the World Youth Day event in                  forms of ministry, others quietly attend their local church
Toronto in 2002. I recall them tonight, because over these past          every Sunday and there are many parents who have made and
few months we have witnessed the exposure of much darkness               continue to make great efforts to pass on the faith to their
in the life of the Catholic Church in Ireland. In telling their          children in a changed and changing culture. Many of these
painful story, survivors of clerical child abuse have shown great        people, very understandably, now find themselves struggling
courage and bravery. It is a story that wasn’t heard by those            with new questions. The answers are not simple. But perhaps
in authority in the past, but now with the publication of the            there is a direction, a way forward I might suggest this evening.
Ryan and Murphy reports their voice and experience is, at last,          This way forward is to turn more deeply to the Gospel of
being heard and listened to. In the words of Pope Benedict               Jesus Christ. The Gospel always offers new possibility, even
in his recent Pastoral Letter, words in which I add my own               in the darkest of times. Throughout my ministry here in the
humble and heartfelt support, “You have suffered grievously              diocese I have been inspired and moved by the commitment
and I am truly sorry”.                                                   of so many people. People continue to commit themselves
But words are not enough! The only way we will truly show our            to the ministries of music, reading, Eucharistic ministry,
sorrow and try to bring about peace in the lives of those who            safeguarding children, bereavement ministry. People give of
have been hurt so deeply is the way we reflect upon and put              their time to serve the needs of young people at local parish
into action the highest standards around child protection in             level and diocesan level such as the initial preparation that is
our parishes so that, in the words of Pope Benedict, we “ensure          starting for the next World Youth Day experience in Madrid in
the protection of children from such crimes in the future”.              2011. So many young people themselves put in such an effort
With this in mind, I am pleased to welcome here this evening             to serving the needs of others in parish and in their schools
the Parish Designated Persons from throughout the diocese                such as the Meitheal leadership groups. The major effort put
who have completed the “Safeguarding Children” training                  in by so many parents and parish leaders in the pre sacramental
programme. You have shown great generosity and leadership                programmes offered to First Communion and Confirmation
in responding to this very important role of ensuring the                candidates. There are the liturgy committees, Justice and Peace
implementation of the “Safeguarding Children - Policy and                groups, the Parish Pastoral Councils, people involved in prayer
Procedures” (Published August, 2009) in the parishes of our              ministry and charity work and there are all those generous
diocese. I thank you most sincerely for your support. I remind           people who quietly lend their support to those who experience
everyone, not just the Designated Leaders, that we cannot                the loss of a loved one and make the sandwiches and the pot
become indifferent around this important role of safeguarding            of tea to show their care and solidarity in those lonely and
                                                                                                                       continued on page 11

NEWbRIDGE WOmEN’S                                 liFFEY rugS                                     Teeny Weenys
Curragh Grange, Newbridge
                                                 74 The Oaks, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.
                                                 WhiPPing / BinDing SErviCE                         Playschool
(Beside O’Reilly’s Chemist)                                                                        Ballymany Manor, Newbridge
Registered for New Cervical                                        Why not have                      Caring Qualified Staff
Screening Programme                                               your old carpet
Run by a female gynaecologist                                   oddments made into
For appointment phone                                             beautiful rugs!
045 435499 / 085 7274382.
                                                      traDE & houSEholD
Email:                           Contact: Jack Lavelle                   Contact Christine
Web: www.                  tel: 045 431613 Mobile: 087- 2588901             087 1233240
difficult moments so many people experience. Surely through              you were ordained deacon the book of the Gospels was placed
all of this we can see that the Gospel is being lived out by so          in your hands and the bishop said to you, “Receive the Gospel
many people in a real and active way all throughout the length           of Christ, whose herald you now are. Believe what you read,
and the breath of the diocese. Surely this is a sign of hope now         teach what you believe and practice what you teach.” Later in
and for the future! Yes a great deal of sorrow has been rightly          your ordination to the priesthood you were invited to “model
expressed in recent times but let us not forget the good and             your life on the mystery of the Lord’s cross.” This call remains
inspiring deeds that are being done every day by members of              the same. I invite you to receive the Gospel of Christ in a
the Church community.                                                    renewed way here this evening. Renew your commitment to
I now turn to the priests here present, who will renew their             Jesus of Nazareth! He has called you into his service at this time,
commitment before us this evening. These have been very                  in this moment! May he inspire you with his Word and help
difficult times for you. Many of you have been disillusioned             you to live the noble message you preach. I started these words
by the lack of leadership in the Church and find yourselves              by quoting the words about hope of the late John Paul II: “May
struggling with many big questions around life and ministry              this hope spring forth in our hearts and may we never let that
within the Church. Please remember that so many people respect           hope die! We are part of a bigger story that forever reminds us
and care for you. So many are inspired by your commitment to             not to give up but to keep going trusting in the Lord’s love”.
service day and night and for keeping the Church alive in so             Bishop Jim’s resignation was accepted by Pope Benedict
many ways in your communities and ministries. Your efforts,              on April 22nd 2010. The entire homily is available on the
your generosity, your commitment is appreciated. On the day              diocesan website
continued from page 9

convened meeting shortly to be part of the decision making               recognize the great support of the people and businesses of
process. We would ask any person willing to be part of the               Newbridge, with special thanks to our main sponsor for
next exciting and important process of improving your club               more than 20 years Michael Murphy. We in Moorefield will
to contact any committee member with a view to joining                   continue to work tirelessly for the whole community and
Club Moorefield. Moorefield club would like to thank and                 continue to improve...

  Know your rights
 Question                                                            many cases through negotiation, without the case having to
                                                                     be listed for court. You have a choice of legal routes since
 I am a small business owner and I have been having a difficult      normal court proceedings are also available. It is advisable to
 time getting payments from some of my clients. How can I            have legal advice if your case is listed for court.
 reclaim the amounts owed?
                                                                     You can download an application form for the Small
 Answer                                                              Claims Court from the website or from www.
                                                            Application forms are also available
 You can now bring claims of up to €2,000 to the Small Claims        from your local District Court office. Staff in your District
 Court. From Monday 11 January 2010 businesses involved              Court office can help in completing the application form.
 in disputes with other businesses can use the Small Claims          You can also make an online application on the www.courts.
 Court. Up to now the court has only been available to               ie website. (This is not currently available for business to
 consumers. The aim of the Small Claims Court procedure              business claims).
 is to provide an inexpensive, fast and easy way to resolve
 disputes without the need to employ a solicitor. The service is     Further information is available from the Citizens
 provided in your local District Court office and the application    information Centre below.
 fee is €15. To avail of the Small Claims Court procedure
 your business must have purchased goods or services from            nEWBriDgE CitiZEnS inForMation CEntrE,
 someone selling them in the course of business. You cannot          Parish Centre, newbridge, Co. kildare. tel: 045-431735
 make claims in respect of debts, personal injuries or breach of     or 045-486365 Fax: 045-432264 e-mail: newbridge@
 leasing or hire purchase agreements. The court officials settle

 Tierney Garden                                                                                   All Round HeAting
        Developments                                                                              SeRviceS
                                                                                                  24 hour emergency
  For All Your Site and Garden
       Development Needs                                                                          for gas and oil
                                                                                                  boilers. Full
 Paving, Tarmac, Kerbing and Patios
                                                                                                  heating installations
   telephone: BarnEY 045 528482                                                                   bathrooms, showers,
            086 8174614
                                                                                                  cylinders, water
                                                                                                  tanks, taps and water pumps.
                                                                                                   Tel: 045 486312/087 9512798
Kildare Youth Theatre presents

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

by Martin Mc Donagh, Directed by Peter Hussey
The Moat Theatre, Naas, 5th – 8th May at 8 pm
Tickets: €15 and €12                                                                        Declan Armstrong in rehearsal

T    he Kildare Youth Theatre attracts
     young people from a wide area.
Those aged 14 to 18 meet every Monday
                                            environment meant to challenge and
                                            inspire. We will draw on texts of all
                                            mediums for guidance and inspiration.
                                                                                         New Irish Writing. Her play Forest was
                                                                                         staged in Project Arts Centre, Temple
                                                                                         Bar in December 2009. She writes prose,
night from 7pm to 9pm and those (such       This workshop is for anyone interested       poetry, and for theatre.
as this cast) who are older, meet on        in discovering where their voice can take
                                                                                         Also Musical Theatre Summer Proect
Fridays from 8pm to 10pm. Anyone can        them.
join. For further information contact                                                    3rd to 28th August; ages 14 to 22 years
                                            Began Wednesday 28th of April.               old;
Crooked House on 045 446612 or email        Adult Worskshop 19.30 – 21.30: €50                                                                     A four week summer camp running
                                            14 - 18 Years 17.00 – 18.30: €5 per          Monday – Friday which will allow you
Crooked House Creative Writing              workshop
Workshop; inspiration – individuality                                                    to create your own musical theatre
– Form – Constructive Criticism –           There are still places available.            production, compose your own songs
Motivation; Led by Máirín O’Grady,          Máirín O’Grady is a graduate of the          and write your own story: only 25 places
this workshop is about exploring your       M.Phil in Creative Writing in Trinity        available; cost €100 for four weeks;
own expression within the safety of a       College Dublin. She was shortlisted for      for further information contact info@
small group setting. Over six weeks we      the Over the Edge New Writer of the
will discover various styles, techniques,   Year 2008. She
and structures to develop your creative     has been publised
voice. Participants will do in-class        in      Foiseach
writing exercises and assignments on        Magazine and
their own time. These will be shared        Commotions
during the workshop, in a supportive        Anthology of

   Y.C.S. Music & Drama 2010
  30th Annual Performing Arts Summer Camp
         July 5th-17th 10am-4pm Ages 6-16
          €150 (Family Discounts available)
          Registration Sat May 8th 2pm
    Dominican College, For further information
                                                                     “May procession from the 1970’s” Photo by Oliver McCrossan.

    Freda                                    PrE-SChool & MontESSori
                                             NCNA registered & Health Board notified.
  McCormack                                    Morning and Afternoon classes.
 DrESS DESignEr                                      Part time day care
 • Wedding dresses
                                                 Large Outdoor Play area
                                                                                           We are dedicated to child development
 • Bridesmaids                                         Contact niamh larkin                We provide FREE ECCE Classes • Montessori classes

                                                      ainbow Brite
                                                                                           Summer Camp during July & August • Full and Part Time
 • Debs/Evening wear
                                                                                           day care from 4 month • After school care up to the age of
 • Mother of Bride                                                                         12 • Play based classes • Members of the IPPA and the
 • Communion dresses                                         tel: 045 448529               NCNA. Registered with the HSE.
 • Christening gowns
                                                              086 8577406
                                                                                           Contact Georga at Child’s Play Crèche, Hazelwood,
                                                                                          Millfield Manor, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. T: 045 448 400,
 By app. Only: 045 435043                                                                 W: E:

                                    OUR DEAD
Helen (Nellie) Pender          Highfield Estate Babies Aoife & James Parker            Newbridge    Alexander Stephen Gore
Stephen Coyne                 Moorefield Drive Pat Hannon, formerly Pairc Mhuire                                          Walshestown Park
Baby Caoimhe Whelan         Barrettstown Lawns                                    died in England   Dusan Nemet Mikula         Connell Drive
                                                 Brigid O’Riordan                                   Jesse Mbongeni Khumalo Connell Drive
Maura C Fitzsimons           Morristown Billar
                                                                formerly Rathangan & Newbridge      Ciara Mary Hughes          Langton Park
Maurice Prendergast            Moorefield Park
                                                 Tony Murphy, formerly The Curragh                  Ethan John Costello       Kilbelin Abbey
Thomas Murray                      James Street                                   died in England   Amy Ann Turner                 Athgarvan
Michael Moore                      John’s Street Bro Phillip Kerrigan,    Dominican Community       Gavin Christopher Doyle         Eyrefield
Lazare Videcko                           Africa                               Sligo & Newbridge     Eoin James Doyle                Eyrefield
Angela Morrin (nee Regan)                 Naas       May they rest in peace of the Lord             Juno Martha Vanhengel
                                                                                                                     Ballyshannon, Kilcullen
                                                                                                    Mark Richard Carroll            The Oaks
                                                                                                    Darragh James Andrew Lawless
                Wider Options September 2010                                                                                  Kilbelin Abbey
 Morning Classes, No Tuition Fees, Suitable for Beginners Have you been in the                      Molly Dowling                   Kilcullen
 home for a number of years? Do you wish to explore new career options? Have                        Chloe Florance Monks        Cornelscourt
 you school-going children? Have you retired from the workplace? Have you                           Stacey Simonic          Curragh Grange
 become unemployed? Would you like to update your computer skills?                                  Finn Gabriel Doyle     Allenview Heights
                                                                                                    Sophie Marie Kenny         Lakeside Park
 Further information and applications forms available from:
                                                                                                    Julianna Allen               Rathcurragh
 The Secretary, St. Conleth’s Vocational School, Station Road, Newbridge.
                                                                                                    Sophie Nicole O’Connor – Brannigan
 Tel: 045-431417. Email: Limited places available                                                   Curragh Grange
                                                                                                    Amy Lucy Farrell               Roseberry
                                                                                                    Adam David Carroll      Moorefield Park
                                     L o t t o                                                      Holly Aisling Mooney St. Conleth’s Park
                                                                                                    Kayla Kennedy                 Dara Park
       INCrEASES BY l1,000 PEr WEEK IF NOt WON (See back of ticket for rules)
                                                                                                    Colm Séan McLoughlin Standhouse Rise
        792nd WEEk - 16th March 2010                      795th WEEk - 6th april 2010               James Conor Shannon             Milltown
        Winning Numbers: 9 10 16 21                       Winning Numbers: 1 3 17 29                Kuba Patrick Zagorski               Naas
              JaCkPot: k17,000                                JaCkPot: k17,000                      Patrick Szonda                    Sallins
                  No Winner                                        No Winner                        Ethan John Murphy Halverstown, Naas
              next Week: k17,000                               next Week: k17,000                   Niamh Filgate                 Liffey Hall
     Match 3 Winners win or share €1,000               Match 3 Winners win or share €1,000          Tess Eloise Dowling     Curragh Grange
           8 match 3’s wins k125.00                        10 match 3’s wins k100.00                Carla Arvil Dowling        The Meadows
Parish Promoters Prize Winner: Veronica Murphy    Parish Promoters Prize Winner: Laurie Murray      Holly Dowling Whyte        Langton Road
        793rd WEEk - 23rd March 2010                      796th WEEk - 13th april 2010
                                                                                                    Darragh Brian Georgie Keane
       Winning Numbers: 11 19 21 23                      Winning Numbers: 9 21 27 30
                                                                                                                            Curragh Grange
              JaCkPot: k17,000                                 JaCkPot: k17,000                     Oliver Augustin Martinez             USA
                  No Winner                                        No Winner                        Karl Noel Wallce            The Curragh
              next Week: k17,000                               next Week: k17,000                   Dawid Sycz              Curragh Grange
     Match 3 Winners win or share €1,000              Match 3 Winners win or share €1,000           Patryk Sycz             Curragh Grange
          10 match 3’s wins k100.00                         6 match 3’s wins k166.67                Isabel Maisie Lynch     Curragh Grange
   Parish Promoters Prize Winner: Lil Kelly         Parish Promoters Prize Winner: Alice Ivers      Conor Brendan Mullins Curragh Grange
                                                                                                    Evan Matthew Nolan        Roseberry Hill
        794th WEEk - 30th March 2010                                                                Daragh James Doherty Walshestown Park
        Winning Numbers: 5 9 17 28                                                                  Adam Vincent Quinn              Rosetown
              JaCkPot: k17,000                                                                      Kyle Anthony Martin        The Meadows
                  No Winner                                                                         Louise Frances Meehan Roseberry Hill
              next Week: k17,000                                                                    Cian John Dardis           Langton Park
      Match 3 Winners win or share €1,000                                                           Gavin Malone Delaney        Pairc Mhuire
           13 match 3’s wins k76.92                                                                 Eoin Graham Cowzer Walshestown Park
 Parish Promoters Prize Winner: Tom Murphy                                                          Cara Whiteley                 Rosconnell

Peter WHyte                                        Tir na N’-Óg
 eLectricaL                                              Newbridge Montessori
	 •	House	Re-wiring                                 (introducing Irish), Playschool,                For all your metal fabrication
	 •	New	Fuse	Boards                                Afterschool Club, Baby & Wobbler                 requirements; Entrance gates
                                                                                                    and railings; spiral stairs;
	 •	Security	Lighting                                                                               car trailers; steel supplies; BOC industrial gas.
	 •	Showers.                                                        All Day Care                    Gates a1,000 incl. VAT
                                                                                                    Please call to our new premises at:
	 C2/ECSSA	Registered
                                                                    7.30 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.           Tougher Business Park,
 Prompt reliable services • Free Quotations
                                                                                                    Lewistown, Newbridge,
      045 - 433175                                         Phone 045 433187                         Co. Kildare. T: (045) 431502
    or 086 - 8131050                                Proprietor: orlaith ní Conghaile                F: (045) 433747 E:

World Youth day
P    reparations are now underway for the next international World
     Youth Day which will be held from 15th -22nd August 2011
in Madrid, Spain.
It is anticipated that there will be a Diocesan group.
(17-35 yrs) travelling to Madrid for a week to participate in the
World Youth Day. World Youth Day is an excellent opportunity
for young Catholics worldwide to come together and celebrate
the faith they share. 2011 will be the 26th WYD and the theme
will be “Rooted and Built Up in Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith”.
(Colossians 2:7).
If you need additional information about this pilgrimage please feel
free to contact Yvonne Rooney, Tel: (059) 9164084, Mob: (087)
7788007, email:
Or check out

Celebration at Easter Vigil

                                                                              C     ongratulations to Grace & Jacob Dion as they become new
                                                                                    members of our Catholic community here in Newbridge.
                                                                              Grace & Jacob were baptised and confirmed at the Easter Vigil
                                                                              in the Parish Church. We welcome them and assure them of our
                                                                              ongoing support and prayers. Congratulations also to Fabio Silva
                                                                              who was confirmed at the Easter Vigil. Grace, Jacob and Fabio have
                                                                              all been members of the RCIA group that meets every Tuesday night
                                                                              in the Holy Family Convent. Members of this group explore and
                                                                              share faith together. New members are always welcome.

      ?                                 aCknoWlEDgMEnt                                                                                ?
   SIMON MAGUIRE, Died 29th May 2009.                  MAIDA MAGUIRE, Died 8th August 2009, Naas Road, Newbridge.
 Simon and Maida’s son Tom, his wife Helen, their daughter Elaine and son Shane would like to thank most sincerely all who
 supported and sympathised with them. Thanks to all who called to our home, attended the removals and funeral Masses and sent
 Mass Cards. A particular word of appreciation to all the staff of Lourdesville Nursing Home who looked after Tom’s parents with
 such care and compassion during their stay there. In addition, we wish to sincerely thank the staff from the Ambulance service, the
 Intensive Care Unit and Moat Ward of Naas Hospital. A special thank you to Fr. D. Doyle, Fr. J. Brickley, Fr. Joe McDermott and
 Leahys undertakers. The invaluable support and kindness offered by our families and friends will never be forgotten. We trust this
 will be accepted as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered for your intentions.

 Paul Dunne Roofing                                                                                        Livewire
 Slating, tiling – lead and copper
 new and repairs,
 velux’s fitted
                                                 Don’t throw money out through your walls
                                              Let us help you save 35% to 40% on energy bills
                                                                                                           Best Sky Digital
 valley and                                        • Can be used on existing and new homes •
 chimney repairs                                                                                                Deals
                                              • Saves energy in your home • Reduce heating costs •             in town
                                                     • IAB approved and 25 year guarantee •                 RTE TV3 & TV4
 rEFErEnCES                                     We only use the highest performing insulation products-      now available
 iF rEQuirED                                   Pumped graphite bead 27 Plus. Contact us for a quotation.
                                                                                                            to book your dish
 087 6736115
                                               045 435408 email
                                                                      phone: 1800 923 235
                   • CLASSIFIED • CLASSIFIED •
MuSIC AND DANCE;                                   • BUILDER AVAILABLE – home energy                  PLAYSCHOOLS CrECHE                               CEMEtErY SErvICES;
                                                   saving grants, extensions, renovations, sun        KIDDIES FuN;                                     • NEWBRIDGE MEMORIALS: Headstones,
                                                   rooms, attic conversions, insurance work.
singing, dance and drama. Age 4 – adult.           Fully Reg/Insured. Phone Paul 087 2456136          • LITTLE LILYWHITES PLAYSCHOOL -                 Plaques, Inscriptions, Restorations, Chippings,
Wednesdays: Sarsfields GAA Club and                                                                   153 Moorefield Park – Enrol now for Free         Statue, Photos etc. All cemeteries covered.
Saturdays. Scoil Mhuire Junior School 10.00        / 045 522448.                                                                                       Phone: 045 432291 / 087 2651759.
                                                                                                      Pre-School Year in Early Childhood Care
a.m. – 2.30 p.m. All welcome. For further          • NIKAR – Interior and Exterior Plant              & Education. Phone: Mary groarke
details contact leah 3on 087 8809177.              Displays, Live and Artificial. Grounds             087 2343526. N.C.V.A. Level 5 & H.S.E.           • CLEAN GRAVE SERVICES:– restore all
• MUSIC LESSONS - VOICE – Brendan                  Maintenance and Landscaping Service>               Approved.                                        headstones and kerbing to its original colour.
Hartnett ATCL, PIANO – Catherine Hartnett          Contact niall 087 6114464 or niall@nikar.                                                           Price €170 per grave. 086 7353133.
BA Mus Treacy Meadows, Newbridge.                  ie                                                 • GIGGLES PLAYSCHOOL, LIFFEY
Phone: 045 431935                                                                                     HALL. I.P.P.A. trained staff, fully insured,     • GLENNON’S UNDERTAKERS EST. 1996,
                                                   • WINDOW SOLUTION: – for all your                  EHB notified. Learning through play. Special     NEWBRIDGE: 24 hours / 7 days a week.
• WOULD YOU LIKE TO SING? –                        window needs. Roller, Wooden, Aluminium,           Needs welcome. Contact Carole Dee 045            Contact: John Glennon 045 860110 / Jim
professional training available from qualified                                                        438738 / 086 1705156.                            O’Connor 086 8093492.
vocal coach for competitive & non competitive      Aluwoods, Verticals and Roman Blinds.
performers. Contact Philomena Breslin              Competitive prices. Free quote, free fitting.      • THE MEADOWS MONTESSORI SCHOOL                  LAuNDErEttE & ALtErAtIONS;
087 2454303. Email: philomenabreslin@              Professional service with a personal touch.        – Green Road, Newbridge. Now enrolling for                                         Phone: 087 7714107.                                                                                 • SUNNY LAUNDERETTE – DRY
                                                                                                      free pre-school year. Contact Therese Ryan on    CLEANING – IRONING SERVICE –
• LEINSTER ACADEMY OF DANCE -                      PHYSICAL tHErAPIStS;                               045 438541 or 086 0610060.                       Newbridge (beside Holy Family Secondary
Irish Solo & Figure Dancing classes for                                                               • TRICKEY TRICKSTERS - Funtastic                 School). Shoe repair and alterations also
boys & girls age 3 – adult weekly. Now             • PHYSICAL THERAPY - Treatment for                                                                  available. Mention this ad for discount.
running boys only class. Classes offered for       Whiplash, Sports Injuries, Joint Movement,         Children’s Party entertainment. Magicians,
beginners to advanced dancers for enjoyment        Headaches, Stress. Frank Holland Ph. Th.,          Clowns, Bouncing castles & much more. tel        MISCELLANEOuS;
or competition. Movement Song & Dance              Rm.Th. (MIAPT) tel: 045-437042.                    045 409192 / 086 2643012
                                                                                                                                                       • PHOTO RESTORATION – have you old,
for age 2-5yrs. Contact 087 2978618 / 045                                                                                                              torn or soiled photos restored•/enlarged.
433179.                                            • GERARD LOFTUS - Acupuncture – Herbs              HAIr AND BEAutY;                                 Phone Mary 045 436194.
                                                   – Clinical Medicine – Hypno Therapy –
HOME AND GArDEN;                                   Sports Therapy – Tai Chi – Qi Gong and Chi         • DESIGNER HAIR SALON – George’s                 • GROVE STUDIO – Rathbride Road,
                                                   Kung. Contact 087 2623515.                         Street, Newbridge - tel. 431247. Ammonia-        Kildare. Art classes for both children and
• HOME IMPROVEMENT SERVICE – no                                                                       free Highlights - Late Opening Thursday &
job too small – for that awkward corner, have                                                                                                          adults ongoing. Phone 087 2434041. Email:
a unit built in. Phone: Frank roddy 045            • REGISTERED THERAPIST-SPECIALIST                  Friday.                                
433014 / 087 6404516.                              – Back and Sports Injuries, Deep Tissue
                                                   Massage, Cancer, Infertility, Maternity            • ARTHUR RAINBOW HAIR DESIGN                     • ASTRO COMPUTER TRAINING: provide
• HAVE YOUR YARD CLEANED - No item                 through Reflexology. v.h.i., Quin health           Upper Eyre Street, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.       computer courses for all users beginners
too big - no item too small. At prices you can     & hibernian aviva approved. I.T.E.C.,              Phone 045 432537.                                to advanced. 20% off all courses contact
afford - for FrEE quote contact Joe at 087         C.I.B.T.A.C., I.F.A., A.O.R., I.R.I. qualified.                                                     Michael 085 1650106.
2584688                                                                                               • ETERNAL FLAIR HAIR SALON – (Prop.
                                                   Phone Bernadette 086 3893413.                      Sarah Brennan), Curragh Grange, Newbridge.       • JEAN’S JEWELLERY• & GIFT SHOP –
• CILL DARA HEATING SERVICES LTD.                                                                     20% off colours Monday – Wednesday. Late         Henry Street, Newbridge Phone 045 434441.
– all models of gas & oil fired boilers repaired   rEStAurANtS BAKErY;                                opening Thursday & Friday. Phone 045             Cards and Gifts available. Jewellery & Watch
and serviced. Contact Michael kennedy Ph/                                                             434247.                                          repair. Join our Club now..
Fax 045 432993.                                    • TARÓKAYLA’S BAKERY - Roseberry,
                                                   Newbridge. Cakes for all special occasions.        • ALANNA’S BEAUTY CLINIC – 1                     • TONY DONOHOE – computerised
• CARPENTER - available for 1st / 2nd              Homemade bread and scones, gateaux, apple          Limerick Lane, Newbridge. For all your           engraving specialist to Newbridge Silverware.
fixing, doors, floors, wardrobes and decking.      tarts etc. Serving breakfast and lunches also.                                                      Awards and Trophies. 9 Limerick Lane,
Free quotations. Call Declan 087 2562287                                                              tanning and beauty needs. Specialised waxing
                                                   tel: 045 438933.                                   and tanning available. All treatments will       Newbridge. 045 433836/087 6993033. Email:
• MAINTENANCE MAN CAN! – for all                                                                                                             
                                                   • AN CHISTIN, GEORGE’S STREET,                     be carried out by fully trained specialised
your maintenance need: plumbing, electrical,                                                          beautician. For further details enquire within   • WEDDING STATIONERY – Lots of Love
carpentry, hardware, painting and most other       NEWBRIDGE: Specialists in catering for
                                                   Communions, Confirmations, Christenings,           salon: tel 045 435321.                           Invitations set the perfect tone for your special
household repairs and installations. Contact                                                                                                           occasion with our range of personalised
Michael 085 8302158.                               Funerals and other occasions. Contact              • ICON HAIR STUDIO & NAIL BAR,                   invitations and stationery hand crafted in
                                                   Siobhan or Donal 045 434900.                       Limerick Lane, Newbridge. Special offers         Kildare. Phone 045 487845 Email:info@
CONTRACTOR: 25A Main Street, Newbridge,            • CUPCAKE CAFE AND BISTRO AT THE                   available all year round. Open Tuesday - Website: www.
Co. Kildare. Phone 087 2569443/045 449331          River Bank Arts Centre Open 6 days 8.30            Saturday 9.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. Late night
                                                   a.m. – 5.30 p.m. Also open pre shows with          Thurs till 9.00 p.m. Phone: 045 449091.
• AIDAN LAKES PAINTING &                                                                                                                               • NEW SUNDAY MARKET & CARBOOT
DECORATING: Interior, exterior, commercial         Tapas menu. Book on 045 486791.                    • WEIGHT WATCHERS: Ryston, Irish Ropes           SALE – every Sunday 10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
and domestic. C2 Registered & Fully Insured.                                                          Social Club, Newbridge. Thursdays: 10.00         in Newbridge Town Football Club. Contact
Phone: 045 435844 / 086 2440067                    PrOFESSIONAL COuNSELLING;                          a.m., 1.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m., 6.15 p.m. and        Mick: 086 8906282 / John 086 8906254.
• NEWBRIDGE WINDOW COMPANY                         • PROFESSIONAL           COUNSELLING               7.30.                                            • BUSINESS GRINDS AVAILABLE
PVC Windows & Doors. 10 Year Guarantee.            & PSYCHOTHERAPY for Depression,                    • SAUNA 1 SUN - Sunbed Home Hire - in            – business grinds available for Junior and
Phone 045 438738 / 086 2487316                     Anxiety, Relationships, Childhood Trauma,          the privacy of your own home. Phone 045          Leaving Certificate students. Junior Certificate
                                                   Abuse, Eating Disorders and OCD. For               442482 / 087 7491060.                            Geography also available. Group rates
• CORNELSCOURT HOME & GARDEN                                                                                                                           negotiable. Contact 087 9041369.
MAINTENANCE – full maintenance service             appointments call noreen McCabe, B.Sc.,
available at reasonable rates, plus domestic       M.N.A.C.P. at 086 2496823 or at the Vista          • MANDIKA HAIR SALON, Newbridge,                 • ANTE - NATAL CLASSES – are you
and commercial grass cutting. Special rates        Clinic (K Doc Section) 045 881184.                 045 486382. O.A.P. Wash & Blowdry = €12,         looking for and an Ante-natal class with all the
for OAP’s. For quote contact Fergal 087            • PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLING at                      Wash, Cut & Blowdry = €25, Colour, Cut and       facts and something extra? Hypnobirthing,
6953929.                                                                                              Blowdry = €45 ALL WEEK.                          Homeopathy. Phone Brenda 086 8328859,
                                                   reduced rates for individuals and couples.                                                          log on to
• KELLY STEEL: Fabrication Specialists,            Anxiety – Depression – Bereavement.
Steel Sales, Gate Components. Contact: 087 tel: 469067 / 087            ALtErNAtIvE tHErAPIES;                           • DRIVING LESSONS – available from fully
2251171 / 087 2774400                              2611226.                                           • ANGEL HEALING SESSION - 1st Wed of             registered qualified RSA driving instructor.
• IRISH PLASTERER AVAILABLE: No                                                                       each month 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. in Lumville House    Special discount available for motor insurance
                                                   • SAMARITANS – Feeling distressed or                                                                when lessons are taken. Please call Brian
job to small or big. Phone: 045 435901 / 087       in despair, need to talk to someone, we are        includes relaxing music, meditation and angel
2361682                                                                                               card readings. Refreshments provided. Come       at 087 2613406 or albert at 087 2781514
                                                   here to listen in complete confidence. Call                                                         email or visit www.
• ELECTRICIAN AVAILABLE: domestic –                Samaritans on 1850 60 90 90                        relax and meet like minded people. Small
extra sockets – lighting points etc. tel 045                                                          Group Sessions also available by appointment.
433987 / 087 7710212.                              • PERSON CENTERED COUNSELLING                      Phone Yvonne: 087 2409531.                       • HARNETT COMPUTER TRAINING –
                                                   – counselling & psychotherapy for loss                                                              Typewriting / Computer Classes. One to one
• ExTERNAL INSULATION RENDER                       and bereavement, relationship & financial          • MEDITATION: Tuesday evenings.                  training. CV and Typing Service. tel 045
POWERWALL; Reduce heating costs €4000                                                                 Venue: Blúm Life, Newbridge 045 450111,          434880.
SEI Grant, Stop Condensation, Stop Draughts,       difficulties, depression and anxiety. B.Sc.
no internal disruption and prevent mould and       (Hons) in Counselling & Psychotherapy.             or contact Helen 086 0538095. Spiritual          • MICHAEL DONNELLY PHOTOGRAPHER
fungus growth Contact PW Thermal Building          Experience working with children, adolescents      Healing and Holistic Massage also available      – MDP STUDIO, Newbridge, Co. Kildare
Solutions LTd, 01 4201771                          and adults. Contact Mairéad 087 9946978.           by appointment.                                  Studio: 045 435692. Mobile: 087 6484667.

      Super Clean                                                        Nature’s
   Contract Services                                                     OptiONs
   •   Car Valeting
   •   Carpets                                                                 HeaLtH FooD Store
   •   Suites of Furniture
                                                                         tel: 045-432439
       Industrial Carpets
       Window Cleaning                                                       Moorefield Road                                                              CLEANERS
   •   Mobile Power Washing                                             (opposite Bergins Pharmacy)                                        Lawn Cutting, Hedge Trimming, General Garden
                                                                                                                                           Maintenance, ALL House Repairs, Power Washing,
                    PHONE PAt                                               oPEn: Mon. to Sat. 10am to 6pm.                                    Window, Gutter and Chimney Cleaning.
   045-434404 / 086 8561548                                                            PlEaSE Call                                         Tel: Ned 087 6964343.                Reasonable Rates.

  S T C ON L E T H ( 4 5 0 - 5 1 9 ) - F E AS T D Ay : 4 T H M Ay
                     F I RS T BI S HOP OF k I L D A R E

S   t Conleth is the patron saint of Droichead Nua (Newbridge),
    Co Kildare. He was a metal-worker in silver and gold and
had a hermitage there when St Brigid called him to assist her
                                                                  wolves which at that time
                                                                  lived in the woods and
                                                                  mountains of Leinster. A
at her foundation in Kildare as its Bishop.                       gloss in an Irish martyrology
                                                                  saying he was devoured by
Patrick Duffy tells his story in Metal-Worker and Hermit          wolves on his journey to
at old Connell, Newbridge.                                        Rome undertaken against
We do not know where Conleth was born or who his parents          the wishes of Brigid may
were, but we do know from Cogitosus’s Life of Brigid (c. 650)     be an attempt to explain
that he was a skilled metal-worker in gold and silver who lived   his name, i.e. coin ‘wolves’
as a hermit at Old Connell on the Liffey near Newbridge. He       and leth ‘half’.
had the reputation of being a very holy man who had the gift      Death
of prophecy. He is also said to have been the sculptor of the     Saint Conleth died on              Sculpture of St Conleth,
crozier of St Finbar of Termonbarry, Co Roscommon.                the 3rd May 519 AD.                by Annette McCormack.
First bishop of Kildare 490                                       Tradition holds that he
Brigid invited him not only to make sacred vessels for her        was buried on the left side of the altar in the Church of
foundation but also to be pastor of the people nearby.            Ireland Cathedral in Kildare town and Saint Brigid on the
Cogitosus says that they governed the church at Kildare           right. Tradition in Newbridge holds that he was buried in
“by means of a mutually happy alliance”. And so Conleth is        the Old Connell graveyard. An alternative version is that his

                                                                                                                                    Printed by: DONOVAN PRINTING LTD. Tel. 045-435288 / 433874 Fax: 045-435819 e-mail:
regarded as the first Bishop of Kildare appointed 490.            relics were transferred there in 835 to protect the inhabitants
Indeed, speaking to the Synod of Bishops in Rome in October       from Danish invaders.
1987, Cardinal Tomás Ó Fiaich, archbishop of Armagh,              Remembrance
drew attention to this alternative form of governance in          A water garden dedicated to St Conleth designed as a
the Church where Brigid (the woman) took the initiative           contemplative space and constructed by Martin O’Neill,
and held the primacy while Conleth (the man) took a more          “Crookedwood” is situated on the left hand side of the
secondary, executive and liturgical role.                         parish church in Newbridge. It contains a bronze statue of St
Pilgrimage to Rome                                                Conleth by Annette McCormack carrying on his shoulders a
After about twenty years as Bishop Conleth set out on a           child holding up a St Brigid’s cross.
pilgrimage to Rome. Because he was now an old man Saint           Every year on the Sunday after St Conleth’s Day a pilgrimage
Brigid feared for him going on this journey. Somewhere on         takes place from the parish church to Old Connell about two
the journey in Ireland Conleth was attacked and killed by         miles outside the town.

                                                                                                        Photographs by Fr. Willie

                                             Abbeywood Landscapes

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        ommunications                           For all aspects of landscaping,
                                                                                           Newbridge, Naas, Kildare & surrounding
    Consultancy	Service	Available               maintenance and grass cutting
        contact Ger Clancy                    i.e. Housing Estates, hedge & tree
           Baroda Court,
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      Newbridge, Co. Kildare
                                                    cutting, paving, decking               087 9758670
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