How to Break the Ice with an Online Dater

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					How to Break the Ice with
     an Online Dater

                       Break the Ice with an Online Dater

Online dating is easy and fun, but getting results and meeting the people you are really
looking for can be challenging. Many people misrepresent themselves, or contact you
based only on looks rather than shared interests or experiences. Being proactive and
looking through profiles is vital, as is the first contact you make. Want to hear back from
the men or women you want to meet? Here is how to make the best first impression.


    o           1

             Make the effort. Don't just "wink" or send an icebreaker via your dating site.
             This is a lazy way to let potential dates know you are interested. Send an
             email to show your "target" that you are really interested in them and are
             not just sending out tons of "winks" just to get a response.

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             For your initial email keep it short and sweet. This is just an introduction, so
             include some good information in a short amount of space. Comment on
             things that you have in common so that men/women know that you have
             read their profile and are attracted to them on more than just a physical

    o           3
         When contacting a woman, keep the physical comments or overtly sexual
         or romantic talk to a minimum. Be friendly, but don't go overboard on the
         flattery or jump in too fast with talk about romance. Women will find that
         threatening even if their ad seems flirtatious, so keep it light until you get to
         know them better.

 o         4

         Ask a question. By posing questions you allow the potential date to have an
         easy excuse to reply, and make him or her feel that you are interested in
         them. Asking questions is key in getting potential dates to respond to your
         initial email.

 o         5
         Finally, invite the person to look at your profile.

Tips & Warnings
      Select a few online dating sites for your profile to
        increase your chances of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right.
      Be honest and upfront. The number one complaint amongst
        online daters is dishonesty.

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