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Different Types of TV Stands and Their Advantages by hkksew3563rd


									?Nowadays, Plasma and LCD TVs are the latest fad. These television sets are major
investments, thus you will like to display them in the best possible manner. When
purchasing the perfect TV stands for your television, looks are not the only factor, but
budget and space constraints too are to be considered. Another factor to be considered
before buying is deciding on the space where you will like to place the television.

With the growing technology, television sets are becoming sleeker and houses smaller.
Therefore, an apt TV stand should be such that it compliments your room's ambience
and other furniture, fits in your budget, utilise minimum space to the optimum best
and enhance the look of your TV set.

Types of TV Stands:

1 Wall Mount Brackets: the latest trend is to wall mount your TV sets, especially
the sleek and high definition TV sets like Plasma or LCD sets. These wall mounts not
only enhance the already good looking sleek televisions appearance but they also help
in optimum space utilisation by using wall space and leaving the floor space for other
These wall brackets can be easily mounted on any wall, which you think, serves the
purpose. Television sets can then be easily mounted and fitted in these brackets. These
brackets and mounts are gaining wide popularity and liking among people and more
and more people are opting for this contemporary and sleek way of placing their
Plasmas and LCDs.
These are not just about fixing a bracket and mounting the TV set on it. One has to
analyse the room's theme, settings, space, and then coming up with the best possible
designing and positioning which enhances the beauty of the room and the TV.
2 TV Stands: these are usually made of wood or metal. The TV set is placed on the
top of these stands. It can just be a single top on a pole, or it can have multiple shelves
under the main top, which can be used for storing CDs, DVDs and other knick-knacks.
The shelves and tops can be wooden or can be made out of plain or coloured glass.
While buying a stand, especially for a Plasma or LCD, always go for a stand little
bigger than the TV size. Choose the material according to the other furniture kept in
the room. If your room's theme is contemporary and contains other metallic furniture
or detailing, then go for a metallic stand, and if the room is dominated by wooden
furniture then opt for a wooden stand.
3 TV Cabinets: Cabinets of TV are available in wood, metal or a combination of
wood, metal and glass. It contains an enclosed area in which the TV set is kept
enclosed and secured when not in use. These cabinets usually come with storage
space for CDs and DVDs.
These cabinets are bigger, heavier and consume more space than other options, thus,
they are slowly fading away.

Choose a stand according to the space available and over all look of your room.

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