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									?If someone you know or love is having a baby boy, you may be trying to figure out
what type of baby boy gift you should get for her. You want to get a baby boy gift for
her to help her out with their baby boy nursery, or to help with diapers for the baby
boy or you might want to get the baby some cute baby boy clothes. Here are some
ideas for a baby boy gift.


Clothes are a great idea for a baby boy gift. However, remember that chances are your
friend or loved one will be getting plenty of baby boy clothes in smaller sizes. A great
baby boy gift is to get some baby boy clothes in larger sizes. Try getting some clothes
for six to nine months or nine to twelve months. Make sure that you take into
consideration what season it will be when the baby is that specific age though. Your
loved one will be thrilled to get a few things of clothes that will fit the baby in a few


Another great baby boy gift is a large pack of diapers. Once again, you probably do
not want to purchase a pack of small diapers. Your loved one will have plenty of
smaller sized diapers from other gifts. Many people do not think to get larger diapers.
Get a large pack of size two diapers, size three diapers, and maybe even a pack of size
four diapers. If your loved one plans on doing cloth diapers, you should try to find
some cloth diapers or diaper covers that she would like to use.


You could also get a great baby boy gift of baby toys. A baby can never have too
many toys. While the baby will probably not play with toys until he is three or four
months old, parents love to have toys for their little ones. Try to find a variety of toys
like teethers, rattles, or even a large play mat for the baby boy. A great baby boy gift is
an activity center that includes all of these things!

No matter what you purchase for this little baby, the important thing is that you put
some time and effort into getting this baby boy gift. Your loved one will appreciate
that you took time and consideration in picking a gift that you knew they could use
and would love!

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