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					?Various tour packages are provided by . You can have specific packages satisfying
your specific needs. Whichever tour package you choose you are assured of excellent
boarding facilities. Kerala is the best tourist place in India. To make your tour more
enjoyable and memorable you have to first determine the purpose of your tour and
then select your package.

The honeymoon package offered by best suits the couple who want to spend their
days in Kerala. The package covers the famous backwaters in Kerala, beaches, hill
stations and sanctuaries. When you plan your visit during the monsoon season, you
are assured of a very pleasant climate.

You can avail the backwaters tour package where you can visit all the backwaters in
Kerala and you can enjoy your ride in crafted houseboats. Based on your package,
you can travel in a luxurious houseboat. The rippling water, the surrounding palm ad
coconut tress waving their leaves and the pleasant aroma in the air will definitely
relieve you from stress. You will never forget your experience in the houseboats.

If you wish to visit the hill stations, you can choose that package from . Kerala has
Western Ghats as its natural barrier. This range has various peaks and the largest peak
in Asia, the Anaimudi is present here. Idukki is also a famous hill station in Kerala.
The finest dam is present in Kerala and you have to visit the dam to understand its

The beaches of Kerala are worth a visit. The kovalam beach is very famous. It has
coconut tress on the shore. You can always find this beach filled with foreigners
taking sun bath. It is a very pleasant experience to take sun bath and stand in the tides.
You can always hear the joy filled cries of people in this beach. Various craft centers
are available in the surrounding areas of beaches where you can find beautiful art
pieces explaning the craftsmanship of Kerala.

The Ayurvedic centers of Kerala are very famous for their excellent treatments. The
medicated herbal oils are used for curing almost all the diseases. Ayurveda believes
that it is the toxins that are present in the body cause diseases. Many treatments are
available for removing toxins from the body. If you want to rejuvenate your body,
then you have to definitely avail the Ayurvedic package available with

Apart from Ayurveda, many hospitals are in Kerala that provide you best treatments at
lower rates. The pleasant moderate climate and the herbal aroma in the state relieve
your stress. The doctors are very kind and hospitable and you are assured of the best
treatment for your sickness.

Many wild life sanctuaries with thick evergreen forests and endangered species are
worth a visit. If you are interested in knowing about the wild beasts then you can use
the package that covers the visit to these sanctuaries. You can find over 500 species of
birds in the bird sanctuary. You can also take a ride on the elephants if you wish. You
can take photographs of the beasts and your number of films is your limit.

Pilgrimage packages are also available with . So when you plan to visit Kerala first go
to the website and choose your package and enjoy your vacation as you wish.

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