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									  Motorola Sell Sheet Order Form
Order Form (items marked with “*” will print on Sell Sheet)
*Dealership Name

 Contact Name                                                                                      Motorola#

*Website                                                                                           Email Address


*City                                                                                              *State                           *Zip

*Telephone                                                                                         Fax
     Check if email address should print on sell sheet.
     Please include my company logo on sell sheet. (Please email your logo to

Check the Sell Sheet you wish to buy :
Motorola Sell Sheets: To view larger images, please go to
            Radios - Blue Text                                                                                                      255 Great Valley Parkway, Suite 150
            Radios - Tower                    Radios - Blue Text           Radios - Tower                Radios - Spirals                  Malvern, PA 19355
            Radios - Spirals
            Stay Connected - Grass                                                                                                  FAX THIS ORDER TO:
            Stay Connected - Security                                                                                                [Fax] 610-540-6433
            Stay Connected - Flag
                                                                                                                                    Your Account Executive:
Please check quantity.
  Prices include use of your
  company logo and printing.                  Stay Connected - Grass Stay Connected - Security Stay Connected - Flag
  Sell Sheet Prices (8.5x11) - check one
               250 . . . $560
               500 . . . $595
             1,000 . . . $625                                                                                                                    Tiffanie Leos
             2,000 . . . $890                                                                                                                  Account Executive
                                                                                                                                        [Voice] 610.644.8637 x247
             2,500 . . . $1,080
             5,000 . . . $1,420

 For special requests, such as adding information that is currently not shown on the template, please contact your
 Account Executive for additional charges. **Please indicate physical address, shipments can not be made to a PO Box.
                                                                                                                                             Call me TODAY
                                                                                                                                             and ask about
I agree to follow the guidelines set forth in the Motorola co-op program. I understand that the above program must
                                                                                                                                           co-op for Motorola
be pre-approved for reimbursement. After completing the printed piece, your dealership will be reimbursed through                            Pocket Folders
Motorola, once appropriate documentation is sent. Stream Companies’ payment terms are net 30.
                                                                                                                                              Sell Sheets
Authorized Signature:
Order Total $                                                             Date:
                  Please fax completed form to (610) 540-6433, Attn: Tiffanie Leos
           Deduct Funds from My Co-op Account                                     Bill My Dealership Directly
  * Please remember to send over your Vendor Co-op Release Form and we will submit to Trade One.                                              Web Design
                                                                                                                                                             REV 9/27/10
Sell Sheet Product Selection List
  Select your Motorola products
  Please send company profile to
  (If you don’t send a company profile, we will gather information off your company website)

  Please Choose 4 products for your Sell Sheet
  For special requests regarding products not listed below, please call Tiffanie Leos at 610-644-8637 x247

  To add additional products beyond the list below, please supply us with the Motorola product name and industry.
  We will then send to Motorola to be sure custom product will be approved for co-op.

Motorola Portable Two Way Radios                  Motorola Mobile Two Way Radios                         Call Boxes
  Motorola Professional Digital Two Way Radios       Motorola Professional Digital Two Way Radios        (please add any products not listed below)
  Industry/Government Radios                         Industry/Government Radios                          A144
  MOTOTRBO: XPR 6350                                 MOTOTRBO: XPR 4350                                  A106.5
  MOTOTRBO: XPR 6550                                 MOTOTRBO: XPR 4550                                  A1
  MOTOTRBO: XPR 6380                                 MOTOTRBO: XPR 4380                                  Open Face ACB
  MOTOTRBO: XPR 6580                                 MOTOTRBO: XPR 4580                                  A1410
  MOTOTRBO: Mototrbo System                                                                              MACPlus
  CLS 1110 Business Two-Way Radio                    Motorola Professional Mobile Two Way Radios
  CLS 1410 Business Two-Way Radio                    Industry/Government Radios
  MT 2000 Analog Radio                               Motorola CDM750
  MTX 8250                                           Motorola CDM1250
  MTX 850                                            Motorola CDM1550
  MTX 850 LS                                         Motorola CDM1550 LS+
  MTX8250 LS                                         Motorola PM400
  MTX 950                                            Motorola PM1200                                     Repeaters
  MTX150                                             Motorola PM1500                                     (please add any products not listed below)
  MTX1500                                            Motorola XTL1500                                    MOTOTRBO: Repeater XPR 8300
  MTX450                                             Motorola XTL2500                                    MOTOTRBO: Repeater XPR 8380
  MTX4500                                                                                                CDR 500
  MTX 9250                                                                                               CDR 700
  XU2100                                                                                                 Moscad
  XU2600                                             Motorola Radius Two Way Radios                      Moscad-M
  XV1100                                             Business Radios                                     Motorola GR500 X-PAND Repeater
  XV2100                                             Motorola Radius CM200                               Motorola GR1225 Repeater
  XV2600                                             Motorola Radius CM300                               RKR1225
  XTS 1500                                           Motorola Radius P110                                MTR2000 Base Station, Repeaters, and Recievers
  XTS 2250                                                                                               MTR3000 Base Station / Repeater
  XTS 2500 Digital Portable Radio                                                                        MX800
  XTS 5000 Digital Portable Radio                    Mission Critical / P25 Two Way Radios

  Motorola Professional Two Way Radios               Pagers
  Industry/Government Radios                         (please add any products not listed below)          Public Safety Solutions
  Motorola DTR550                                    Motorola MINITOR V Pager                            (please add any products not listed below)
  Motorola DTR650                                    Motorola LS355                                      DigitalPatroller DP-2
  Motorola HT750                                     Motorola Advisor II Pager                           MW810 Mobile Workstation
  Motorola HT1250                                                                                        ALPR
  Motorola HT1250 LS+                                                                                    VRM 850
  Motorola EX500
  Motorola EX560 XLS                                 Wireless
  Motorola EX600 XLS                                 (please add any products not listed below)
  Motorola PR400                                     Canopy Moto Mesh Duo                                Dispatch Consoles
  Motorola PR860                                     Canopy Moto Mesh Quattro                            (please add any products not listed below)
  Motorola PR1500                                    Canopy PTP 400                                      MC1000 Deskset Controller
  Motorola MT1500                                    Canopy PTP 400 Lite                                 MC2000 Deskset Controller
                                                     Canopy PTP 600                                      MC2500 Deskset Controller
  Motorola Radius Two Way Radios                     Canopy PTP 49400 Lite Integrated Ethernet Bridge    MC3000 Deskset Controller
  Business Radios                                    Canopy PTP 100                                      MCC 5500 Console
  Motorola BPR40                                     Canopy PTP 300                                      MCC 7500 Console
  Motorola VL50                                      Canopy PTP 800                                      MIP5000 VoIP Radio Console
  Motorola CP110                                     MaraTrac Mobile Radio                               CommandSTAR Lite Console
  Motorola CP185                                                                                         VXR-7000
  Motorola CP200                                                                                         Mirra IV
  Motorola CP200 XLS

                                                                                                                                                      REV 9/27/10
                                                       Direct Deduct Co-op
                                                    Release Authorization Form

 (Use this form to approve the release of co-op funds directly to the vendor listed below. The standard
Prior Approval and Claim forms should be used for all other authorizations. This authorization is not
transferable, and is valid only for the below described activity.)

 Vendor Instructions:                                     For TradeOne Use Only:
 Step 1: Complete form and obtain signature from
                                                          Reviewed by: ______________________________________
 authorized dealer representative

 Step 2: Submit a prior approval request to               Activity Approved:             Yes           No
 TradeOne – include a copy of this form along with
 the proposed activity description and sample –
 make changes if requested. Fax to 512-427-0452.          Required Changes: _________________________________

 Step 3: If approved, complete marketing activity for     Approval No.: ____________ Percent Approved: ________%

 Step 4: Submit invoice with all required paperwork       Funds Reserved:          Yes      No    Amount $_____________
 to TradeOne.
                                                          Billable to:          c/o TradeOne                   Dealer Only

 Dealership Name____________________________________________________________________________

 Motorola Dealership Number ______________________________________ (should be 10 digits)

 Authorizing Dealer Representative___________________________________ (print name here, signature below)

 Vendor/Activity Information:
   In order for TradeOne Marketing to be authorized to reserve funds and dispense payment from your Motorola
   co-op fund, please fill out the following information. Please specify the maximum amount of funds you are
   authorizing for this order.

    Supplier/Vendor Name______________________________Contact:_______________________________

    Marketing Activity Description _____________________________Phone #__________________________

    Maximum Co-op Deduction Authorized $_________________ (subject to available funds)

    (Prior to releasing any co-op payments, TradeOne Marketing will review all submissions for the required proof of
    performance documents and compliance with the terms of the current co-op program guidelines. Payment will
    be made only on marketing activities that are in compliance with the current co-op guidelines. Activities failing
    to adhere to these terms will not be approved for payment. Pre-payment of funds is not allowed. Reimbursement
    will only be made once the activity is completed and reviewed for compliance.)

 Terms Acceptance Agreements:
   A. Motorola reserves the right to void any claims that do not comply with the terms and conditions of the co-op program policy
   B. Prior approval is required for all activities unless expressly stated otherwise by Motorola
   C. Dealer authorizes TradeOne Marketing to release dealer co-op account balance information to vendor selected above
   D. Dealer agrees to pay any outstanding balance owed to vendor due to insufficient available co-op funds. Pending payments to
         vendors against coop funds not yet earned will not be allowed.

 Dealership Authorized

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