2007-2008-annual-report by heku






Annual Report 2007-2008

               Leading the Way to Ending Domestic
               Violence and Abuse in San Mateo County
                                                                  CORA provides a complete
                                                                  range of support services,
Dear Friend of CORA,                                              all free of charge.
I am pleased to present CORA’s Fiscal Year 2007-2008 Annual
                                                                  •	 24-hour	hotline	(1-800-300-1080)
Report, which summarizes the highlights of CORA’s services
                                                                  •	 	 mergency	Response	Program,	
to the San Mateo County community for the time period July 1,
                                                                     a	collaboration	with	local	law	
2007 – June 30, 2008.                                                enforcement	

This report showcases the people and organizations that              L
                                                                  •	 	 egal	assistance:	restraining	
make CORA’s work possible. Together we can end the                   orders,	court	accompaniment	and	
                                                                     representation,	legal	information	line		 	
intergenerational cycle of violence in San Mateo County. On
                                                                     and	VAWA	(Violence	Against	Women	
behalf of the thousands who will make that brave first call
                                                                     Act)	referrals
for help, thank you for helping us restore wholeness in our
                                                                  •	 Emergency	and	transitional	housing
families and in the community. I truly believe that – with the

continued support of our financial supporters, volunteers, and       I
                                                                  •	 	 ndividual	and	group	counseling	
                                                                     at	satellite	locations	throughout	the	
partner agencies – we will realize our collective vision of the
day when no child has to grow up in fear and no one has to
                                                                  •	 Child	witness	screening	and	referral
feel unsafe in their own home.

                                                                  •	 Children’s	counseling	program

Thank you for your generous support.                                 C
                                                                  •	 	 ommunity	outreach	and	education	

                                                                     (including	teen,	Latino,		FilAmerican,	
                                                                     and	Pacific	Islander	programs)

                                                                  •	 Teen	chatroom	&	hotline
Melissa Lukin
                                                                  •	 Volunteer	program
Executive Director

                                                                   Photos are not acutal victims
 Domestic Violence and Abuse:
 A crisis in our own backyards
               Domestic/dating	violence	and	abuse	affects	thousands	of	families	in	San	Mateo	County	each	year	

               and	crosses	all	racial,	ethnic,	and	socioeconomic	boundaries.	Its	harmful	effects	reach	far	beyond	

               victims’	homes	and	their	families.	CORA’s	mission	is	to	end	the	intergenerational	cycle	of	violence	

               in	our	county.	We	must	work	together	to	increase	recognition	of	and	treatment,	intervention,	

               and	support	services	for	this	highly	underreported	crime.

               Domestic Violence Affects Everyone

               The	whole	of	San	Mateo	County	is	impacted	by	domestic	violence:	employers	lose	revenue	through	

               increased	health	care	costs,	absenteeism,	and	lost	job	productivity;	hospitals	carry	debt	from	the	

               unpaid	medical	bills	of	victims	without	medical	insurance;	police	services	are	overextended;	and	

               already	strained	homeless	and	mental	care	programs	encounter	even	more	people	in	need.

“	 y	son	grew	up	witnessing	the	abuse	I	suffered	at	the	
 hands	of	my	husband.		When	he	started	to	hurt	my	son,	I	could	
 not	stand	back	and	watch	this	man	harm	my	child.		This	was	
 one	of	the	major	reasons	that	I	turned	to	CORA	for	help.”
CORA’s Mission is to End Domestic Violence and Abuse in San Mateo County
CORA is the only agency in San Mateo County that provides comprehensive services to victims and survivors of domestic
violence.	Law	enforcement	agencies,	the	Human	Services	Agency	and	other	county	agencies	depend	on	CORA’s	31	years	of	
expertise	for	a	complete	range	of	prevention,	education,	and	intervention	services.	CORA	provides	the	most	comprehensive	
response	to	the	problem	of	domestic	violence	in	the	county.
As	a	multicultural	agency,	CORA	is	committed	to	serving	clients,	regardless	of	age,	ethnicity/race,	financial	status,	language,	
sexual	 orientation,	 immigration	 status,	 class,	 religion,	 gender,	 and	 mental	 or	 physical	 ability.	 CORA	 provides	 free,	 multi-
lingual	services	in	English,	Spanish,	and	Tagalog.

Annual Report 2007 - 2008:
CORA’s	Services	are	in	High	Demand                                     Community Outreach
Raising awareness about the dynamics of domestic violence              During	the	2007-2008	fiscal	year,	the	Community	
and providing services to the community at large and to                Education team provided training on the dynamics of
traditionally	underserved	populations,	CORA	administers	               dating	and	domestic	violence	and	related	issues	to	2,172	
the	county’s	largest	response	to	this	widespread	problem.              adult	community	members	and	1,670	teens	at	local	high	
                                                                       schools,	court	and	community	schools,	and	social	service	
Housing Program                                                        organizations	serving	youth.
CORA’s	emergency	shelter	provides	up	to	two	months	
                                                                       Emergency Response Program (ERP)
accommodation.	And,	after	6-8	weeks	at	the	shelter,	
residents	may	be	eligible	for	transitional	housing.	During	            The	only	program	to	collaborate	with	all	law	enforcement	
the	2007-2008	fiscal	year,	CORA	offered	emergency	shelter	             departments	in	San	Mateo	County,	ERP	provides	24-hour	
                                                                       phone counseling support during or immediately following
and	services	to	86	victims	of	domestic	violence	and	their	
                                                                       a	911	domestic	disturbance	call.	In	the	past	fiscal	year,	
children	and	provided	transitional	housing	to	33	adults	
                                                                       1,957	residents	of	San	Mateo	County	were	provided	
and	children.	Eighty	percent	of	clients	exited	our	shelter	
                                                                       assistance	through	this	program.
program	to	either	transitional	or	permanent	housing.

Client Support Services Program                                        CORA’s	Funding	is	Never	Certain
CORA’s	Client	Support	Services	Program	is	a	front-line	                CORA depends on grants and contracts from city and local
support	system	composed	of	a	24-hour	crisis	hotline	                   governments,	donations	from	private	foundations,	and	
(1-800-300-1080)	answered	in	both	English	and	Spanish;	                support	from	donors	in	the	community.	Grants	must	be	
crisis	intervention	counseling;	peer	support	groups;	a	                reapplied	for	yearly,	and	the	funding	is	never	guaranteed.	
parenting	education	and	support	group;	and	counseling	in	              Funds	obtained	one	year	can	be	reduced	or	eliminated.
local	neighborhoods.
In	the	past	fiscal	year,	CORA	fielded	4,615	calls	on	the	
                                                                       What	YOU	Can	Do	to	Help
crisis	hotline,	provided	1,451	individual	crisis	counseling		          The	waiting	list	for	CORA’s	services	grows	longer	every	
sessions,	and	179	support	group	sessions.	sessions.	                   day.	Without	increased	funding,	CORA	cannot	keep	up	
                                                                       with	the	demand	for	services.	Help	end	domestic	violence	
Legal Program
                                                                       in	San	Mateo	County	by	making	a	donation	today.	Call	the	
In	the	last	fiscal	year,	CORA’s	legal	staff	helped	file	792	           Development	Department	at	650-652-0800	x137	for	more	
restraining	orders	and	other	protective	or	custody	orders,		           information	on	how	you	can	help.
supported	clients	with	55	court	accompaniments,	and	
answered	894	calls	on	our	Legal	Information	Line	
                                                                      Your donation will provide hope to someone who
                                                                      is	trapped	in	a	cycle	of	abuse.
                                                                      You can make a difference.
            July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008                                      Year Ending June 30, 2008
                                         Dollars      Percent     CURRENT ASSETS
                                                                       Cash & Cash Equivalents                 $534,597
 REVENUE:                                                              Grants Receivable                       $454,096
     Government Grants & Contracts      $1,578,016     53%             Other Receivables                        $32,897
     Contributions                       $602,954      20%             Prepaid Expenses                         $65,092
     Foundations                         $370,749      13%
     Investment Return                   ($64,685)     -2%        TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                        $1,086,682
     Donated Materials and Services      $443,678      15%
     Other Revenue                         $43,672      1%        INVESTMENTS                                 $1,941,121

 TOTAL REVENUE                          $2,974,384    100%        PROPERTY AND EQUIPMENT, NET                  $779,386
                                                                  DEPOSITS                                      $26,258
 EXPENSES:                                                        TOTAL ASSETS                                $3,833,447
    Personnel Compensation & Benefits   $1,744,980     57%
    Occupancy                            $244,252       8%        LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
    Professional Fees                    $302,304      10%
    Telephone & Office Expenses          $129,187       4%        CURRENT LIABILITIES
    Training & Travel                      $71,905      2%             Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses     $100,975
    Depreciation                           $46,019      2%             Accrued Salaries Payable                 $32,619
    Donation Expense                     $328,817      11%             Accrued Vacations Payable                $49,652
    Other                                $174,872       6%             Deferred Revenue                         $24,736
                                                                       Current Portion of Long-Term Debt          $977
TOTAL EXPENSES                          $3,042,336    100%             Other                                     $2,837

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS                     ($67,952)                TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES                    $211,796

NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR           $3,255,026                LONG TERM DEBT                               $434,577

                                                                  NET ASSETS                                  $3,187,074
NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR                 $3,187,074
                                                                  TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS            $3,833,447

           fundraising 15%                           programs           services                 housing
                                                                             28%                  21%
        adminstration 11%                                                    9%
                                                                education            legal
                                                                               3% 10%

Domestic Violence is Everybody’s Business
You	can	help	end	domestic	violence	in	San	Mateo	County.	By	spreading	the	word	about	
CORA	and	its	services,	you	can	show	people	in	danger	that	there	are	alternatives	to	living	
in	fear.	If	you	know	or	suspect	that	someone	is	in	an	abusive	relationship,	help	end	the	
cycle	of	abuse;	tell	that	person	about	CORA.
Thank	you	to	our	generous	donors	and	supporters.	Your	continued	help	can	
make	a	difference	in	the	lives	of	the	people	and	communities	CORA	serves.
Individuals                    Mr. & Mrs. James Dunford         Olga Pulido                     Mr. & Mrs. Craig Corey           Linda Jensen                  Timothy Perry
over $100,000                  Connie Ellerbach                 Ray Redmon                      Wendy Corley                     Robin L. Jones                Suzanne D. Pertsch
Catherine M. Kruttschnitt         & Kirby Holmes                Mr. & Mrs. William Regan, III      & Will Hanson                     & Anne Leahy Jones        Rosemary Pfeiffer
                               Mr. & Mrs. James W. Fairbaugh    Amanda L. Riddle                Andrew Corwin                    Sharyn H. Jones               Edward C. Pomeroy
Individuals                    Mr. & Mrs. Edwin R. Fineman      Beth Shapiro                    Mr. & Mrs. Brian Courtney        Lyn Juckniess                 Margaret Pomon
$50,000 - $99,999              The Honorable Don Franchi           & Carol Lundeen              Mr. & Mrs. Arne L. Croce         Jill Kafka                    Debbie Postlethwaite
Anonymous                      Rob Goldstein                    Kelly J. Shindell               Susana T. Crofton                Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kaprielian    Thomas R. Prager
                               Mr. & Mrs. Fred D. Hawley        David Trousdale                 Roxanne L. Cyr                   Louis Kaucic                  Cherie Querol Moreno
Individuals                    Tracie Heath-Garcia              Dr. Scott Tsunehara             Roland P. Dadivas                Jessica M. Keiser             Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Raffaelli
$5,000 - $49,999               Michael A. Katz                     & Courtney M. Tong           Erna N. Daley                    Suzanne Keith                 Sylvia Raiber
George R. Corey                Monica Koch                      Mr. & Ms. Richard B. Wachter    Edward A. Daniels                Cliff Kemper                  Walter F. Ramseur
Elizabeth Hill                 Debra Kocher                     The Honorable                   Jeri Dansky                      Joyce Kim                     Mr. & Mrs. Alan Rappoport
The Maidenherren Fund          Mary M. Lewis                       Stephen M. Wagstaffe         Cheryl Davis                     Bernard King                  Rosemary Rayburn
Carol & Michael Ramsay         Police Chief Susan               Kim Wininger                    Harry W. Dayton, Sr.             Dorothy L. Knecht             Lynne Reade
Lisa & Matthew WolfKlain          Manheimer                     Louise Wolf & Keith Hansen      Mr. & Mrs. Harry W.              Mr. & Mrs. Laurance L. Knox   Cathie K. Reisman
                               Edith P. Mendez                  Elena M. Ylundain                  Dayton, Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. Eric I. Knudsen    Mr. & Mrs. Mike R.
Individuals                    Mr. & Mrs. John Metcalfe                                         Jessica Dayton                   JoAnn Kukulus                    Rhinehart
$1,000 - $4,999                                                 Individuals
                               Mr. & Mrs. Burton Miller                                            & Damon Mendez                     & Fred S. Wiener         Candace Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Derik H. Benson                                      $100 - $249
                               Kimberley J. Milligan                                            Hadi N. Deeb                     Wade Lance                    Sandra K. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Blickman   Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Milligan   Anita P. Aars                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dehlinger       Alex Ledin                    Mr. & Mrs. Bradley J. Rock
Suzy Cain & Matt Wood          Mr. & Mrs. Raj Patel             Angela Allen                    Mr. & Mrs. James A. Dern         John Lefebvre                 Dr. Lynne Rubin
Joseph W. Cotchett             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Quiggle     Jan A. Allen                    James DiEgidio                   Xiaoxu Li                     Ana Ruggiero
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Cottong       Lilli Rey & Val Vaden            Kathie Allen                        & Maria Showalter            Jean V. Long                  Dr. James S. Rumack
Stuart P. Coxhead, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Christopher           Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Amador        Sharon Dowler                    Mr. & Mrs. Rodolfo Lopez          & Dr. Mary C. Brzostowicz
Helen C. Engelbert                Scibetta                      Beth H. Anderson                Dan Doyle                        Mr. & Mrs. Ted W. Love        Dr. Kathleen Ryan
H.B. Ferguson                  Patricia B. Sheline              Denise L. Aquila                Michelle Duval                   Maribeth Lozano-Marple        Pamela Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Hagman        Ralph E. Strem                   Dina Artzt                      Karen Dyce                       Chenyi Lum                    Levon Sagatelyan
Mr. & Mrs. J. David Hakman     Paul Walti                       Karen Atkinson, Clara Marlar    Christopher Edgett               Lori Lutzker                  Graham Sale
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Hanko      Lance Williams                      & Norma Realini              Mr. & Mrs. Ben Eiref             Barbara Lyons                     & Mary Agocs
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey O. Henley   Mr. & Mrs. Jason A. Williams     Mr. & Mrs. Larry Atkinson       Deborah Ellis                    Pati Maez                     Carlos G. Salinas
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Herbert       Mr. & Mrs. Stanford T. Young     Danielle L. Aubele              Dr. & Mrs. Ernst Epstein         Nancy Malaspina               Michael Samn
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Horowitz                                      Patricia Bacon                  Mr. & Mrs. Paul Everhardt        Jerry Manos & Sarah Amos      Constance M. Sawdey
Rumana Jabeen                  Individuals                          & Belinda Daniels           Dr. & Mrs. James Fadiman         Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Marsico     Charles Schaffer
Mr. & Mrs. Carl V. Larson      $250 - $499                      Edward J. Baddour               Mehernaz Farsi                   Ann Martel                    Kathryn R. Schlepphorst
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P.           Dr. Tamer Acikalin               Sharon Bauman                   Robin Fawkes                     Deborah E. Mascot             Dr. Carol Schneebaum
   Marriscolo                  Eileen C. Avila                  Mr. & Ms. David C. Beach        Mara Feiger                      James Mason                   Steven Schneider
Wendy Miller                   Mr. & Mrs. Loren N.              Robert Becker                   Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Feinstein       Colleen McAvoy                Irene Schwab
Mrs. Albert Moorman               Buddress                      Mr. & Mrs. Todd Becker          Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ferrell       Charlotte McFadden            Mr. & Mrs. William M. Schwarz
Dr. Jennifer Normoyle          The Honorable                    Mr. & Mrs. Edward W.            Susan Ferren                     Christine McGlynn             Judith Seiling Bauman
   & Dr. Kim Erlich               Mark Church                       Beecher, Jr.                Jeff Fiddler                     Evelyn L. McGown              Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Serio
Warren Packard                 Police Chief &                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Behar         Charles Finney & Joanne          Nina McGuffin                 Mr. & Mrs. Aram Serverian
   & Tricia Chang                 Mrs. Louis A. Cobarruviaz     Dan Bendell                         Roney Carpenter              Beth McMurray                 Diane Shea
Mr. & Mrs. James L. Peters     David Collantes                  Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Berkowitz     Mr. & Mrs. Lee A. Flippin        Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Messerli    Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Sheldon
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Rave      Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J.            James Biernat                   Curtis Floyd                     Barbara C. Miller             Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Shen
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Riffle     Dodson                         Andrew Blasband                 Stu Forrest                      Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Mindes        Harold Shurgin
Charles E. Rosebrook           Mr. & Mrs. William A. Evans      Linda S. Blum                   Mr. & Mrs. James P. Fox          Courtney Minick               Mr. & Mrs. Frank Slater
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Rosendahl      Pamela D. Ferris                 Mr. & Mrs. John Bocko           Mr. & Mrs. Dean Franchi          Ruth Moore                    Mr. & Mrs. Raymond
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F.           Susan E. Foley                   Michael S. Boerio               Mr. & Mrs. Richard M.            Nancy Morrison                   L. Smith
  Sabatini                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert O.             Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Borocz         Freeman                       Mr. & Ms. Robert              Marion H. Softky
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Segall         Fournier                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyd          Mr. & Mrs. Jim Garrison              Moscardini                Mr. & Mrs. Lewis E.
Rebecca Stafford               Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Franklin    Mr. & Mrs. John D. Boykin       Barbara Gee                      Mr. & Mrs. William A.            Southern
Estate of Arno                 Mary Griffin                     Harvey Bresler                  Jane Gilbert                         Nasburg                   Sirirat Sritulanondha
  & Inge Sudendorf             Helga Hayse                         & Tammi Rose                 Martha Gilmore                   Mr. & Mrs. Charles Nelson     J. Kim Stafford
Mr. & Mrs. Geoff Tate          Mr. & Mrs. Phillip R. Herrera    Raquel Brinkman                 Mr. & Mrs. Ken Gimm              Dr. Sharon Nelson-Barber      Mr. & Mrs. William N.
Daniel F. Vivoli               Gretchen W. Hoover               Andrew C. Browne                Esther Goes                          & Dr. Wayne Barber           Starling, Jr.
Susan & Gene Vlahos            Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Horsley     Patricia Bruno-Escobar          Nancy Goldcamp                   Joseph P. Nespor              Ina Stewart
Winnie Wan & Stefan K. Lai     Charlotte H. Langdon             Patty Burch                     Susan Gray                       Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Neves    Ellen N. Sueda
Marina Yu                      Maria I. Lawless                 Mary Burns                      Pamela D. Green                  Brian W. Newcomb                  & Mark J. Leach, IV
Naomi R. Yunker                Stevan Luzaich                   Tina Butler                     Susan Greenberg                  Linda Nguyen                  Brian Sullivan
   & George Davis              Jerry Lynch                      Dr. Kari L. Carlson             Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Greene          Linda Noeske                  Linda B. Terry
                               Nicole Marsico                   Sharon Carlson                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery T. Griffith   Mike Nourie                   Alex Thacher
Individuals                                                         & Eli Covert
$500 - $999                    Phillip E. Mathewson                                             Gabriel Gross                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Nudelman   Steven R. Titsworth
                                  & Robert L. Griffith          Adele Carney                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Guidotti      Dr. & Mrs. John A. O’Malley   Christina Torres
Frances Acciardi               Mr. & Mrs. Michael McLaughlin    Mr. & Mrs. John R. Carter       Dr. H.E. Gunthorpe               Niki Okcu                     José A. Torres
    & James L. Leising         Mirissa McMurray                 Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Chalkley         & David Vaughhan             Nicolas Olivares              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Trigg
Mr. & Mrs. David Bennett       Alan C. Mendelson                Chaiti Chattergee               Amy Hadan                        Dr. Beverly E. Ort            Melissa Trousdale
John Blair                     Mr. & Mrs. Christopher           Clifford Chernick               Kerry Hamilton                   Nobuko Oshima                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tsuchiyose
    & Rebecca Coolidge           Molineaux                      Mr. & Mrs. Will Childress       Matt Hanzlik                     Elisabeth Ostrow              Robin Tucker
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Bloom        Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. Nastari      Dr. Catherine A. Chimenti       Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Harris           Maria L. Pabst                Ted Tucker
Elliott Byland                 Regina Neu                           & Dr. Paul D. Hartman       Frances B. Hart                      & David J. Hefner         Nara Vaughan Nayar
Dr. Michelle Caughey              & Robert G. Thompson          Gloria Ciarlo                   Richard Herring                  Cheryl Padin                  Jamie Villalobos
Nancy C. Clark & M.E. Broach   Janine O’Flaherty                Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Cima       Dr. & Mrs. W.W. Hofmann          Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Pagee    Beth A. Vuolo
Kim Cochrane                       & Anthony Gschwend           Lillian J. B. Coehlo            Richard Holbrook                 Kathleen Panek                   & Matt Grousman
Anne Cronin                    Mr. & Mrs. William F. O’Leary    Richard Collins                 Deborah Holstein                 Janet Pepe Davis              George Wailes
Mr. & Mrs. Rob                 Eric Overholtzer                 Grace Connolly                  Mr. & Mrs. Roderick Hsiao        Christopher V. Perrone        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wallace
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Mr. & Ms. Dieter Walz             Mary R. Berrett                  John P. Consiglieri               Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Field    Arlene Hauser                     Hartley Laughead
Rodger Washington                 Lynelle Bilsey                   Rosemarie Consiglieri             Christine Fielding             Mr. & Mrs. Allen D. Hawthorne     Karen Hubbard
Mr. & Mrs. Damon Wedding          Mr. & Mrs. John D. Blair-Joy     Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cook        Mr. & Mrs. Henry W.            Mr. & Mrs. Roy Hendrickson           Campbell Lawrence
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Mr. & Mrs. Oswald Wenisch         William H. Boles, Jr.            Helia Correia                     Bob Fitzgerald                 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Hermann        Barbara A. Lee
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Carol Wu                          Mitch Brenner &                  Danny Curran                      Elaine R. Fraser               Paul Hosch                        Dongxia Li
Julie Wynn                           Kuniko Yamaguchi              Cristina Dadivas                  Patti L. Fry & David F. Hauk   Xixi Huang                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Liberty
Michelle Yang                     Lee Ann Bricker                  Kirsten B. Daehler                Carlita Fuentes                Elaine R. Hubbard                 Marcus Libkind
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Doctors Craig T.                  Natalie Bybee                    Dorothy H. Deming                 Daniel Gelfand                 Jennie W. Jones                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lucero
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Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Amital           Brooke Cargile                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Douglas       Lorraine L. Godfrey            Mr. & Mrs. Eleftherios Karkazia   Pamela D. Machado
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   Berkman                        John L. Consiglieri              Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Ferrario      Mark Haugstad                  Sharrie Lane Mandell              Debbie Mendes

                                         “	 y	stay	at	CORA’s	shelter	was	instrumental	in	my	
                                            healing.	I	was	treated	with	respect	and	kindness	–	things	
                                            I	hadn’t	experienced	in	years.	You	helped	me	to	believe
                                            that	I	was	a	lovable	person	of	worth.	I	trust	myself	again.”
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 CORA		(Community	Overcoming	Relationship	Abuse)
 P.O.	Box	5090	San	Mateo,	CA	94402
 Business	Line:	(650)	652-0800		•		24-hour	Hotline:	(800)	300-1080	or	(650)	312-8515

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