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Please Note Area code is 973 for all phone numbers listed

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									       Please Note: Area code is 973 for all phone numbers listed.
                     COURT ADMINISTRATION
                 New Courts Building --Room 514 NCB
   Automated Attendant                                     693-5700

Assignment Judge
 Hon. Joseph A. Falcone                                    693-6470/71
      Secretary: Kathy Brooks, Room 618 NCB                693-6470/71

Trial Court Administrator
 Collins E. Ijoma                                          693-5701/02/03
     Secretary: Sabrina Habibulla                          693-5709

Assistant Trial Court Administrator
 Michael O'Brien                                           693-5706
     Secretary: Colleen Thompson                           693-5710

Assistant Trial Court Administrator
 Sigfredo Carrion                                          693-5707
     Secretary: Nora Berrios                               693-5720

TCA Staff
  Gerald A. Edwards, Administrative Specialist             693-5701/02/03

  Gerald Kirk                                              693-5708
  Albina Bagnano                                           693-5711
  Michelle LaPread                                         693-5716
  Telephone Repair                                         693-5713
 Sound Recording/Video Equipment:           Alex Gbanite   693-5719

                     COURT ADMINISTRATION (Cont'd)

TCA FAX #                                                          693-5721
TDD #                                                              693-5715
Law Library - Room 512 NCB                                         693-5723
  Michele Bertran                                                  693-5728
Information Center - Room 132 NCB
  Shazeeda Samsudeen                                               693-5774
  Nichole Purcell                                                  693-5725
  Bob O'Hare (Information Desk)                                    693-5750
  FAX #                                                            693-5726
  Videographer - William Lightner                                  648-2306
Information Technology Division - Room 169 NCB
 Kaz Lobaza, Manager                                               693-5757
  User Support: Alexandra Polyakov                                 693-5760
  Technology & Hardware: Joseph Matthews                           693-5762
  Network Support: Ching-Huey Chang                                693-5767
  Help Desk - WJC (Family): Valerie Dinglestedt                    693-6728
  Help Desk - NCB (Criminal & Civil): Shameer Samsudeen            693-5769
  Help Desk - WJC (Child Support): Chian Yu                        693-6627
  Help Desk - NCB (Criminal & Civil): Kathleen Franchino           693-6380
  Help Desk - E.O. (Probation): Jagruti Vaidya                     395-3044

 NCB Mailroom:                      Beatrice Terrell, Supervisor   693-5775
 WJC Mailroom:                                                     693-6640
Municipal Division
 Sonya Noyes, Division Manager                                     693-5718
 Tammy Garner - Secretary                                          693-5701/2/3

Employee Assistance Program/Wellness Coordinator - Room 1104-A
 Marc Feinstein                                                    693-5751

                      COURT ADMINISTRATION (Cont'd)

Court Executive/Records Manager - Room 710-1 NCB
 Tom Dibble                                                         693-5752

Interpreter's Unit - Room 1220 NCB                                  693-5755/5756
 Lauren Egbert, Supervisor                                          693-5754

Affirmative Action/EEO Program Coordinator - Room 810-A NCB
 Augustina Matos                                                    693-5727
CDR Coordinator (Complementary Dispute Resolution)
Human Resource Division - Room 612 NCB
 Sheila Devereaux, Human Resource Manager                           693-5901
 Rashana Brown - Secretary                                          693-5741
 Andrea Holston - Receptionist                                      693-5740
 Elisa Aloe - Administrative Supervisor - Leaves/Payroll/Benefits   693-6356
   Donna Cestari - Workmans Comp. & Leaves                          693-5739
   Angela Mendola - Payroll/Benefits                                693-5743
   Maritza Rivera - Payroll/Benefits                                693-5921
   Brenda Jones - Health Benefits                                   693-5745
 Oretha Oniyama - Administrative Supervisor - Recruitment           693-5746
  Dawna Scott - Recruitment                                         693-5747
  Mary Jones - Recruitment                                          693-6748

Vicinage Training Coordinator - Doris Bittar                        693-5744
 Rochelle Kiani, Admin. Assistant                                   693-5748
  FAX #                                                             693-5738

                    COURT ADMINISTRATION (Cont'd)

Finance Division - 1st Floor NCB
 Marsi Perkins, Vicinage Finance Manager            693-5729
 Rhonda Horne                                       693-5731
 Michelle Mazalewski                                693-5730
 Joseph Volpe                                       693-5792
 Cynthia Scott                                      693-5734
 Cathy Tauriello                                    693-5736
  FAX #                                             693-5737

Court Reporters/Transcripts - Rooms 165 & 183 NCB
 Charles Tramer, Supervisor                         693-5779
 Debra Menzel, Asst. Supervisor                     693-5780
 Gerry Pravata                                      693-5777
  Iris Arroyo                                       693-5778
  FAX #                                             693-5786
Court Reporters - Room 910-A                        693-5789
Court Reporters - Room 1110-A                       693-5790

                        CIVIL/SPECIAL CIVIL DIVISION
General Information - Automated Attendant                               693-5700
Civil Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)                          693-6864

Presiding Judge - Room 602 NCB
  Hon. Eugene J. Codey, Jr.                                             693-5816/17
   FAX #                                                                693-5858
Division Manager - Room 436 HR
 Michael Cammarota - Division Manager                                   693-6521
  Frank DiGiaimo, Asst. Civil Division Manager                          693-6531
  Vanessa Hendrickson, Asst. Special Civil Division Manager             693-6526
  Mary Lauffer - Administrative Asst.                                   693-6522
 Division Office Supplies - Mary Lauffer - Room 437 HR                  693-6852
Trial Calendar - Civil - Room 602 NCB                                   693-6548/49
Dismissals (R1:13-7) - Room 436 HR                                      693-6521
Civil Division Office Supplies - Mary Lauffer Room 437 HR               693-6520

Civil Case Management Teams
Civil Customer Service - Brenda Carmichael, Team Leader- Room 113 NCB   693-6448
Team A
   Team Leader, Angeline Asobo - Room 439/40 HR                         693-6468
Team B
   Team Leader, Debra Dadic - Room 445/46 HR                            693-6528
Team C
   Team Leader, Connie Aponte - Room 443/4 HR                           693-6438

Special Civil Part Case Management Teams
  Team A
   Team Leader, Marchelle McCloud - Room 236 HR                         693-5551
  Team B
   Team Leader, Lisa Paradiso - Room 427 HR                             693-6552
  Team C

  Team Leader, Brenda O'Neal - Room 237 HR                              693-6442

                   CIVIL/SPECIAL CIVIL DIVISION (cont’d)

  Mail Room
  Supervisor, Cathy Yorke - Room 131 NCB                   693-5793

                            Wilentz Justice Complex
Presiding Judge
  Hon. R. Benjamin Cohen            8th Floor              648-2021

General Information                                        648-2119

                               COUNTY CLERK
                             Room 247 Hall of Records

County Clerk
 Patrick McNally                                           621-4921

General Case Information                                   621-4918
Passports (9am-3:30pm)                                     621-4920

                               4th Floor New Courts Building
Director of Juries               Room 400 NCB
  Gwendolyn Jenkins - Manager (private 5919)                   693-5912
  Pat Wooten - Asst. Jury Manager                              693-5898
  Grand Jury                                                   693-5912
  Petit Jury                                                   693-5913
Court Closing Message                                          693-5896
Juror Information                                              693-5915
  Liza Figueroa: Budget/Purchasing Liaison                     693-5918
  Fax#                                                         693-5925

                               CRIMINAL DIVISION
                                    Room 100K NCB

Presiding Judge
 Hon. Harold Fullilove - Room 608 NCB                               693-5862/63
   FAX #                                                            693-5851
Division Manager
 Al Restaino, Division Manager - Room 139 NCB                       693-5936
   Cathy Carey - Secretarial Asst.                                  693-5981

Assistant Division Managers - 100K NCB
 Nancy Harris                                                       693-5939
 Susan Callaghan                                                    693-5936
 Margaret Diamente                                                  693-6377
 Michelle Priarone                                                  693-5807
 Ellen Quinn                                                        693-5942

   General Information                                              693-5931/32

Criminal Records Office - 1st Floor NCB - Daryl Vartabadien, Mgr.   693-5935
Bail Department - 1st Floor NCB                                     693-5970

CJP Court (Central Judicial Processing Court)
 Hon. Alison Brown-Jones - Room 502 NCB                             693-5870

FAX # Administration - (located in Room 100-K NCB)                  693-5974
FAX # Criminal Records - 1st Floor NCB                              693-5963
FAX # Jail Team - (located in Room 157 NCB)                         693-5975

Public Defender's Office
 31 Clinton Street, Newark 07102                                    648-2600
 CJP Public Defender - Room 502 NCB                                 693-6546

                          CRIMINAL DIVISION (cont’d)

Legal Aid - Room 118 HR                                               622-0063

PTI    (Pre-trial Intervention) - Room 100-K NCB                      693-5931/32/33
Jail   (Record Room)                                                  621-5197

Court Appearance Problems                          Assigned Judges

Criminal Division Office Supplies - Margaret Sloan - Room 100-K NCB   693-5980

Criminal/Probation Court Liaisons/Probation Intake - Room 702-A NCB
   Robert Bergamatto - Room 702-A NCB                                 693-5570
   Sandra Molinaro - Room 702-A NCB                                   693-5571
   Caroline Adams - Room 710-A NCB                                    693-5572

                                  FAMILY DIVISION
                                   Wilentz Justice Complex
                                   212 Washington Street
 Automated Attendant                                                693-6600

Presiding Judge
 Hon. Donald J. Volkert, Jr. - Courtroom #5, 10th Floor                693-5889

Division Manager
 Bernadette Fiore - Division Managr - Room 1055                        693-6667
 Secretary: Noreen Negron                                              693-6676
 Kirk Nixon, Asst. Division Manager - Room 1055                        693-6669
 Ekan Onyle, Asst. Division Manager - Room 1303 - Non Dissolution      693-6668
 Frank Ossai, Asst. Division Manager - Room 1303 - Dissolution         693-6631
 Cheryl Craft, Asst. Division Manager - Room 915 - Juvenile            693-6769

 Regina O'Hare Finance/Facility Manager - Room 1053                    693-6672
 Personnel Liaison: - Room 1053                                        693-6671
 Transcript Requests: Nancy Restaino - Room 1053                       693-6685
 Customer Relations Liaison: Carmelo Velazquez - Room 1053             693-6678
 Information Technology Help Desk, WJC.-Valerie Dingelstadt            693-6728

Juvenile - Room 915
  Main Number                                                          693-6775
  Ester O'Hen, Team Leader                                             693-6769
  Agnes Ekama, Program Coordinator, JCC Program                        693-6767
  Anita Clark, Program Coordinator,JATTP                               693-6677
Non-Dissolution - Room 1303
  Main Number                                                          693-5560
  Child Visitation Coordinator                                         693-6677
  Establishment                                                        693-6633

                          FAMILY DIVISION (cont’d)

Dissolution - Room 1068-A
  Main Number                                                 693-6710
  Team Leader - Ann Marasco                                   693-6718
  Early Settlement Program Coordinator - Helen Kaiser         693-6708
Family Mediation Program Cood., Sam Forlenza - Room 1053      693-6687
Children in Court Services - Room 1265-A
  Main Number                                                 693-6610

Domestic Violence
  Main Number                                                 693-6840
  Team Leader - Monica Melville-Bacon                         693-6838
  Deidra Carvin, Team Leader                                  693-6837
CASA Program (Court Appointed Special Advocate - Room 1276)
 Caroline Jacobus, Program Director                           648-3308
DYFS (Division of Youth and Family Services)
 Arnethia Lamb, Director                                      693-6822
PIE Program (Prevention Intervention Education)
 Alison Schwartz, Coordinator                                 623-7082
Mental Health - Room 912 WJC - Norma Cruz, Supervisor         693-6725

Child Support Enforcement                   11th Floor WJC
 Main Number                                                  693-5600

                           PROBATION SERVICES DIVISION
                                       60 Evergreen Place
                                     East Orange, NJ 07018

  Automated Attendant                                             395-3010
Vicinage Chief Probation Officer
   Peter P. Conerly, Chief Probation Officer                      395-3025
     Micky Toscano, Secretarial Asst.                             395-3029

   William Banghart, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer       395-3073
   Fran Butler, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer            395-3142
   Diane Hughes, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer           395-3173
   Frank Marino, Vicinage Asst. Chief Probation Officer           395-3026

  FAX #                                                           395-3071

                                    Wilentz Justice Complex
                                     212 Washington Street

  Automated Attendant                                             693-6400
   Frank Petrucci, Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer     693-5600/01
   Barbara Caldwell, Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer   693-5628
   Thomas D'Angelo, Vicinage Assistant Chief Probation Officer    693-5545

   FAX # (Wilentz Justice Complex)                                693-6407

                               PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE
                             Third Floor - New Courts Building
Donald C. Campolo, Acting Prosecutor                             621-4670

Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutors
 Patrice M. Davis                                                621-5384
 Thomas A. McTigue                                               621-4540
 Norman W. Menz, Jr.                                             621-4603
 Siobhan A. Teare                                                621-4665
Executive Assistant Prosecutors
 Hilary Brunell (Monaco)                                         621-4711
 Charlotte L. Smith                                              621-4623

Deputy Attorneys General
 Frank M. Gennarp                                                364-2289
 Robert Lehman                                                   621-5013
                                                                 621- 4694
Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutors
 Eileen F. Cosgrove                                              621-4734
 Elaine M. Fitzpatrick                                           621-6129
 Judy M. Gagliano (DeMarco)                                      621-4602
 Keith C. Harvest                                                621-2580
 Robert D. Laurino                                               621-4745
Special Squads/Sections
 Appellate Section                                               621-4683
 Arson Squad                                                     395-9120
 Bias Unit                                                       364-2342
 C.J.P.                                                          621-4766
 Citizens Complaint Bureau                                       364-2307
 Extraditions & Motions                                          621-4529
 Forfeiture Section                                              621-6688

                         PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE (Cont'd)
Homicide Squad (cold)                                   621-4627
Homicide Squad                                          621-4586
Juvenile Section                                        621-5384
Megan’s Law                                             618-2003
Pre-Trial Intervention                                  621-6340
Sex Crimes                                              621-4616
Victim/Witness Coordinator                              621-4707

                               OFFICE OF THE SHERIFF
                            Second Floor - New Courts Building

  Armando B. Fontoura                                            621-4105

John D. Dough                                                    621-4171

  Julius N. Coltre                                               621-4160
  Leonard P. McGhee                                              621-4134
  Nicholas Rosamelia                                             621-6666

Public Information
  Kevin Lynch                                                    621-4151

Administrative Services
  Donald Brown                                                   621-2060

Assignment Desk                                                  621-4097
Bomb Squad-Canine Unit                                           621-4159
Ballistics                                                       621-4085
Bureau of Narcotics                                              623-4200

Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) (after 4:00 621-4159)    621-4154/4158
 Deputy Chief John Sherwood                                      621-4140

Courts Division                                                  621-4097
Crimestoppers                                                    SHERIFF
Civil Process Bureau                                             621-4128
Detective Division
  Captain Dominick Minni                                         621-4173

Juvenile Bureau                                                          621-4175
Photo ID Badges ($5.00 for additional photo ID if lost or mutilated)     621-4163
School Tours                                                             621-4151
Sheriff's Speakers Bureau                                                621-4151
DRUG Awareness                                                           621-4151

Special Investigations Unit
   Nicholas Rosamelia                                                    621-6666

Transportation Division                                                  621-4041

Emergency/First Aid/Threats                                              621-4157
Security/Courts - Captain John Dobeck                                    621-6111
Emergency dispatch                                                       621-8813
After Hour Escort                                                        621-4158/59
*New phone system will take effect in near future, new numbers not yet

                                 SURROGATE'S OFFICE
                                  Room 206 Hall Of Records
 Joseph P. Brennan                                           621-4908
  Administrative Assistant Daniel Weiss                      621-4938
Deputy Surrogate
 Patricia A. Trabucco                                        621-4903
Special Probate Clerk
 Patricia Van Bavel                                          621-4000
Chief Probate Clerk
 Robert B. Platt                                             621-4941
Probate Clerks
 Leo J. Miele                                                621-4910
 Doris L. Guy                                                621-4913
 Neva Rosamilia                                              621-4908
 Lillian Torres                                              621-4906
 Calvin Pearson                                              621-7539
 Valerie Feeney                                              621-4907
 Evelyn Rivera                                               621-4912
    Lillian Torres                                           621-4906
    Joanne Konsoulis                                         621-4911
    Evelyn Rivera                                            621-4912
 Superior Court
    MJ Sully                                                 621-6987
    Johnny Lawton and Rubin Battle                           621-4940
 Vault                                                       621-4940
    Jackie Orsini                                            621-4937
     Vivian Cook                                             621-4939
 General Information                                         621-4900
  FAX #                                                      621-2514

                 Access to the Essex County Courthouses for the Elderly
                                   Persons with Disabilities

General Information:                                                      693-5700
 Directions to Courthouses
 Location of Handicapped Parking
 Accessible Entrances
 Location of Courtrooms, Judges, etc.
 Availability of Special Services and Assistance
                               REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE
County Building Maintenance Supervisor: Janice Triano                     621-5273
  Also Call maintenance for repair of lights, plumbing, clocks

Telephone Repair Line
Please leave a message for the telephone repairperson (Joe)               693-5713

NOTE: Faxes should be directed and received by their respective

Assignment Judge                                                  648-7368
Trial Court Administrator
  Room 514 NCB                                                    693-5721
  Court Human Resource Division - Room 612 NCB                    693-5738
  Court Finance Division - Room 105 NCB                           693-5737
  Court Reporters - Room 165 NCB                                  693-5786
  Court Information Division (Computer Staff) - Room 167 NCB      693-5759
   Information Center - Room 132 NCB                              693-5726
  Hon. Eugene J. Codey, Jr., Presiding Judge - Room 606 NCB       693-5858
  Room 439 HR               (Processing Unit)                     693-6425
  Room 431 HR               (Manager and Personnel)               693-6510
  Room 151 HR               (Special Civil)                       693-6511
Chancery Division, 8th Floor, 212 Washington Street               648-2146
  Hon. Harold Fullilove, Presiding Judge - Room 608 NCB           693-5851
 Criminal Case Management - Room 100-K NCB                        693-5974
 Criminal Records Office - 1st Floor NCB                          693-5963
 CJP Court - Room 502 NCB                                         693-5773
 Room 1068-A WJC (Dissolution)                                    693-6723
 Room 915 WJC (Juvenile)                                          693-6734
 Room 115 WJC (Establishment)                                     693-6636
 Room 1053 WJC (Division Manager)                                 693-6674
 Room 1303 WJC (Non-Dissolution)                                  693-5558
 Room 1253, WJC (Domestic Violence)                               693-6735
Jury Management - Room 400 NCB                                    693-5925
 Administration             Evergreen Place - Chief's Office      395-3071
 Probation/Child Support            WJC                           693-6407


      Hon. Eugene J.Codey, Jr., Room 602 New Courts Building, (973) 693-5816


      Michael Cammarota, Room 436 Hall of Records,                     693-6521
      Frank DiGiaimo, Assistant Division Manager,                      693-6531
      Vanessa Hendrickson, Assistant Division Managert,                693-6526
      Fax                                                                    693-6556

Civil Division Customer Service

      Room 113 New Courts Building,                                           693-6448

      The Customer Service Office provides Civil Division forms, information and referrals. A
      complaint must be filed in the county where at least one defendant lives, or business is
      located. If there is more than one defendant, the complaint can be filed in the county where
      any one of the defendants lives. If the defendants do not live in New Jersey the complaint
      must be filed in the county where the action originated. See New Jersey Court Rule 4:3-2

Document Fees

      All Civil and Special Civil Part document fees must be paid at the Finance Division
      Cashier’s window located in Room 118

Voice Response System:                                                         693 - 6864

      If you know your Civil or Special Civil docket number you can find up-to-date information
      regarding your case.


Assignment Office:

       Rosemary Invidiato, Supervisor I,       Room 602 NCB,
       Trial Calenders and Case Numbers                                693-6548

Arbitration and C.D.R. Center:

       Crystal Page, Supervisor, Room 233 Hall of Records,             693-6447

Civil Trials

       Team A
       Executive Judge Hon. Thomas Brown                               693-5802/03
       Team Leader- Angeline Asobo                                           693-6468

       Team B
       Executive Judge Hon. Edith K. Payne                             693-6432/33
       Team Leader- Debra Dadic (973) 693 - 6528

       Team C
       Executive Judge Hon. Francine Schott                            693-5883/84
       Team Leader- Connie Aponte                                      693-6438

Civil Orders

       Civil Orders are assigned by docket number on a daily basis to all Civil Judges

Civil Motions

Regular and Discovery Motions: Civil motions are heard on alternate Fridays as scheduled by
      the Supreme Court of New Jersey

Change of Venue: Presiding Judge

Pro Hac Vice: Presiding Judge

Prerogative Writ Cases: Assigned by Assignment Judge in consultation with the Presiding Judge.
Condemnation Cases

      Three Commissioners are appointed by the Assignment Judge and cases are assigned to all
      Civil Judges by the Assignment Judge in consultation with the Presiding Judge.

Name Changes

      Assigned to all Civil Judges by docket number . Forms can be obtained at Customer
      Service Room 113 NCB

Civil Commitments

Mental Health Commitments: Norma Cruz-Vasquez, Supervisor                    693-6724

      Hearings are held at the following Hospitals:
      Newark Beth Israel, East Orange General, Mountainside, Saint James, UMDNJ, Essex
      County. There is a regional rotation of additional hospitals on a three year basis. They
      include hospitals from Essex, Middlesex, and Union Counties. Trenton Psychiatric Hospital
      hearings are rotated yearly to different Counties. Currently Essex is assigned four to five
      times per month.

Krol Hearings

      When a defendant is acquitted of a crime because he or she was found legally insane at the
      time the offense was committed, the defendant is not automatically set free. The defendant
      is subject to Krol hearings which will determine whether he or she can be released into the
      community, and not be a danger to himself/herself. Those who are not set free are placed
      in a Mental Health Facility as a civil commitment. Periodic hearings are held to determine
      the defendant’s mental condition. Review hearings are held at three, nine and twelve
      months from the date of the first hearing. Subsequent hearings occur annually or as needed.
      Krol Hearings are assigned to the Judge who signs the original order. Case reviews are
      scheduled by the Criminal Records Office of the Criminal Division.

Special Civil Part Trials

     Supervising Judge of Special Civil: Hon. Mahlon Fast J.S.C.

     Team A: Team Leader, Marchelle McLeod                               693-5551

     Team B: Team Leader, Lisa Paradiso                                  693-6552

     Team C: Team Leader, Brenda O’Neal                                          693-6559

Small Claims Cases

     Small Claims Court handles cases where the demand of a plaintiff is no more than $2,000.
     If the demand amount is between $2,000 and $10,000 the complaint should be filed in the
     Special Civil Court.
     Claims that cannot be filed in Small Claims Court: Claims arising from professional
     malpractice or claims for child support , alimony, or probate.

Landlord Tenant Court

     Frank La Morte Court Executive                                               693-6532

     This Court resolves disputes between landlords and tenants. Complaints may be filed for
     failure to pay rent, continued disorderly conduct, willful destruction to property, habitual
     lateness in the payment of rent, violation of the rules and regulations after a written notice to
     comply as it is outlined in a lease or document, or tenant’s conviction of a drug offense.
     Forms can be obtained at the Civil Customer Service Center located in Room 113 NCB

                        GENERAL EQUITY


   Hon. Benjamin R. Cohen,                          (973) 648-3585


   Located at 212 Washington Street,          (973) 648-2119


   Surrogate Court handles Probate matters

    Hon. Harold Fullilove, Room 604 NCB,                                  693-5862/63

    Al Restaino, Rm. 139 NCB,                                     693-5938
    FAX                                                                 693-5974
    Assistant Division Managers
    Nancy Harris                                                          693-5939
    Susan Callagan                                                        693-5936
    Margaret Diamente                                                     693-5965
    Michelle Priarone                                                     693-5807
    Ellen Quinn                                                           693-5942

    File jackets are prepared and scheduled by Pleading Department in the Criminal Records
    Room 100s NCB,                                 693-5964

    Homicide Arraignments - Criminal Presiding Judge arraigns and assigns on Wednesdays

    Criminal Records Room 100s NCB,                                693-5935
    FAX                                                                  693-5963

    Central Judicial Processing Court – Judge Alison Brown Jones, presiding. The court is
    supported by Criminal Division, the Public Defender’s Office and the Prosecutors Office.
    CJP arraigns all indictable matters that occur in Essex County.

    Executive Judges for Groups are:
    Group A        Judge Camp                     Group B         Judge Petrolle
    Group C        Judge Vichness                 Group D         Judge Merkelbach
    Group Pre      Judge Casale


      Judges Cassini, Giles, Vazquez, and Vena


      Judge DeSoto


      Judge Fullilove


      All judges handle Motions every other Friday, except Forfeiture Motions, they are heard on
      Tuesdays. Motions to Dismiss for Lack of Prosecution and Speedy Trial are all heard by
      Criminal Presiding Judge. Return of Forfeited Bail matters are heard by Assignment Judge


      Pre-disposition court handles Pre-disposition conferences prior to indictment for early
      pleas, 30-day bail reviews, and Pre-indictment PTI's. It also acts as the vicinage Drug
      Court. Judge Casale presides.

PTI's (Pre-trial Intervention)

      All judges handle their own PTI acceptance, termination, dismissals and requests to file
      pre-trial applications out of time.


      Trial Judges must have written approval from the Assignment Judge before allowing
      cameras into the courtroom. Requests for written approval must be handled by Elisa Aloe,
      who can be reached at 693-5717 in the Trial Court Administrator’s Office, Room 514
      New Courts Building.


      Judge Petrolle


      Judge Klein  (A - L)
      Judge Nelson (M - Z)


      The Remand Court handled by Municipal Presiding Judge Frasca, was designed to provide
      a track for the resolution of cases which consist of charges that were originally indictable
      (punishable by state prison terms from one year to life), but which were subsequently
      downgraded to Disorderly Persons offenses (punishable by county jail terms not to exceed
      six months).


      Presiding Judge Fullilove
      Executive Judges, Camp, Casale, Merkelbach, Petrolle, Vichness

  A                B               C                   D             Pre

  Camp, Ex         Petrolle, Ex    Vichness, Ex        Vazquez,Ex    Casale, Ex

  Giles            Klein           Cassini             DeSoto        Frasca

  Goldman          Nelson          Lombardi            Isabella      Jones
  Vazquez          Talbert         Ryan                Lester

  Vena                             Schwartz

      Assignment Judge Falcone

      Judges Perretti and Presiding Judge Fullilove
      Judge Casale presides.


      Hon. Donald J. Volkert, Jr., WJC,                                693-5889
      Bernadette Fiore, Room 1055 WJC,                                 693-6667

      Assistant Division Managers
      Kirk Nixon, Room 1055 WJC                                                693-6669
      Ekan Onyle, Room 1303 WJC                                                693-6668
      Frank Ossai, Room 1303 WJC                                               693-6631
      Cheryl Craft, Room 915 WJC                                               693-6769

Facilities Managment
        Regina O’Hare, Room 1053                                               693-6672


      Team Leaders, Room 1253 WJC
      Deidra Carvin                                                            693-6837/8
      Monica Melville-Bacon

      All Family Part Judges hear domestic violence complaints on a rotating basis.

      Domestic Violence complaints may be filed between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the
      Domestic Violence Unit, Room 1253 WJC. After 3 p.m., or on weekends, complaints
      should be filed at the police station or Municipal Court in the city where complaint occurred
      or the person lives and they will issue a temporary restraining order.

      Complaints for child support, custody or visitation, as well as motions to have existing
      orders modified, may be filed from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Non-Dissolution Unit of
      the Family Court, Ekan Onyle, Asst. Division Manager, Room 1365 in WJC.

      Complaints and modification motions for Child Support are scheduled before hearing
      officers, and referred to judges only on appeal. Custody and visitation complaints are
      scheduled before a judge who, in some cases, may order that a best interest investigation
      be done to help determine the course of action to be taken


    Cheryl Craft, Asst. Division Manager, Room 915 WJC,              693-6769

    The majority of juvenile cases are represented by Public Defenders. Counsel is assigned
    by the Deputy Public Defender assigned to Juvenile Section.

    Deputy Public Defender, assigned to Juvenile Section is currently Norman Freedman,

    Assistant Prosecutor, assigned to Juvenile Section is currently Patrice M. Davis, 621-

    Cases are assigned to Family Judges by the Scheduling Clerk in the Juvenile Unit.

    Juvenile Plea Hearing and trial days are Monday thru Thursday.

    72-hour Marriage Waiver forms can be obtained through the Civil Assignment Office
    Room 602A NCB and the Family Division Manager's Office, 10th Floor WJC. The form is
    then taken by person requesting waiver, to the Civil Orders Judge to be completed and
    signed. After it has been signed by the Judge, the waiver must be returned to the Civil
    Assignment Office to be stamped before requesting party can use the waiver to get married.

    Family Part Presiding Judge assigns cases.

    Motions are heard every other Friday.

    Pre-judgment motions are heard before the Judge assigned the divorce matter.

    Post-judgment Motions are assigned at the direction of the Family Presiding Judge.

    Adoptions are handled by Surrogate's Office.

    Hon. Anthony J. Frasca, Presiding Judge - Municipal Courts, 693-5856


    Sonya Y. Noyes, Municipal Division Manager, 693-5718

    There are 22 municipal courts in Essex Vicinage. Office hours and days and hours of court
    sessions vary. Municipal courts handle the following types of cases:

    Ž       disorderly persons and petty disorderly persons complaints
    Ž       ordinance violations
    Ž       driving while intoxicated
    Ž       motor vehicle violations
    Ž       parking violations
    Ž       fish & game violations
    Ž       weights and measures violations

    Domestic violence complaints and temporary restraining orders may also be filed in
    municipal court. These cases are forwarded to the Superior Court, where they are handled
    by Family Division.

    Most indictable complaints are also initially filed in municipal court. These cases are then
    sent to the Superior Court for handling. CJP Court (Central Judicial Processing Court) is
    presided over by Newark Municipal Court Chief Judge Alison Brown Jones (ext. 5870).
    It is supported by Criminal Division, the Public Defender and the Prosecutor’s Office. CJP
    arraigns all indictable cases for Essex County.

    The Municipal Mediation Program is available to all municipal courts. Volunteers from
    the community serve as mediators to assist parties in reaching a mutually acceptable
    agreement to resolve their dispute. Typical cases assigned to mediators involve family
    members, neighbors or friends. These cases can include disputes such as trespass,
    harassment, noise complaints, animal or pet complaints, or property disputes.

    Municipal court decisions may be appealed to the Superior Court. Municipal appeals are
    assigned to Criminal Judges on a rotating basis by the Criminal Records Manager. An
    appeal of a municipal court matter must be filed with the Court Administrator of the
    municipal court where the matter was originally heard, within 20 days after entry of
    judgement. Application must be made for a transcript of the court proceeding at the time of
    filing. Within 5 days after filing of the Notice of Appeal, one (1) copy shall be filed with the
    Prosecutor and one (1) copy filed with the Criminal Records Office (room 100-S NCB)
    with a non refundable filing fee of $75.00.

        Michele Bertran, Esq. Room 101                                                  693-5728

Michele Bertran is the Ombudsman for the Essex Vicinage. The Ombudsman provides
confidential services to anyone who wants to complain about mistreatment or discrimination in the
courthouse. Complaints can be made in person, by telephone, mail or fax. Upon receiving a
complaint, the Ombudsman will first conduct an investigation and will then evaluate how to resolve
the problem. Most complaints can be resolved with an explanation or with a referral to an
appropriate formal disciplinary body. The Ombudsman will also follow-up on the matter to ensure
that all problems are addressed in a timely fashion. Finally, the Ombudsman will collect data about
all complaints from the public in order to make recommendations for the improvement of court
services and staff training.

Another function of the Office of the Ombudsman is to improve access to the courts. The
Ombudsman accomplishes this function by providing public information and by developing and
strengthening community relations. Moreover, the Ombudsman helps to ensure that everyone has
access to the courts including non-English speaking litigants and the unrepresented.

Information and Community Relations Center - Room 132                           693-5725/5744

The Ombudsman also supervises the Information and Community Relations Center. The Center
serves as a central point for finding informative literature and videos about the court and how it
functions. The Center also arranges educational court tours, community speaking engagements and
student internships.

Community Relations Liaisons in the Center answer questions about all court divisions - Civil,
Criminal, Family, General Equity as well as the Municipal Courts. Liaisons also answer questions
about court processes, procedures and special programs and will assist in making arrangements for
an interpreter or an accommodation for a disabled person. Although unable to provide legal advice
because court staff must remain neutral and impartial, the Center’s staff can provide information
about legal aid services and legal referral services.

The Ombudsman also supervises the Information Booth in the lobby of the New Courts Building.
The clerk at the Information Booth provides information about the entire court complex. The
Family Division located at 212 Washington Street also has an Information Center located in Room
109 on the first floor.



    Judges should notify their Presiding Judge. The Judge’s secretary should
    promptly notify the Personnel Office at 693-5740, if their Judge will not be in so that she
    may be reassigned if another judge needs a secretary.

    Vacation scheduling is handled by Nora Berrios at 693-5720.

    Courtroom may be reassigned if the assigned Judge is absent.


    The Conference Room (714 NCB) New Courts Building may be reserved through the
    Court Administrator's Office by calling Gerald Edwards at 693-5701. The conference
    room will no longer be available for parties with food. Maintenance is not available for
    clean up and there has been damage done to carpeting. Also anyone using the room will
    be responsible for making sure the room is left in the same order it was found in.

    Due to shortage of space, deposition rooms are no longer available.
    If a judge orders a deposition to be taken in the courthouse, that
    judge must arrange to have it taken in his/her own area (courtroom,
    chambers, or jury room).


    Judges are scheduled for Election Duty yearly on a rotating basis. They are scheduled by
    Albina Bagnano, of the Court Administrator's Office.


    Family - Judges assigned by Family Division Presiding Judge on a rotating basis for Family
    emergent matters only.

    Equity - Judges assigned by Equity Presiding Judge on a rotating basis.

    All Other Law Division - All Judges, except Recall Judges, are scheduled for other
    emergent matters on a rotating basis. Judges are scheduled by Albina Bagnano, of the

    Court Administrator's Office, on a yearly basis. If the judge assigned cannot serve
    when assigned, it is that Judges’ responsibility to find a judge to switch with.
    It is that Judges’ responsibility to also notify the following: Albina Bagnano,
    the Sheriff’s BCI Unit, and the Criminal Division Manager so that they may
    notify any additional parties.


    Typewriters - report problem to your Division Purchasing Liaison

    Dictating - your Division Purchasing Liaison

    Computer - (New Courts Building, Hall of Records) Ching Chang 693- 5767
                (Wilentz Complex) Valarie Dinglestedt               693-6728

    Telephone Repairs/Questions/Voicemail - 693-5713
    Leave message. The telephone technician checks messages and handles repairs in the order
    in which they are received. No telephone problems will be handled when called in on any
    other number.

    TDD Equipment - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf is located in the Trial Court
    Administrator's Office 514 NCB 693-5715.

    Copier Problems - report problem to your Division Purchasing Liaison.


    Send GroupWise or Call Alex Gbanite at                       693-5719


    Lights, Plumbing, Clocks Maintenance/Exterminator - call Building Maintenance 621-

    Water - Water delivery service is now being provided by an outside contractor,
    Wissahickon Spring Water. Regular water deliveries are made approximately twice a
    month at each building. If you have a damaged water cooler, call Michelle LaPread at
    (973) 693-5716 and leave a message.


    Trial Court Administrator's Office, contact individuals are, Jerry Kirk, 693-5708, Albina
    Bagnano, 693-5711, or Michelle LaPread, 693-5716.


    Law Library is located in Room 512 NCB. The library hours are from 8:30 a.m to 4:00
    p.m. You may contact the library at 693-5723 for reference assistance and inter-library
    loans. Maintains subscriptions for Judges Law Journals and other chamber library volumes.


    NCB & HR Mail room is located in the basement of the New Courts Building (693-
    5775). Internal mail pick up and delivery is twice a day at approximately 10 a.m. and 2
    p.m. to offices and chambers on floors one through twelve in the New Courts Building,
    offices and chambers in the Hall of Records and Special Civil Rooms 237, 431, 437, 444
    and 447.

    WJC Mail room is located in Room 1110 (693-6640). Internal mail pick up and mail
    delivery is twice a day at approximately 10:00 a.m. and 2 p.m. to judicial offices and
    chambers on floors eight through thirteen in the Wilentz Justice Complex.

    Outside Mail is delivered once a day by the Post Office.

    Lawyers Service - daily mail pick-up and delivery to Trenton. The current service used is
    Lawyers Service. They will pick up and deliver to our internal mailroom once a day in the
    morning (usually before 10:00 a.m.) For proper internal mailroom separation, envelopes
    must be clearly stamped Lawyers Service. If Lawyers Service mail is not received in the
    mailroom in time for that day's pick-up, it will be picked up the following day.


    Standard office supplies should be obtained through your Division Purchasing Liaison.
    Your liaison and their location can be found in the Directory in your given division.

                            SUPREME COURT OF NEW JERSEY

        It is ORDERED that the schedule of legal holidays and court recesses for the trial division
of the Superior Court and the Tax Court for the court year commencing July 1, 2000, and ending
June 30, 2001, is as follows:

Sunday, July 1, 2000                                  First Day of 2000-2001 Court Year
Tuesday, July 4, 2000                                 Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, September 4, 2000                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, October 9, 2000                               Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Tuesday, November 7, 2000                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, November 10, 2000                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,                       Statewide Judicial College
November 20, 21, and 22, 2000                         (Emergent Matters Only)

Thursday, November, 23, 2000                          Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, November 24, 2000                             Court Recess (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, December 25, 2000                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Tuesday, December 26, 2001 through                    Court Recess
Friday, December 31, 2001                             (Emergent Matters Only)

Monday, January 1, 2001                               Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, January 15, 2001                              Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, February 12, 2001                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, February 19, 2001                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, April 13, 2001                                Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, May 28, 2001                                  Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, July 1, 2001                                  First Day of 2001-2002 Court Year

Deborah T. Poritz


                            SUPREME COURT OF NEW JERSEY

        It is ORDERED that the schedule of legal holidays and court recesses for the trial division
of the Superior Court and the Tax Court for the court year commencing July 1, 2001, and ending
June 30, 2002, is as follows:

Sunday, July 1, 2001                                  First Day of 2001-2002 Court Year
Wednesday, July 4, 2001                               Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, September 3, 2001                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, October 8, 2001                               Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Tuesday, November 6, 2001                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, November 12, 2001                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday                        Statewide Judicial College
November 19, 20, and 21, 2001                         (Emergent Matters Only)

Thursday, November, 22, 2001                          Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, November 23, 2001                             Court Recess (Emergent Matters Only)
Tuesday, December 25, 2001                            Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Wednesday, December 26, 2001 through                  Court Recess
Monday, December 31, 2001                             (Emergent Matters Only)

Tuesday, January 1, 2002                              Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, January 21, 2002                              Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Tuesday, February 12, 2002                            Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, February 18, 2002                             Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Friday, March 29, 2002                                Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, May 27, 2002                                  Legal Holiday (Emergent Matters Only)
Monday, July 1, 2002                                  First Day of 2002-2003 Court Year

Deborah T. Poritz


Exit 15W to 280 West. Take 280 West to Exit 14B. Go to the bottom of the ramp and turn left.
At the next stop sign, turn left. Go straight about one mile until you come to Essex County College.
There is an overpass across the road (that corner is King Boulevard and West Market Street).
The Old Courthouse is on your left, the Hall of Records is on the right, and the New Courts
Building is directly behind the Hall of Records. There is juror parking on 13th Avenue around the
corner from the Court Buildings. If you are not a juror, you can still park there, but you must pay.

Take Garden State Parkway to Exit 145. Take 280 East to Exit 14A - King Boulevard. Go to
bottom of ramp and make a right. That is Martin Luther King Boulevard. Go straight about one
mile until you come to Essex County College. There is an overpass across the road (that corner is
King Boulevard and West Market Street). The Old Courthouse is on your left, the Hall of Records
is on the right, and the New Courts Building is directly behind the Hall of Records. There is juror
parking on 13th Avenue around the corner from the Court Buildings. If you are not a juror, you
can still park there, but you must pay.

Take Route 78 to Route 21 going North. Stay on Route 21 (McCarter Highway) until you come
to Raymond Boulevard, Seton Hall Law School will be on the corner facing you. Make a left onto
Raymond Boulevard. Go one block and make another left onto Mulberry Street. Go one more
block and make a right onto Market Street. As you go up the hill, Market Street turns into West
Market Street. You will see a building up ahead of you on the hill with a statue of Lincoln sitting in
front of it. That is the Old Court House. The Hall of Records is the building behind it, and the
building behind that is the New Courts Building.

Make a right on Market Street and follow it straight up to West Market Street.

Take Bloomfield Avenue down to Summer Avenue. Make a right onto Summer Avenue. Go
straight until the road curves to the left. Follow the curve and then make a quick right. That will put
you on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Go straight about one mile until you come to Essex County
College. There is an overpass across the road (that corner is King Boulevard and West Market
Street). The Old Courthouse is on your left, the Hall of Records is on the right, and the New
Courts Building is directly behind the Hall of Records. There is juror parking on 13th Avenue
around the corner from the Court Buildings. If you are not a juror, you can still park there, but you

must pay.


Take the Exit for Route 21 (Newark). Route 21 becomes McCarter Highway in downtown
Newark. From McCarter Highway turn left onto Raymond Boulevard, then turn left onto Mulberry
Street (one block down). Turn right onto Market Street. Take Market Street to Washington
Street and make a right. The Wilentz Justice Complex is one block up on the right.

Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit 145 to I-280 East. Take Exit 14A for Dr. Martin Luther
King Boulevard. Make a right at the traffic light at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Dr. Martin
Luther King Boulevard. Take Market Street south two blocks then make a left onto Washington
Street. The Wilentz Justice Complex is the second building.

I-280 EAST:
From I-280 East, take Exit 14A for Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. Make a right at the traffic
light at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. Take Market Street
south two blocks then make a left onto Washington Street. The Wilentz Justice Complex is the
second building.

From the New Jersey Turnpike, take Exit 15W to I-280 West. Take Exit 14B for Dr. Martin
Luther King Boulevard. Make a right at the traffic light at the bottom of the exit ramp onto Dr.
Martin Luther King Boulevard. Take Market Street south two blocks then make a left onto
Washington Street. The Wilentz Justice Complex is the second building.

From Route 3, take the Exit for Route 21 south (Newark). Take Route 21 south into downtown
Newark where it becomes McCarter Highway. From McCarter Highway, turn right onto
Raymond Boulevard, then turn left onto Mulberry Street (one block down). Turn right onto
Market Street. Take Market Street to Washington Street and make a right. The Wilentz Justice
Complex is one block up on the right.

                              JUDGES & STAFF DIRECTORY
                                    September 2001 - 2002

          JUDGE             SECRETARY                  LAW CLERK              COURT CLERK
 1 Bernstein, Stephen        JoAnn Silva                Rosa Elfant            Lillian Robinson
 2 Bianco, Vito L.          Elizabeth Dodd
 3 Brown, Thomas          MaryEllen Restaino           Daniel Brown           Yvonne Hutchins
 4 Camp, Richard            Doreen Rivera               James Hajel             Karen Smith
 5 Caruso, F. Michael        Judy Porcello             Dennis Duncan             June Peters
 6 Casale, Michael          Jomein DeMaio             Karen Lodeserto           Crystal Darby
 7 Cassini III, Joseph       Lisa Fowles               Michele Perez             Lisa Farina
 8 Codey, Eugene J. Jr.   Terry Montemurro             Nicole Downs            Kathy Anderson
                                                       Nicole Panzitta
 9 Cohen, R. Benjamin        Terry Yaiser              Karen Blersch            Betty Manigo
10 Convery, James          Kathryn Mandato          Donald Schumacher           Brenda Pizzi
11 Cooper, Peter             Joyce Sgroi            Christine N. Bernacki       Marie Galante
12 Cummis, Philip B.         Lillian Wright           Elizabeth Walsh          Angel Romano
13 Davidson, Rachael          Deborah A.            Lynda Benzenhoefer        Suzanne Stevens
14 Degnan, Michael J.         Thea Carlo             Patrick McMahon            Peter DiPetta
15 De Soto, Hector          Linda Ludivier             Michele Perez        Nakesia Gainey (temp)
16 Falcone, Joseph A.       Kathy Brooks             Michael DeMiro             JoAnn Stoia
                                                       Lajuan Wright
17 Fast, Mahlon L.           Paula Banas              Nancy Gallagher        Dolores Valenzuela
18 Ferentz, Carol A.        Cathy DeMayo              Anthony Murphy           Barbara Reilly
19 Floria, Sallyanne      Theresa Houthuysen           Angela Garcia           Angela DeLeva
20 Flynn, Terrance          Kathy Bethea             Monica Robinson            Richard Duffy
21 Frasca, Anthony          Cathy Macchia                                       Dale Crooks
22 Freedman, Philip M.       Clara Davis             Purva Deshpande           Carol Chimento
23 Fullilove, Harold        Susan Caldwell           Tamara Chambers           Donna Darrah
24 Giles, Michael          Maureen LaPorta              Beverly Hunt            Mike Conklin
25 Glickman, Herbert        Angela Conte              Sandy Morales             Victor Casale

                                   JUDGES & STAFF DIRECTORY
                                         September 2001 - 2002

           JUDGE                 SECRETARY                    LAW CLERK           COURT CLERK
26 Goldman, Donald S.            Eleanor Davis               Deborah Freier         Kathy Fagan
27 Grant, Glenn A.               Jennifer Amos                Jude Nkama            Gwen Terrell
28 Harris, Craig R.             Terry Migliozzi               Andrea Barilli        Terry Cerillo
29 Hollar-Gregory                Aida Zamora               Supti Bhattacharya      Diana Williams
30 Honigfeld, Jared              Shiela Davilla              Angelo Bagnara        Fannie Darby
31 Isabella, Joseph              Maryann Doel                  Kevin Bary         Michelle Capasso
32 Iuliani, Anthony             Sandra Rizzolo              Thomas Verrastro      Evelyn Hammond
33 Jacobson, Mary C.              Jean Parker              Shoshana Halstuch      Tabetha Zapanta
34 Jones, Alison                Lillian Burnette                                   Cynthia Gibson
35 Kahn, Roger                   Olga Casiano
36 Kimmelman, Irwin             Kathy DeMayo                  Joseph Reilly         Anne Carroll
37 Kirby, Edmond M.            Deborah Senatore              Robert Gerage          April McRae
38 Klein, Harriet                 Linda Lenzi                  Jason Wolf          Norma Alberon
39 Lester, Betty J.            Cheryl Henderson               Juliette Agyei       Migna Marrero
40 Levy, Kenneth S.            Geraldine Hildebrand         Elisheva Sinensky      Ellouise Quinn
41 Linares, Jose                Vilma E. Davilla               Hector Ruiz        Wanda Hernandez
42 Lombardi, Sebastian          Kathleen Cassie              Sandhya Yarra         Reba Watkins
43 Medina Talbert , Patricia    JoAnn DiMauro               Heather Timmons        Annette Jones
44 Merkelbach, Donald            Ginny Stabile             Constantina Drogaris    Gigi Langston
45 Minuskin, Arthur              Gloria Hassett               Joseph Reilly         Ann Carroll
46 Nelson, Michael J.             Alice Wilson             Bernado W. Henry       Imtiaz Samsudeen
47 Payne, Edith                JoAnn Cangialosi                Rajiv Batra        Ameerah Ahmed
48 Perretti, Serena               Clara Davis
49 Petrolle, Michael             Angela Minieri             Celeste Montesino     Caprecia Warren
50 Ryan, Peter V.               Angela Bennett             Lynda Benzenhoefer      Timothy Joseph
51 Schott, Francine             Patricia Keeney             Heather Timmons        Renee Boone
52 Schwartz, Edward              Nancy Norris                 Janice Allende
53 Simonelli, Marie P.          Helen Ferruggia              Jennifer Wolfson       Nicole Scott

                           JUDGES & STAFF DIRECTORY
                                September 2001 - 2002

          JUDGE          SECRETARY              LAW CLERK          COURT CLERK
54 Sivilli, Nancy        Gloria Morris           Jason Rogers        Jim D'Alessio
55 Troiano, James        Lillian Caruso         Lynne Giachetti    Tina Baldassarre
56 Vazquez, Peter       Patricia Kimmig         Lynne Borasio       Velma Gonzalez
57 Vena, Thomas          Carol Albanese          Kevin Barry      Margaret Giangrasso
58 Vichness, Paul J.    MaryEllen Bogart        Jessica Ramirez      Donna Miller
59 Volkert, Donald J.   Theresa Albanese        Carolyn Polito      Judith Sturgess
60 Weeks, Renee J.       Kara Speziale           Dianne Glenn       Michelle Eagle
61 Winard, Theodore      Carol Ventura          Robert Vivien       William Hussey
62 Zampino, Thomas      Priscilla Wasacz        Yutonya Horton     Anidia Rodriguez

                                     Quick Reference Directory
Administrative Law Offices                            Criminal
185 Washington Street, Newark   648-6186      Al Restaino, Div. Mgr. Rm. 139 NCB          693-5936
Affirmative Action (Tina Matos)  693-5727       General Information                       693-5931/32
Appellate Clerk in Trenton      (609)292-4693   Bail Room 100S NCB                        693-5970
    Springfield Office          (908)527-4966 Criminal Records -Rm 100S NCB               693-5965/66
    Hackensack Office           487-2282
Bankruptcy Court                                 CJP Court                                693-5870/71
M.L.K. Federal Bldg. 50 Walnut 645-4764       Public Defender for CJP Court               693-6546
                                                       Pretrial Intervention (PTI)        693-5931
Board of Election                     621-5074        Crim/Prob Ct. Liaisons (Rm710 NCB 693-5570/71
Cafeteria                             297-1868        Credit Union                        621-4930
CASA (Carolyn Jacobus)                648-3308        DYFS                                693-6820
Chancery Division (Equity)            648-2119        E.C. Administrator
Chief Engineer (Rm 117 HR)            621-4966         Ronald Manzella Rm 510 HR          621-4432
 Asst. Chief. Harry Lehman            621-5182        E.C. Executive Office
Child Placement                       693-6608         James Treffinger Rm 405 HR         621-4400
Child Support - Information           693-6400        Legal Services - 5 Commerce St, Nwk 824-3000
  Frank Petrucci 11th Flr. WJC        693-5600/01     E. C. Bar Assoc. (Maureen McCully Dir.)
                                                      1 Newark Center, Newark 07102       622-6207
Civil Division (Manager’ Office       Room 436 HR)    E.C. Ethics Committee               622-4313
Michael Cammoratta, Div. Mgr.         693-6521
General Information                   693-6458        Family Division (Manager’s Office   Rm 1055WJC
Trial Case Numbers (Rm 602)           693-6547         Bernedette Fiore, Div. Mgr.        693-6676
Trial Calendar (Rm 602 NCB)           693-6548/49     Custody (Automated Attendant)       693-6600
Friendlies (Civil Assignment Off.)    693-6548/49     Supervised Visitation Anita Clark   693-6677
Compensation Court                                    Dissolution (Divorce)               693-6710
124 Halsey Street, 2nd Floor          648-2663        Domestic Relations/Violence         693-6840
Commish. of Registration              621-5061        General Information                 693-6600
 Absentee Ballot Info.                621-4923         Family Intake (Establishment)      693-6633
 General Information               621-4922
 Passports (9am - 3pm)             621-4919           Gun Permits (DeSoto)                693-5849
Charlie Tramer, Sup. Ct. Reporters 693-5779           Health Benefits (State Rm 612       693-5745
Court Transcripts - Sp Civil & 693-5777/78            Information Center,                 693-5725

Crimimal, Room 165 NCB                        Room 132 NCB
Interpreters Room 1220 NCB      693-5755/56   Info Desk- Bob O’Hare                     693-5750
ISP Program                     877-1300      Restraining Orders                        693-6600
Jail - Record Room              621-5197/98   Retire/Pension Benefits (State)           693-5743
Judgements/Executions (SCP)     693-6458/6430 Security (County)                         621-4954
Jury - Juror Information        693-5915
Grand Jury - Room 400 NCB       693-5912          Sheriff’s Office 2nd Flr NCB          621-4103
Petit Jury - Room 410 NCB       693-5913           Sheriff's Assignment Desk            621-4097
Juvenile                        693-6775           BCI (Emergent Duty Desk)             621-4154/4158
Law Library                     693-5723          Emergency First Aide/Oxygen           621-4097/98
Legal Aid - Rm 118 HR           622-0063           Emergency after 4:00                 621-4111
Locksmith (Joe)                 621-5186          Shop Lifting Prevention(SAPP          693-6677
Mailroom NCB                    693-5775
Mailroom WJC                    693-6640
Marriage Certificates           733-6510          Special Civil Part (District Court)
Mental Health (Rm 912 WJC)      693-6725      Vanessa Hendrickson, Asst.Div Mgr         693-6521
                                              Rm 436 HR
Municipal Court (Newark)        733-4417      Assignment Office Rm 219HR                693-6496/7
 Bail (Newark)                  733-6199               General Information              693-6458/6430
 Traffic Violations (Newark)    733-6520/3849      Landlord/Tenant (151 HR)             693-6458
Name Change Information         693-6458      Star Ledger Office in HR                  622-7421
Naturalization/Immigration      645-4400      Surrogates Probate/Wills Rm206HR          621-4901/07
Newark City Hall                733-8004      TDD Machine #                             693-5715
Orders to Show Cause            693-6548      Telephone Repair                          693-5713
Personnel (County) Rm 345 HR    621-4994          Training - Doris Bittar               693-5744
Personnel (State) Rm 612 NCB    693-5739          County Treasurer’s Office             621-4497
PIE Program (Alison)            623-7082          Vault - Civil Records                 693-6460
Probation Information           395-3000          Vital Statistice -City of Newark -    733-6510
   VCPO, Peter Conerly          395-3025          Birth/Marriage Records
                                                  Voters Registration Info              621-5030
Promis/Gavel Rm 216-I NCB       693-5772          Weather/Emergency Closing             693-5701
Probate Court (See Surrogate)                     Wire Taps (Judge Falcone)             693-5889
Prosecutor's Office             621-4700          New Courts Bldg. 50 West Market
Public Defender's Office                          Old Courthouse 470 King Blvd
  31 Clinton St, Newark         648-2600          Hall of Records 465 King Blvd
  Appellate Sec. Of PD          877-1200          Wilentz Justice Complex
Register (Deeds/Mortgages)      621-4963          212 Washington St


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