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									Dear colleagues.

It is our pleasure to draw your attention towards our course on “Facilitating Multi Stakeholder
Processes and Social Learning”. This course, successfully attended the last years, is scheduled for
11 – 29 September 2006.

We have established this course in response to a growing demand for facilitators who are able to
design and lead the processes of dialogue, learning, negotiation and decision making needed for
sustainable development. The facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes is in the spotlight in all
corners of the world. The course introduces the latest developments and approaches and will give
particular attention to issues of governance and participatory democracy, power and conflict.

The aim of this course is to provide you with state of the art knowledge and skills for designing and
facilitating multi-stakeholder and social learning processes. You will:
 Examine different types of multi-stakeholder processes.
 Explore the linkages between MSPs and social change, good governance, participatory
     democracy and social learning.
 Learn about and practice a broad range of participatory methodologies and tools necessary for
     designing an interactive learning process.
 Assess the implications of scaling up participation with more diverse groups and greater
 Discover how to design and plan an extended MSP.
 Analyse the types of institutional change and support necessary for effective MSPs.
 Be challenged to assess the impact of your values and personal style on your competence as a

The course is special in its integration a range of different ideas, perspectives and experiences into an
overall framework that is linked with practical facilitation skills. The course uses a highly interactive
approach providing participants plenty of opportunity to share and learn from their own and others’
experiences and to achieve their own specific learning needs.

Please find attached the course brochure for more details. Further details and online registration forms
are available at our website through this link or you can contact the course coordinator; by fax +31-
317-495395, or e-mail: simone.vanvugt@wur.nl . Applications forms can also be requested at

Over the last couple of years our participants evaluated not only the course as being very good but
also gave positive feedback on the application of the course content in the field. Therefore, we are
very confident that this course is really contributing to the enhancement of skills and competencies of
people being involved in multi stakeholder processes.

If you cannot participate yourself, we hope that you can share information on this course with those
you know might be interested in MSP and Social Learning.

We look forward to seeing you, one of your colleagues or partners, in an upcoming course.

With kind regards,

Simone M. van Vugt

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