Dreaming by suchenfz


									Volume 1, Issue 2
Second Quarter 2010

                            Tenth Anniversary Recollections
”The future belongs         Ten years ago several              “I just always pray to God     “It’s pretty hard to build
  to those who be-          people came together to            for wisdom to know what a      somebody’s self-esteem,
 lieve in the beauty        build Dreams to Reality.           person needs and how to        Sharon continued, “We
   of their dreams.”        Sharon Kirchoff was one of         best help them. Some-          don’t know all the factors in
                            those people, and it was           times you need to encour-      their lives that led them to
Eleanor Roosevelt           Sharon who thought of the          age a person so they know      be in their situations. You
                            name Dreams to Reality.            it is possible to change       have to listen to them to
                                                               their life for the better.”    understand their needs
                            “I had known for two or                                           and encourage them to
                            three years that there was         “It was the same with          gradually work their way
                            a need for interview cloth-        Dreams to Reality. I said      through it. For twenty-five
                            ing for low-income women,          “Lord, if you want me to do    years I’d worked with peo-
                            and I wanted to start a            this I’m going to depend on    ple who needed to know
                            project but knew I couldn’t        you to send the people         that someone sees some
                            do it alone,” Sharon said.         who should help. I found       potential in them. There
                            As Executive Director of           out there were already         are a lot of people in that
                            Moniteau County HDC,               other people who wanted        situation right now. It is a
                            Sharon saw lots of people          to do the same thing and       blessing to me that I am
                            dealing with poverty who           they helped get Dreams to      able to help them. It is a
                            could not see any way out          Reality off the ground.        blessing I was able to help
                            of their troubles. That            God seemed to bring to-        start Dreams to Reality. I
                            work included a clothing           gether the right people with   look forward to expanding
                            closet but there were few          the experience and skills      our services to other needs
Sharon Kirchoff, A Dreams
                            items donated that were            we needed at the right time    in the future and to
to Reality Founder
                            appropriate for job inter-         those first years and that     Dreams to Reality getting
                            views.                             continues today. I give the    bigger and better.”
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                             glory to Him.”

Group help             2

Steel-toed boots       2
                               Cowgirl Up for Dream Night 2010
Women’s Alliance                                                                              pate by having a booth,
                       2       Cowgirl Up promises to be
                                                                                              donating a gift for our silent
                               the best Dream Night yet,
Dreams is green        3                                                                      auction or in several other
                               in recognition of our tenth
                                                                                              ways. Contact our office at
Donation form          3       anniversary!
                                                                                              681-WORK for more infor-
Message from Chair     4       Saturday, November 13, 6-                                      mation.
                               9 pm Capital Plaza Hotel
Volunteer form         4

                               Tickets $12 in Advance,
                               $15 at the door.
                                                                                               Ask about our
                                                                                                Dream Night
                               There are still opportunities
                               for businesses to partici-                                     karaoke contest!
      Page 2                                                                                                      Dreaming

                                Your club or organization can help as a group
                                If you are a member of a         groups have collected paper
                                                                                                  gether. Cleaning the Dream
                                local civic, social, educa-      supplies, stamps, hosiery,
                                                                                                  House is a job that can be
     How your group can         tional or church-related club    and mascara. This is an
                                                                                                  handled by a group in a
                                or group we would love to        excellent way to provide for
     help                                                                                         couple of hours, but it takes
                                provide a program for your       items which are not nor-
                                                                                                  one person the better part
                                meeting. Our speaker’s           mally donated in sufficient
     1.   Meeting                                                                                 of a day. Would your group
                                bureau is prepared to pre-       quantities.
          presentation                                                                            agree to clean once a
                                sent with slides, video or
                                                                                                  month or once a quarter?
                                just talk. We even have a        May we suggest that groups
     2.   Collect items as a    comical presentation for         collect new undergarments
                                                                                                  Other groups have volun-
          group                 people who are in the job-       to donate. We are building
                                                                                                  teered for our seasonal
                                seeking process. We will         our inventory of bras and
                                                                                                  clothing rotation or our an-
     3.   Volunteer as a        humorously show them how         underpants because we
                                                                                                  nual inventory count. We
          group                 not to dress or behave in an     have found that our clients
                                                                                                  could also use group help
                                interview.                       don’t have what they need
                                                                                                  with our Boutique Sales,
     4.   Fund-raisers or                                        to wear under their interview
                                                                                                  Dream Night and gardening.
                                There are several other          suits. We also still need
                                ways your group can help         knee high hosiery or trouser     Lastly, we always need
                                Dreams to Reality.               socks, mascara and other         money to pay our bills. Con-
                                                                 makeup, or “forever”             sider doing a fund-raiser or
                                Several groups have col-         stamps.                          taking a collection or
                                lected needed items to do-
                                                                                                  Dreams to Reality.
                                nate to Dreams to Reality,       Another way groups can
                                like a “shower”. In the past     help is by volunteering to-

                               We need steel-toed boots
                               Once again Dreams to Re-          We currently have none in          need every size. If you
                               ality has identified a new        our inventory. We have had         don’t have boots, consider
                               need for our clients. Some        to use our limited funds to        making a donation to help
                               women need to report to           buy new boots for several          us purchase the boots we
                               work the first day in steel-      clients recently.                  need.
                               toed boots, but cannot af-
                               ford to buy their own.            If you have any steel-toed
                                                                 boots you can donate, we

                                Thanks to the Women’s Alliance
                                Thanks to our association        special pricing with Dom-        chases their products at Wal
                                with The Women’s Alliance        caster, a high-end clothing      -Mart Smart & Sexy donates
                                (TWA) we now have a low-         manufacturer. We will be         a portion of their profits to
                                cost source for quality suits.   able to purchase pants for       TWA and other women’s
Help Wanted: Volunteer          Donations of large sized         $10-$20 jackets for $20-         organizations. Additionally,
gardener(s) to keep our         suits never meets the actual     $30. This clothing retails for   they donate bras to TWA
landscaping looking nice.       demand, so we have always        $150-$350. Sizes up to 24        members such as Dreams
                                had to buy suits in these        are available.                   to Reality for only the ship-
                                sizes. We recently lost our                                       ping cost. Clients who re-
 Call 681-WORK if you are
                                prior supplier of discounted     This is one of the many          ceive these bras can more
interested!                     suits. Purchasing suits has      benefits we have gained          easily afford to buy more
                                had an adverse effect on         from our association with        after starting work, since
                                our budget.                      TWA. Another involves the        bras are priced about $15 or
                                                                 Smart & Sexy® brand of           less. Please check out this
                                TWA Board President,             underwear, available at Wal      brand.
                                Jeanne Flint, negotiated         -Mart. When anyone pur-
  Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                                       Page 3

  Dreams to Reality is green
   It is estimated that more              We prefer to only receive             dle the clothing into 1200                  Recycling Clothing
   than 3 million tons of textiles        items we can use, because             pound bales and sell them
   are thrown away every year             of the volunteer time re-             to companies for other pur-                  Keeps fibers out of the
   in the United States, with             quired to manage the cloth-           poses. An example is a                       landfills
   most of this coming from               ing, but we have several              Minnesota company they
   household sources (Waste               ways of dispensing with the           have used recently that                      Reduces pressure on
   Online, textilerecycle.org).           items we can’t use, all of            sends the clothing overseas                  virgin resources.
   Donating your used clothing            them green. We first con-             to be worn in areas that
   to Dreams to Reality or                sider if the item can benefit         have experienced natural                     Aids the balance of
   other charitable organiza-             Dreams to Reality by being            disasters.                                   payments as we import
   tions can prevent up to 50%            converted to operating                                                             fewer materials for our
   of these textiles from reach-          funds. When we accumu-                Companies of this kind can                   needs.
   ing the landfills. Our mis-            late enough salable clothing          provide a pair of pants to
   sion helps us recycle busi-            we have a Boutique Sale               Africa for $0.34 or a sweater                Results in less pollu-
   ness clothing to be worn               and offer the items for sale          to Pakistan for $0.12 includ-                tion and energy sav-
   again by needy women.                  to the public. Watch for              ing shipping because of                      ings, as fibers do not
                                          notifications for future sales.       operating efficiencies. Fi-                  have to be transported
   But we find we cannot use                                                    nally some companies de-
   many of the donations for              We donate most other us-              compose the garments and
   several reasons. First we              able clothing to other area           use the fibers to create new              Our Current Wish List
   receive more small sized               charities that either provide         products such as paper or
   clothing than needed to                the clothing to their clients         stuffing materials or sell                 Pumps in sz. 10-12
   serve our clients. Secondly            or sell it for operating funds.       them as wiping and polish-
   we receive donations that              We choose various charities           ing cloths
                                                                                                                           New underwire bras 34-44
   are not usable for interviews          because each has different            (textilerecycle.org).
   or work clothing and do not            needs at different times.
   meet our mission. We re-
                                          If a garment is damaged                                                          Neutral skin color panty
   ceive donations of special
                                          and not usable by any of                                                         hose & knee-hi sz. B-Q
   occasion clothing or clothing
   too casual for most work               those charities we recycle it
                                          through MRS Recycling                                                            Blazers 1X-6X
   places. Lastly, not all of he
   clothing is in usable condi-           Services.
   tion. It may be stained, torn,                                                                                          Business suits (slacks &
   outdated showing wear.                 Kay at MRS said they bun-                                                        skirts) 18-26

                                                                                                                           Basic neutral business
               We reserve the right to use donated items in the way                                                        blouses sz. M-4X
               that will best serve the mission of Dreams to Reality.
                                                                                                                           Jewelry—pearls, silver,

Won’t you consider a financial donation?                                                                                   yellow gold

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Yes, I want to help support Dreams to Reality!                              □ $1,000
                                                                                               Donations to Dreams to Reality are tax
Name                                                                        □ $500             deductible under IRS 501(c)3.

Street address                                                              □ $200
City, state, zip                                                            □ $100
                                                                            □ $50
E-mail                                                                                                         Thank you
                                                                            □ $25                              for your
                                                                            □ $10                              generosity!
Please check the amount enclosed.                                           □ Other
                                                                            Please pass Dreaming along to others who are not yet on our mailing list or
             Dreams to Reality                                              who do not have e-mail addresses. If you want to be added to the list please
             512 Jefferson Street                                           send your name and e-mail address to Ramona Hader at DreamstoReal-
                                                                            ity@Socket.Net and include the word “Newsletter” in your subject.
             PO Box 104564
             Jefferson City, MO 65110                                       Faye Zumwalt, Editor

             Phone: 573-681-WORK (9675)                                      A message from our Board Chair……
             Fax: 573-634-8188
                                                                             Yee-ha! Cowgirl up everybody! Mark your calendars for Novem-
             E-mail: dreamstoreality@socket.net
                                                                             ber 13, 2010 for the best Dream Night ever! We have so many
                                                                             surprises in store for the guests, and that is good for the ven-
                                                                             dors too. The Cowgirl Up theme gives us lots of opportunities
                    Open 10a-2p Tues & Thurs                                 to be creative, have fun, and wear our cowboy hats and boots
                  1st Saturday 9:00-11:00 Monthly                            for some rootin’-tootin’ fun. We are excited that News Tribune
                                                                             is hosting this year’s event, which means the program booklet
                                                                                   is going to be replaced by a tabloid that will go to all
                                                                                   12,000 of their readers. If you have an ad that shows
                                                                                   your support for Dreams to Reality, it will now demon-
                                                                                   strate to 12,000 people that your business cares about
                                                                                   the community and gives back. Register for your booth
                                                                                   now because they are filling up fast! Call 681-WORK and
                                                                                   we will get the details to you right away. Ya-hoo!
                                                                                                                                              Lois Bax

              LIVE UNITED
                                                                                         Encouraging women to succeed.

                                                   Save the date November 13, 2010 for our
                                                   Tenth Anniversary Dream Night—the best yet!
                                Provides our e-mail support

                                                    Volunteer form
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    Yes, I am interested in volunteering!                                        □ Fund Raising                              □ Phone Help
                                                                                 □ Committee Chair/Member                    □ Alterations/Pressing
    Street address
                                                                                 □ Clothing Inventory Mgmt                   □ Clerical
    City, state, zip                                                             □ Personal Image Consultant                 □ Graphic Design/Public Affairs
    E-mail                                                                       □ Makeup Consultant                         □ Web Design/Maintenance
    Phone                                                                        □ Grant Writer                              □ Pick up Supplies

    Please check the volunteer job(s) that most closely                          □ Hair Stylist                              □ Haul Clothing
    suits your interest.
                                                                                 □ Cleaning/Maint of Building                □ Other, use notes below

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