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                                              B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List
The Next Generation B2B Ecommerce Platform from Red
tradeIT is Red’s agile and proven B2B ecommerce platform that combines leading edge                      Engagement
ecommerce, content management and marketing tools for online retailers, manufacturers,                   Conversion
wholesalers and suppliers. tradeIT enables businesses centralise their operations through                Re-engagement
a single integrated platform, providing the rich functionality required to drive profits and
customer satisfaction.

Proven performance from live environments

     4,000,000 +                                  1,000,000 +                                      6,000 +
 Price variations in a single website              Products in a single site            Orders per day through a single site

                                                 Fully customisable to meet                    Boost sales using the
  Key capabilities                               individual and highly complex                 advanced promotions &
                                                 business requirements                         offers engine
     Highly flexible, scalable and
     proven B2B ecommerce platform               Flexible to support an array of               Integrated mail order and
     and hosting services                        business models, integrating                  telephone ordering
                                                 multiple sales channels, suppliers
     Centralised platform                        and distributors                              Constantly evolving platform
     accommodating multi point                                                                 with new releases and
     integrations with your supporting           Manage multiple sites both B2B &
                                                                                               features designed to give you
     ERP, CRM and Finance systems.               B2C, using multiple languages and
                                                 multiple currencies                           a competitive edge

Complexity, simplified.                                            Account Management (Customer)...

     Manage multiple domains, supplier                                  Reduce the strain on your business
     catalogues, price lists, customer                                                       self-service
                                                                        using the platform’s self
     accounts, product and web content                                  features which allow customers to fully
     through a single centralised platform                              manage their own accounts

     Deliver a personalised experience by                               Create and view any returns
     creating custom landing pages, unique
                                                                        A business can create / manage a
     product catalogues, customer specific
                                                                        primary account with many sub
     pricing, promotions and offers.
                                                                        accounts setting permissions, credit
     Market leading “my account” area                                   limits and authorisation workflows
     functionality allows your customers to
                                                                        What individuals with sub accounts can
     manage every aspect of their accounts
                                                                        see or do in the system is controllable
     and orders past and present. The
                                                                        by the primary business account
     comprehensive “my account” options
     help to ensure your customers continue
     to engage using your online channel,                                Customers can view previous orders
     improving your ROI and lowering                                    including status of orders and line items
     administration costs.

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                                              B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

Account Management (Customer)...                                     Account
                                                                  ...Account Management (Admin)

    Place or authorise orders placed by                                View and interrogate detailed order
    your other accounts                                                histories for individual customer
    View and investigate back orders
                                                                       View saved baskets / orders,
    View account and invoice information
                                                                       abandoned baskets / orders and with a
    including the ability for customers to pay
                                                                       click leverage the information to target
    for invoices by credit card and see
                                                                       those customers with personalised
    credit limits
                                                                       offers to incentivise ordering
    Customers can create and manage own
                                                                       Personalise product codes for specific
    sub category of the website
                                                                       company accounts
    Request email me when back in stock

    Quick reorder from previous orders
                                                                 Personalised Pricing
    Request a service call

    Create and save baskets                                          Handles highly complex pricing models,
                                                                     multiple / unlimited price lists with
    Use quick order pads to quickly create
                                                                     control over which customers see what
    an order using only product codes
    Manage multiple delivery addresses
                                                                     Granular user account control
    using the delivery address book
                                                                     Control personalised product and or
    Option to toggle between RRP and
                                                                     shipping pricing on an individual
    Trade pricing on site
                                                                     account basis

                                                                     Logic layer configurable to client
Account Management (Admin)...                                        requirements to automate personalised
                                                                     pricing. This matrix could use
     Manage cost centres, set and manage                             information from previous orders,
     credit limits for accounts and manage                           account credit limits, etc.
     all customer details

     Set approved payment methods e.g.                                              Engine...
                                                                Advanced Promotions Engine
     on account (credit limits), invoice or
     credit / debit card                                                                  ules
                                                                     Highly configurable rule based
                                                                     promotions and offers mmanagement
     Granular user account control via the
                                                                     Target specific customer with
     administration console and or through                           personalised promotions and offers
     the Mail Order & Telephone Order
                                                                     Session specific offers; can be
     (MOTO) screens                                                  triggered by a customer filling out a
                                                                     feedback form, referring a friend,
                                                                     arriving on site via a PPC or an
                                                                     affiliate or by entering a specific

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                                               B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

  ...Advanced Promotions Engine                                     Email Marketing

      Discounts include: % off an order, % off                                in
                                                                        Built-in email marketing capabilities
      a product(s)                                                      Create and manage email marketing
      £,$ or euro off an order, £,$ or euro off a                       campaigns
      product(s)                                                        Integrate site offers and promotions into
      Buy x get y Free                                                  your email communications
      Fixed price product(s)                                            Design and develop your own email
                                                                        templates quickly and easily using the
      Free products                                                     WYSIWYG editors
      Free shipping                                                     Track links the number of links clicked,
      Get cheapest free                                                                         they
                                                                        by who and which ones the clicked on
      Bundles; Buy 2 Get 1 Free
      Buy x product(s) from a specific                             Product Catalogue Management
      manufacturer and get y free
      Include and or exclude specific                                   CSV and XML import and export of
      customers from a promotion                                        products, product data
      Tiered discount structures (spend more                            Enhanced image management, auto
      and save more                                                     resizing and generation of thumbnails
      Minimum basket values including /                                 Manage master products, variations,
      excluding tax (net/gross)                                         related products and multiple price lists
      Minimum basket item values                                        Unlimited product data fields
      Product inclusions and exclusions                                 Unlimited products and unlimited
                                                                        product SKUs
      Category inclusions and exclusions
                                                                        Integration with 3rd party warehousing
      Product group inclusions and exclusions
                                                                        system feeding live stock levels
      Rules to prevent customers combining
                                                                        Define different product types such as
      discounts and offers
                                                                        gift vouchers, subscriptions,
      Coupons / vouchers                                                        rships,
                                                                        memberships, digital products and
      Only allow the promotion to be used if it
      is the customers’ first order                                     Assign products for use in multiple
      Configure how many times the customer
      can use a promotion                                               Set particular products up to display in
                                                                        a specific template
      Leverage promotions in email marketing
      Set start and end dates and times from                      Product Types
      promotions, allowing you to plan
      promotions in advance and have them                              Capable of handling physical, digital and
      auto trigger                                                     even bespoke products
      Remove promotion once it has been                                Gift vouchers
      used x number of times

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                                                B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

  Web & Product Content Management                                           ite
                                                                   ...Multi-Site Management

       Manage rich web and product content                             Be in one or more languages
       In-site editing allows content managers                                                     gateway(s)
                                                                       Different or shared payment gateway
       to create and edit webpage content
                                                                       Different or same tax and shipping
       directly through the storefront
       Gallery components make it easy to
                                                                       Configure custom workflows for each
       customise pages, swapping in and out
                                                                       web store to route orders to specific
       design elements such as image
                                                                       fulfilment systems based on the specific
       carousels, flash videos / players and
                                                                       web store, product type / attribute(s),
                                                                       stock location, stock levels, delivery
       Administrators can review and publish                           location, basket price.
       pending edited and new pages
                                                                       Granular administrator access can be
       Configure pages to display to specific                          set system wide, specific sites and
       customers by customer group.                                    sections within
       Each category and product can be
       displayed using a different template
       giving merchants total flexibility and tight                               commerce
                                                                   International Ecommerce
       control over the look and feel of the site.
       Content separated from templates                                Multiple currencies and multiple tax rates
                                                                       and systems including U.S.
       Related and recommended products
                                                                       Multiple currencies through the one web
       Assign multiple product attributes                              store or multiple storefronts each using a
       Create multiple image size from a single                        specific currency or currencies.
       master file                                                     Multiple currencies for shipping rates
       Add and update products using the                               Full support for translated web copy in all
       product management interface                                            es                 double-byte
                                                                       languages and including double
       Add and update large numbers of                                 characters and Unicode languages e.g.
       products quickly using CSV or XML                               as Chinese
       upload                                                          Display translated product data,
                                                                       templates, media, page titles, navigation,
                                                                       metadata and URL structures for local
  Multi-Site Management...                                             search engine optimisation and a rich
                                                                       user experience
       Manage multiple B2C & B2B                                                   t
                                                                       Auto-detect customer location using
       ecommerce stores, corporate sites,                              GEO IP and display the correct storefront
       micro-sites, extranets, forums and blogs                        for that country or region.
       from one central platform
                                                                       Multi-lingual platform supporting multiple
       Individual web stores can have different                        language content such as web copy,
       or same designs (or mixture of)                                 product data, images, video, flash and
       Different or same functionality and                             navigation
       layout (or mixture of)
       Different or shared content e.g. images,
       content, promotions, pricing, products

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                                                B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

   Telephone & Mail Ordering                                          ...On Site Search

        Custom storefront templates for call                              Filtering (customer can filter the list of
        centre operators to process telephone                             products by applying filter options)
        orders and handle enquiries quickly aand
        easily through the website. With the                              Vendor maintained dictionary for
        appropriate permissions staff can:                                handling misspellings, synonyms,
    •   Create an account                                                 alternative and related terms.

    •   Place an order                                                    Matching of products to be included in
                                                                          the record set is configurable; you can
    •   View orders and their status                                      choose which fields should be used to
                                                                          match products against the search term
    •   Manage their information
                                                                          and how they should be matched
    •   Manage their returns                                              against the search term e.g. partial
                                                                          match or full match.
    •   View saved baskets
                                                                          Configurable search sweeps means that
    •   View all saved baskets (for multi
                                                                          on the first sweep you could attempt to
        accounts per customer)                                            match the search term using a full match
    •   View back orders                                                  against the product code, then if no
                                                                          results are found, do a sweep against
    •   View statements (e.g. invoices)                                   product name, product long description,
                                                                          product hidden search keywords
    •   Manage members (multi account)                                    description using a full match and then if
    •   Service request form                                              still no results do a final search of a
                                                                          partial match in product code, name,
    •   Staff can create baskets and pre-                                 description, hidden keywords.
        populate them for a client to review and
        checkout at their leisure                                         Vendors can create and control hero
                                                                          products to trigger with specific search
    •         level
        Multi-level roles based permissions                               terms. These can be positioned above
        system giving fully control over call                                                            set.
                                                                          or to the side of the products set
        centre & mail order staff
                                                                          Promotional areas for ads and banners.
                                                                          These can be set to display against
    On Site Search...                                                     specific search terms and can be
                                                                          configured to display offers, products or
        Fast site wide searches returning                                 even content pages.
        accurate results
                                                                          Data rich search results (
        Multi-faceted search allows customers to
              faceted                                                     product attributes, add to basket etc).
        sort, apply and remove filters on the
        results                                                           Customise “no results found” page with
                                                                          suggested products and promotional
        Sorting (price, name, new products, star                          teasers to minimise exit rates.
        rating - or other fields specific to the

        Pagination (customer can also choose
        the number of products to display at any
        one time)

Next Generation B2B Ecommerce, eCommerce House, Oakfield Industrial Estate, Eynsham, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 4AG
T: +44 1865 880 800 F: +44 1865 880 865 E: in                                          com
                                             B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

   ...On Site Search                                               ...User Experience

       Search results grouped by context.                              Handling of URL redirects and broken
                                                                       link reporting
       Site wide coverage capable of
       aggregating results from products,                              Community forums and blogs
       blogs, forums and content pages
                                                                       Use rich media such as video, flash and
       including rich media.
                                                                       images to engage visitors
       Search facets show the number of
                                                                       Newsletter subscriptions
       products returned.
                                                                       Events, news feeds and polls
       Allow customers to buy directly from the
       search results.                                                 RSS feeds
                                                                       User upload and share functionality
       Configurable redirects, exact matches
       can take the customers straight to a                            Question and Answer builder
       specific product page.                                          Cross browser compatible sites meeting
                                                                       W3C standards
       Scalable architecture flexes to cope with
       peak query volume.
                                                                   Personalisation & Merchandising...

   User Experience
                                                                       The perfect mix of automation where
                                                                       possible balanced with overrides for
       100% customisable look and feel of                              manual merchandising control
       websites with no constraints with
                                                                       Recently viewed, related and
       templates built from the ground up
                                                                       recommended products
       Multi-faceted and layered navigation for
                                                                       Specific merchandisable areas for onsite
       advanced filtering and sorting based on
       user defined criteria for search results
       and for product categories                                      Unlimited category creation, both visible
                                                                       in navigation and hidden create
       Multiple product images with high
                                                                       merchandising opportunities
       resolution product image zooming
       capability                                                      Full WYSIWYG product content editors
                                                                       for merchandising control
       Stock availability
                                                                       Merchandisable shopping cart with
       Rich product information
                                                                       relevant product cross sells and
       Product comparisons                                             promotions
       Product reviews
       Send to a friend
       Social sharing and bookmarking
       Add to Wish list
       Relevant promotions and related
       product cross-sells and up-sells on
       product pages and in the basket
       Consistent, clear and predictable
       navigational structures

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                                               B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List

  ...Personalisation & Merchandising                                ...Order Management

      Create customer groups on the fly for                             Report on abandoned baskets / orders
      targeted marketing purposes using
                                                                        Audit payment details and statuses
      customer Wish list data                                           such as, paid or unpaid, payment
      Personalise landing pages and content                             method, receipt number, receipt value,
      for visitors arriving onsite via a specific                       transaction reference and authorisation
      PPC campaign or affiliate.                                        code.
      Mix public content and VIP / members
      only content
                                                                    Shipping & Delivery

  Search Engine Optimisation                                            Weights and measures delivery
                                                                        calculations or delivery bandings with
                                                                        upper and lower thresholds
       User defined & search friendly URLs,
       structures and breadcrumbs                                       Shipping costs can be calculated a
                                                                        number of ways
       Control over title, description and
       keyword meta data for categories,                                Integration with courier pricing matrixes
       products and content pages                                       and shipment tracking concise
       User control over on page SEO                                    2-way integration with 3rd party fulfilment
       including on page tags                                           system
       Auto updated XML Google site map                                 Exceptions for specific products which
                                                                        can have separate costs and different
       Canonical tags
                                                                        workflows for fulfilment

  Order Management...                                              Shipping & Delivery

       Powerful search to find orders quickly                           Customisable, streamlined and guided
       and easily based on multiple criteria                            checkout processes facilitating member
                                                                        and non-member checkouts
       Detailed order information down to
       individual line items                                            Fully integrated with leading payment
                                                                        service providers such as Datacash,
       Manage statuses and append notes to                              Cybersource, Worldpay and PayPal
       orders down to line item level
                                                                        Dynamic shopping baskets displaying
       Track orders across multiple domains                             relevant product and promotions
       and channels
                                                                        Verify card holder addresses through
       User defined order workflows for                                 Postcode Anywhere integration
       handling product exceptions, different
       payment and shipping methods                                     Sophisticated My Account area with
                                                                        management of personal details,
       Print orders, invoices and packing slips                         delivery addresses, saved baskets,
       Process returns and raise credit notes                           active and past orders

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                                             B2B Ecommerce Platform Feature List
  Integrations                                                    ...Reporting

       Easily integrates with 3rd party                               View all orders by order status within a
       applications such as ERP and CRM                               date range and for a specific domain
       systems via Red’s DTS and Web                                  (Number of orders and Revenue by
       Services application Layer                                     status)

       Integrations with multiple sales                               View all orders by payment method
       channels                                                       within a date range and for a specific
                                                                      domain (Customer Name, Number of
       Integrated with multiple payment                               orders and Revenue)
       gateways such as Cybersource, World
       Pay, Data Cash, PayPal and Sage Pay                            View revenue by categories within a date
                                                                      range and for a specific domain
       Red’s Data Transfer Scheduler and
       Web Services application manages                               Report on customer Wish lists by
       and automates data feeds in and out                            product or customer
       of tradeIT and your other systems.                             Report of onsite search phrases
       Manage multi-domain data transfers.                            Revenue reporting for email marketing
       Import and export of products and                              campaigns
       product data.                                                  Referral tracking
       Importing packing slips and updating                           Bespoke reports can be built and
       return statuses to help ensure a                               integrated into the system. All reports
       smooth post checkout order process.                            can be tailored exactly to your business
       Exporting Google Sitemaps to ensure                            requirements.
       they contain a complete and up-to-
       date list of pages, aiding search
                                                                  Hosting & Security
       engine optimisation.
       Complete mass imports / exports of                             PCI DSS compliant platform and hosting
       data using CSV files.                                          services
       Automatically update product stock                             Red cater for shared to multiple
       levels                                                         dedicated hosting environments using
       Importing Product and Product                                  our own facilities in Oxford and
                                                                      Docklands, London
       Category Translations, and their
       Attributes.                                                    The system will be comprehensively
                                                                      monitored and engineering support
       Export subscribers for marketing                               alerted 24x7 if there are any issues.
       purposes.                                                      Latest high spec and high performance
       Error Handling with error notifications                        HP server equipment
       and automated alerts for tasks.                                Shared hosting through to dedicated
                                                                      environments including multiple server
                                                                      and co-location configurations
                                                                      Managed Firewall, Intrusion Prevention
                                                                      System and LAN infrastructure
       Reporting on products ordered
       segmented by order status within a date                        Helpdesk by phone, email and web
       range and for a specific domains (QTY                          accessible logging system
       and Revenue by product line)
                                                                      Comprehensive Backup Cycle
                                                                      Full Service Level agreement for
                                                                      dedicated server hosting
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