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Be a fan…
       Partnering with

       Provide meaningful volunteer
       opportunities that will foster team
       building and community support
       among employees.
       Expand your customer reach through
       our network of passionate and loyal
       volunteers, donors, athletes and their
       Offer creative, turn-key ways to make
       an impact and promote acceptance
       and inclusion of all people.


                                        Be a fan of                         ACHIEVEMENT
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SPECIAL OLYMPICS                               CONFIDENCE

changes lives…
One of the most recognized and respected
charities in the world, Special Olympics is
dedicated to empowering individuals with
intellectual disabilities to become physically
fit, productive and respected members of
society through sports training and

A smart investment…
 Special Olympics Southern California (SOSC) is a 501(c)(3)
 nonprofit organization that is entirely funded by private
 donations, grants and fundraising activities.

 All programs are FREE to the athletes and their families or

 80% of all funds raised go towards direct program support.

 Funding is used for sports training and competitions, uniforms,
 equipment and supplies, athlete transportation, volunteer
 training and support services.

                                                    Be a fan of                                     CONFIDENCE

     Provides year-round sports training and
     competition to more than 13,000 athletes in 12
     different sports

     Has more than 15,000 volunteers that serve as
     coaches, committee members, officials and one-
     day event supporters

     Serves communities as far north as San Luis
     Obispo and as far south as San Diego

     Receives support from over 50,000 donors

     Has 350,000 people with intellectual disabilities in
     our footprint that could benefit from our program
     with the help of supporters like you

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be
brave in the attempt.” -Special Olympics Athlete Oath

                                               Be a fan of                                      JOY
is good for business…
If given the choice of two products with similar price and quality, 60%
of the public said they would “almost always” or “frequently” choose a
product because it is associated with Special Olympics.

77% say they would be “extremely” likely to spend a little more to
purchase a product or service if they thought they were helping
Special Olympics.

70% say that they feel more positive about companies that support
Special Olympics.

84% believe that corporate partnerships with Special Olympics “make
a difference” in the lives of children and adults with intellectual

Familiarity and Favorability

  95% Familiarity          90% Familiarity            77% Familiarity
 72% Favorability         88% Favorability           95% Favorability

Ad budget 2006           Ad budget 2006             Ad budget 2006
 $635 million              $90 million                    $0

                                                        Be a fan of                                            COURAGE
adds value to…
Your   Employees,         Your   Company,         Your   Community

       Leadership and skill development
       Networking opportunities within the company and the community
       Increased community awareness
       Personal fulfillment
       Greater employee pride and commitment
       Improved internal communication
       Enhanced corporate reputation
       Improved employee camaraderie
       New talent and ideas
       Business and organizational resources
       Unified effort creates a sense of celebration, belonging and achievement

   Special Olympics will work with you to:
       Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for all interested employees
       Create employee fundraising activities
       Develop an athlete employment initiative
       Create and administer an employee incentive program to recognize top
       employee volunteers

   Ideas for Your Corporate Volunteer Team
       Special Olympics athletes and staff visit corporate meetings or “kick-off
       event” to generate enthusiasm among employees
       Company Volunteer Team can wear company T-shirts at competition
       An “Outstanding Volunteer/Team Award” could be given to the
       employee/department that goes above and beyond in their volunteer

                                                                 Be a fan of                                                    VALUE
Partnership Overview: What intended to be a volunteer
partnership blossomed into an employee fundraising campaign that
resulted in over $10,000 of support for Special Olympics athletes!
Team PIMCO brought more than 100 volunteers to work Summer
Games weekend to see their donation make an immediate impact.

Team PIMCO :
•   PIMCO CEO became “Team Leader” and generated employee
    enthusiasm by sending out an all-office email encouraging support of
    Special Olympics Summer Games

•   One point person was designated to collect all donations and volunteer

•   Point person also submitted matching gift requests for each employee
    donation, in order to double the contribution

•   Over 100 PIMCO employees volunteered at Summer Games, and were
    wearing their Team PIMCO t-shirts

•   PIMCO’s employees were proud to present over $10,000 in donations
    to Special Olympics the Saturday morning of Summer Games

                             “Being a part of this volunteer force allowed all
                             of us the experience of helping these wonderful
                             athletes feel proud, strong and triumphant!
                             Many stories were shared about this event ...
                             some hilarious and some very tender moments
                             that will never be forgotten. We are honored
                             and proud to be part of the Special Olympics
                             SoCal family and will continue to support these
                             amazing athletes.”
                             – Sandy Benson, Vice President, PIMCO

                                                            Be a fan of                                             INSPIRATION
    Partnership Overview: The Golden Partnership between Wal-Mart and
    Special Olympics is a 6-month fundraising campaign culminating with 16
    golf tournaments on one incredible day. Since 2006, Wal-Mart employees
    across California have raised more than $2 million dollars for Special
    Olympics athletes!
    Sponsors such as Pepsi and Kraft increased product sales in Wal-Mart
    stores around the campaign.

•      In 2006, Pepsi had a 12 to 1 ROI in the month of September for their
       chosen brands.
•      In 2007, Pepsi reported 14 to 1 ROI throughout the 6 month campaign for
       their chosen brands.

•      In 2006, Kraft reported the best September Sales Month ever in Region
       19 (Wal-Mart CA).
•      In 2007, Kraft reported a 105% lift throughout the campaign.
•      15 out of 16 markets were over 100% growth vs. prior year during

"Special Olympics serves an essential role in
our community through its development of
some truly inspiring adult and children
athletes, and we are honored to be part of its
success,“ - Henry Jordan, Regional General
Manager, Wal-Mart

                                                                Be a fan of                                                UNITY
Case Study - Mattel
Goal: Engage employees in a meaningful connection to an important
cause and make an impact in the community.

Partnership Overview: Mattel is a Special Olympics global partner,
funding Special Olympics Youth Programs and providing Team Mattel
volunteer support at 40 Special Olympics programs around the world!
Locally Mattel has representation on the SOSC Board of Directors, sponsors
our annual Pier del Sol fundraiser, and has provided incredible volunteer
support through Team Mattel.

 Team Mattel Volunteers:
 •   Quadrupled participation - In Southern California, Team
     Mattel participation has grown from 100 volunteers at Ice Skating and
     Summer Games in 2005, to over 400 volunteers at various events
     throughout 2009
 •   Cost-effective Team Building - Mattel CFO, Kevin Farr, and
     his team of 200 employees help run our Special Olympics LA School
 •   New athletes – Mattel employee Alan Fry volunteered at Summer
     Games with Team Mattel in 2005. Since then, Alan introduced his son
     A.J. to our program, and he has blossomed into a Gold Medal
     competitor that represented Team USA at Special Olympics World
     Games in 2007.
 •   Athlete employees – Mattel has mailroom employees that are
     also Special Olympics athletes. Mattel President & CEO Bob Eckert
     went to Summer Games to root his employees on during competition

                        “Along with 100 of my colleagues, I had an
                        opportunity to see the Special Olympics
                        athletes in action, to see the smiles on their
                        faces, to see how they experienced the day.
                        It was truly a life-changing experience for all
                        of us.”
                         – Bob Eckert, Chairman and CEO, Mattel, Inc.

                                                            Be a fan of                                              TEAMWORK

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