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Eye Webquest - DOC by hcj


									Eye Webquest: Using your own words (not those taken from the websites)
answer the questions associated with each website indicated. Due
Tomorrow, Friday, March 6th.

Visit the link above. Click on each of the eye structure links at this site and read about
how the structure is involved in vision. Then write a summary of how light passes
through the eye and vision is created using the following eyeball structures:
Aqueus humor
Vitreus humor
Retinal vessels
Visit the site above and complete the dragging and dropping activity.

Visit the website above. Click on the retina link and answer the following questions:

   1. What are photoreceptors? What do they look like? Where are they located within
      the retina?

   2. What does RPE stand for and where is it located in the retina? What is the
      function of the RPE? Where is it located within the retina?

   3. What is Bruch’s membrane and what is it’s function?

   4. Where are the choroid sclera? What are their functions?

   5. Sketch a diagram that shows the structures listed above and where they are
      located in relationship to each other.

   Visit the site above and click on the common visual problems link. Define each of
   the following terms and explain how variation in the anatomy of the eye causes each
   of the following conditions:
   Myopia Hyperopia            Prebyopia    Astigmatism

Visit the site above to see which muscles and nerves control how the eyes are positioned
and move. Experiment with the eye simulation page. Note what happens when particular
muscles or nerves are damaged.

Which 6 muscles are involved in eye movement?

Which 3 cranial nerves are involved in eye movement?

Visit the sites below and explore. When you have finished list at least three new things
that you learned from visiting these sites.
 Eye Movements by Tutis Vilis
 Visual Preception of Objects by Tutis Vilis
 Visual Preception of Motion by Tutis Vilis
 Eye Structure and Function by Tutis Vilis
 Visual Cortex by Tutis Vilis
 Streams for Visual Guided Actions by Tutis Vilis

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