Benefit Concert Preparation

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					Benefit Concert Preparation

Organize a Benefit Concert for Your Cause

Putting on a concert can be a great way to raise funds for your favorite cause.
Plus, you get the added bonus of hearing some great music and seeing some
awesome performances.

Build your team

I am able to help you with this and you can help too by putt together a host
committee. You don’t have to do this alone.

Find a place

Depending on how large the benefit concert will help determine the size of the
benefit concert needed. By working together we will find the perfect place.

When and Where

We will set a date and time together according to our schedules. Check the local
papers to make sure that your event isn't on a date where a lot of things are

How much will this cost?

Depending on the venue, length of the concert (including how many acts there
will be) will help determine the cost. After costs such as the venue space,
performers, advertisement cost is factored in (as well as other incidentals), than
100% of the profit will be donated to the cause.

Who's coming?

These days you have countless ways to invite people:
  * Send out paper invitations. You can make them yourself on the computer
and go someplace to have them printed.
  * Make fliers for your event and post them in popular places in town like the
supermarket, phone booths, kiosks, local bars and coffee shops, etc.
  * Create a facebook event and have your friends spread the word.
   Send an evite to your entire contact list and ask them to forward it on.
Get out the word

   * Send press releases to the local newspapers, websites, radio stations and
television stations (including the local cable access channel) for the community
   * See if your local paper will give you a newspaper ad for free or a nominal fee,
after all this is a benefit.


Find a company to donate something to give people at the door, like a t-shirt, a
food or drink item, a coupon for a free item, etc. Surprisingly, small touches like
these attract more people to your event.

Find volunteers to take tickets and lead people to their seats. High school
students are a good target for this, since they often need community service
hours in order to graduate.

Day of

Prepare the venue the day of. We may want to put up decorations. You don’t
have to overdo it but you don’t want it to be plain either.


   * Be courteous at all times. People won't give money to people who are rude to
   * Make sure you have all the right information and that everything you send is
properly written and spelled. People don't fund incompetency.
   * If this is an outdoor concert, rent a tent or have one donated. It also might be
a good idea to set a rain-date.
   * If you know someone who can do graphics, have them make the invitation.
They could get a tax write-off for their services.
   * Find a meticulous proofreader for all the invitations and PR material you send
   * Selling food and drinks at the event is a good way to raise more money for
your cause. Often you can get these items donated from local restaurants,
supermarkets and food companies.
   * You may want to hold a raffle or auction in conjunction with the concert. Get
the prize donated.
   * Make sure all posters, invites, etc. have clear directions on how to get to your
   * In all your literature and requests, make sure you clearly and concisely state
what the cause is.
   * Know your audience. Do research on your local area so you know what kind
of events people attend and more importantly, avoid.
  * Volunteers make a big difference. If you can't guilt your friends into helping
you, you can always post on sites like for help.
  * Try to find a local or corporate sponsor. It will give you a bigger budget to
work with, attract more people to the event and will ultimately make you more
  * Make sure you clearly state what it is you want from donors, but be open to
what they have to offer.

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