Diecast Toy Cars And Childhood Memories

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					?Some of my fondest memories of my childhood is when my brother and I would play
in the world of our imaginations with our toy diecast cars. It was in this created world
we would create race tracks play within the dirt and build hills and valleys that after
completed we would pretend to be race car drivers and compete it the big race. Some
times he was the champion sometimes I was the winner. There were even times we
would break out in a pretend fight set on top of one another and making the other one
cry uncle. This was a regular game of ours where we would tickle the other and say if
you laugh I get to hit you in the arm, then we would giggle and have such a delightful
time and return to racing our little diecast toy cars.

I have other happy memories how we had a received a diecast toy at Christmas this
time we opened the package and it was a red fire truck like the American Lafrance
550 fire engine that I found at site. Of course now we had a whole
new world of imagination that we could enter where we put out fires and saved
peoples lives it was fun and exciting all at the same time.

I believe it is cherished memories like mine that so many in the thousands and tens of
thousands of all ages have become collectors of ones childhood treasures. Each
collector specializes in the diecast toys cars that they have a passion for and keep that
little inner child alive while doing it.

This treasured hobby that comes from are childhood leads those to collect memories
of cars, trucks, planes and boats to name a few. The only difference now is that
because it has become so popular to have diecast cars it has brought in a flood of
manufactures helping us to get all those dream cars at an affordable price. Therefore
many have more than one collection of diecast toy cars and sometimes add other
diecast models into their mix. Lots of collectors have there heart set on a certain
model for their collection. In the past it was sometimes very difficult to find, it is no
longer now that we have the internet. When you are looking for something special
you should check out the number one site out there where they have way over 5000
plus in stock at

It is a lot of fun searching for that perfect diecast toy that reminds us of our youth.
When I got older my mother and I looked at different diecast cars to give to my
brother Steven who was a big kid at heart along with being a minister who always
wanted to help under privileged children. We found some die cast cars which were
absolutely exquisite in every detail and even though he was in his early fifties that
Christmas when he opened his present he lit up like the little brother I knew. Before
his sudden death Steven and his daughter displayed them proudly on a hand carved
curio cabinet with a light shinning down for all to see as they entered his home. Every
time I see them now I remember my brother tickling me so I would say uncle and
knowing that his daughter who is now owner of this treasure will appear at them with
joy and realize that one day she too will be reunited with her father in heaven.

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