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					?Pre-diabetes is a serious medical condition that can be treated. The good news is that
the recently completed Diabetes Prevention Program study conclusively showed that
people with pre-diabetes can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes by making
changes in their diet and increasing their level of physical activity. They may even be
able to return their blood glucose levels to the normal range.

It is best to practice diabetes prevention. Here is a start. There are two natural
remedies that you can use to reduce your chances of becoming diabetic. One is a
mineral and the other is a spice.

First always make sure you are getting magnesium in your food or as a supplement. In
a study done by Brigham, 11,000 women were tested for the risk factors discussed
above showed that those women that took high levels of magnesium show less
diabetic risk factors by 27%. Other long-term studies have also shown the same

So you might ask why does magnesium lower diabetic risk factors? Researchers have
suggested that magnesium reduces blood pressure, relaxes heart muscles, and controls
homocysteine, which is associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Since
magnesium is a mineral, It also helps to neutralize toxic material found outside cells
in the lymph. This helps cells to function better.

To get more magnesium in your diet eat dark green leafy lettuce, avocados, nuts, and
wholes grains. As a supplement, use magnesium gluconate and chelated magnesium
500 mg per day. It is always best to take magnesium with calcium and vitamin D.

Second there is the spice cinnamon. Cinnamon and diabetes has been discussed in a
lot of health newsletters. Here is the story on Cinnamon diabetes. There is an extract
from cinnamon called Cinnulin PF. This extract works on the cellular level by making
the insulin cell receptors more sensitive to insulin by 300%. So why is this important?
Well, in diabetes, if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin then not enough
insulin cell doors are open so plenty of sugar can go into the cells to lower the blood
sugar levels.

There are medications that can be used in the control of diabetes, as well as many
natural remedies. However, the single most important aspect of a diabetic
management plan is a healthy diet and exercise. A healthy diet should consist of fresh
fruits, fresh vegetables, carbohydrates in healthy portions, Omega-3 fatty acids,
proteins in healthy portions, and fiber. A healthy diet not only helps your overall
health, but also can be a major factor in offsetting the symptoms of diabetes. The
longer you can prevent the symptoms of diabetes, the longer you can decrease the
risks of more serious illnesses associated with diabetes.

What else can I do to prevent diabetes problems?
You can do many things to prevent diabetes problems. For example, to keep your feet
healthy, check them each day. Ask your health care team whether you should take a
low-dose aspirin every day to lower your risk for heart disease. To keep your eyes
healthy, visit an eye care professional once a year for a complete eye examination that
includes using drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils.

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