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									?One of the most frequent questions people with diabetes ask is "What can I eat?"
After all, diabetes is at root a metabolic disorder, affecting the way your body derives
energy from food. Myths abound when it comes to diabetes and food—one of the
most common being that there is a "diabetes diet" that prohibits sugar and lists other
items to avoid.

If you have diabetes, your body cannot make or properly use insulin. This leads to
high blood glucose, or sugar, levels in your blood. Healthy eating helps to reduce your
blood sugar. It is a critical part of managing your diabetes, because controlling your
blood sugar can prevent the complications of diabetes.

Wise food choices are a foundation of diabetes treatment. Diabetes experts suggest
meal plans that are flexible and take your lifestyle and other health needs into account.
A registered dietitian can help you design a meal plan. Diet acts an important role in
controlling the diabetes. The diabetic diet may be used alone or else in combination
with insulin doses or with oral hypoglycemic drugs. Main objective of diabetic diet is
to maintain ideal body weight, by providing adequate nutrition along with normal
blood sugar levels in blood. The diet plan for a diabetic is based on height, weight,
age, sex, physical activity and nature of diabetes. While planning diet, the dietician
has to consider complications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels.
Here the patients require something which can provide all the information about the
calories, sugar level that can calculate the calories and sugar level.

Effective diabetic-management requires a healthy regular lifestyle which should

Working towards obtaining ideal body weight

Regular balanced diet & following a diabetic diet

Regular exercise

Sensible weight control

Diabetic medication if needed

Diabetes can be controlled by the daily activities, patient should know that what,
when, and how much eating will affect the blood glucose level. Following are some
advices that are very beneficial for the diabetes -

Eat the same amount of food each day.

Eat at about the same times each day.
Make sure the gaps between your meals are short.

Take the medicines at the same times each day.

Exercise at the same times each day.

Drink a lot of water that will help flush the toxins off your system.

Take good sleep daily.

Every day, choose foods from these food groups: starches, vegetables, fruit, meat and
meat substitutes, and milk and yogurt. How much of each depends on how many
calories is need a day.

The Diabetes Diet can be a catalyst for maintaining your desired weight, avoiding
heart disease and managing blood sugar.

The ADA does not offer a specific dietary plan, just smart goals to meet.
More than half of your daily caloric intake should result from carbs, 30 percent fat
and 12-20 percent protein, per the American Diabetes Association (ADA). It's
suggested that for those following the Diabetes Diet, you consume each day at least
six servings of starch and five servings of veggies and fruit.

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