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					                    The Citadel Class of 1980 30th Reunion Committee

Dear Fellow Classmates,

The Class of 1980 30th Reunion Committee has organized a grand weekend on November 05 and
06, 2010 for you. After much debate, your committee decided to change our format to eliminate
the Saturday evening function. With this change it is important to make plans now to be in
Charleston early enough on Friday 5th to be on the harbor cruise at 7:00pm. Give serious
consideration to coming into the Port City on Thursday evening if you can work that into your
schedule. The cruise Friday night and the football game on Saturday (with the 1980 hospitality
tent) are the two best times to see and „catch up‟ with the most classmates. This new format will
allow all of you more casual time Saturday evening to visit with your closest friends, attend other
Citadel functions or meet in smaller groups and plan your own „mini-reunion‟ with certain
classmates. See www.citadel80.com for more information on the itinerary (Thanks, David Epps).

Registration starts at 12:00 Friday in the Charleston Marriott Hotel (formerly the Sheraton and
Radisson; same place as the 25th). At the Marriott we have 70 rooms reserved at a price of $195
per night. To reserve a room please call 843-723-3000 or on the web at www.marriott.com/chsmc
In the “Group Code” area on the right side you will need to enter “C80C80A”. We also have 15
rooms reserved at the Residence Inn at $145 for a one bedroom suite and $245 for a two bedroom
suite. Here you can call 800-331-3131 and ask for the “Citadel Class Reunion” group rate or go
to www.marriott.com/chsri and use CCRCCRC for a one bedroom or CCRCCRB for a two
bedroom. In addition we have 15 more rooms reserved at the Spring Hill Suites for $129 per
night. The phone number is 888-287-9400 and the website info is www.marriott.com/chssh .
The code for a king suite is CCRCCRB and the code for a double suite is CCRCCRA. The latter
two hotels are located next to each other on Ripley Point Dr. across the Ashley River.

Friday morning will offer the traditional 1980 Golf Tournament, part of the larger Alumni
Association event. We will post the registration form for the tournament of the reunion website.
The cadet twilight parade for the last four years has been from 5:00-5:35. We plan to dedicate the
Class of 1980‟s 30th Reunion gift to The Citadel on Friday afternoon. By now, you should have
received a letter from Gary Durante concerning the class gift. Please give this your strongest
consideration and keep up with our class gift information on the website.

We set the Charleston harbor cruise, with a full buffet and open bar, for a 7:00 p.m. departure
from downtown Charleston‟s Liberty Square (next to the SC Aquarium at the east end of Calhoun
Street, looking out towards Mt. Pleasant) to give plenty of time to freshen up at your hotel room.
The boat is much larger than the one we had for the 25th, allowing greater freedom and comfort
aboard with softer music so all can hear one another easily. We will be aboard the Spirit of the
Lowcountry which can be viewed at www.spiritlinecruises.com .

The Citadel will set Saturday morning activities on campus (open barracks, Summerall Guards,
and parade). We will open the football game hospitality tent on the Eastside (opposite the corps)
at 11:00 AM and serve a full BBQ lunch at 12:00. The game is scheduled to start at 2:00 p.m.
and should conclude just after 5:00 p.m. The tent will remain open during the game with
wristbands provided to our registered classmates.

Please review the reunion website for updated information on company gatherings or other
Citadel functions for Saturday night. We will also provide a variety of restaurant & lounge
recommendations. Caution: reserve Saturday dinner locations well in advance of arrival.

You will love the gifts and mementos selected for the reunion event. Each classmate attending
the reunion will receive a generous collection of keepsakes that will remind him and his lady of a
remarkable weekend of Class of 1980 celebrations.
Please fill out the reunion registration form online and pay using the pay pal link on our reunion
website if at all possible. If you are not able to register and pay online, you may fill out the
attached reunion registration form and send your check to the address indicated on the form by
August 15th. to allow time for memento ordering. The 30th Reunion Committee appreciates your
devotion to our class and your effort to be with us in November.

In the spirit of 1980,
Joe Kersey       Danny Quirk             Hank Johnson             Rick Bonner     Bill Goad
Frank Clarkin    Bobby Townsend          Gary Durante             David Epps      Doug Sass
Matt Chandler    Joe Fanning             Fred Whittle             Park Plumb
                      REGISTRATION FOR CLASS OF 1980 30th. REUNION

Here’s what you’re paying for:
Reunion Reservation: ($350 couple, $225 single)
-  Reunion Souvenirs: Cutter & Buck Jacket, really nice blanket, hat and tumbler.
- Friday afternoon Hospitality Room at the Charleston Riverview Hotel
- Larger boat Friday Night Charleston Harbor Cruise (softer music, full buffet, open bar, great fun)
- Hospitality Tent at Saturday Football Game BBQ (pulled pork, chicken, beef brisket, fixings, beer,
   sodas, etc.) 11 AM until end of game.


Additional Jacket (order one for spouse and kids. They will be very nice) - $55 each
Additional Blanket -$38 each
Additional Hats      -$ 7 each (one size fits all)
Additional Tumblers - $ 6 each
Additional BBQ Meal Tickets at Tent on Saturday before football game
- $30 per adult
- $10 per child under 12 years old
Please complete, detach, and mail by August 15 to:
                             Class of 1980 Reunion
                             26 Gadsden Street
                             Charleston, SC 29401

Name ________________________________________ Cadet Company ________

Spouse/Guest’s Name _________________________________________

Phone #’s ______________________________ (Home) ______________________________ (Work)

E-mail Address ________________________________________________________________

Your permission to donate excess reunion funds to The Citadel: YES _____ NO ______
(Please choose one or we will assume that you want to participate)

____ Reunion Reservation $350/couple or $225/single                           Amt. Enclosed__________
       (Please circle: Couple or Single)

Please indicate jacket size(s) (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
____ Additional Jacket(s) @ $55 each (S, M, L, XL, XXL) Amt. Enclosed__________

____ Additional Blankets @ $38 each                                           Amt. Enclosed__________

____ Additional Hat(s) @ $7 each                                              Amt. Enclosed__________

____ Additional Tumbler(s) @ $6 each                                          Amt. Enclosed__________

Additional (BBQ) Meal Tickets at Tent Saturday Game:
____ Adults $30 each                                                          Amt. Enclosed__________

____ Children (under 12) $10 each                                             Amt. Enclosed__________

                                                                      Total Amt. Enclosed ___________

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