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                                                                    Figure Skating
                    Figure Skating

                                                                    Summer 2008
                                                      August 2008
                                                                                                        2008 Figure

                       Julia Rey
The Summer 2008 Figure Skating Camp is un-
der the direction of the Rink at Old York Road’s
Figure Skating Director Mrs. Julia Rey.
Julia is a triple gold medallist, 6 time U.S. Na-
tional Competitor, and Eastern Sectional Cham-
pion. She was a US Team member represent-

                                                                                Elkins Park, PA 19027
                                                                                8116 Church Road
ing the U.S. at various international competitions.
When skating competitively, Julia was trained
by top internationally known coaches, including
the last 5 years at the University of Delaware.
Mrs. Rey specializes in dance, moves in the field,
power stroking/edges and choreography.

    I WEAR?
Here is a list of recommended and required ar-
ticles that the students should come to all classes
    Change of Clothes for off-ice activities.
    Warm jacket, pants and hat, mat or towel                                                                   Summer 2008
    A pair of gloves is REQUIRED                                                                                 One Week Camp:
    Helmet for beginners (REQUIRED for                                                                            August 18-22
    all skaters ages 6 & younger, loaner
    helmets are available at rink)                                                                                                     Serving the
    Locker Rooms will be provided to change.                                                                                           Community
                                                                                                                                       Since 1956
        Private Lessons                                                                                      (Formally the Old York Road Skating Club)
Private instruction is available during all of The                                                      8116 Church Rd Elkins Park, PA 19027
Rink at Old York Road’s practice sessions and                                                           At the Corner of Church Rd & Old York Rd (Rt. 611)
public skating sessions. Lesson times are
subject to availability and should be arranged                                                          

directly with the Professional. Private lesson
fees are not included with any programs and are
paid directly to the Professional.
 ‘08 Figure Skating Camp                             Level Track Description                                            Summer 2008
                                                                                                                     Figure Skating Camp
           The Rink at Old York Road would        Students enrolling in the Summer 2008 Figure
           like to welcome you to our Summer                                                            Name: __________________________________
                                                  Skating Camps will have the opportunity to
           2008 Figure Skating Camps. This        choose one of the following three Tracks. Please      Address: ________________________________
           program is a complement to our         choose which best suits the student:
           Learn to Skate program for children                                                          City: _____________ State: _____ Zip: _______
           who want to receive more intensive        Track 1: Basic 1 thru Basic 8
                                                                                                        Home Phone: _____________________________
figure skating training.
                                                  Track 1 is designed for those skaters who are
Our Summer Camps are a unique opportunity                                                               Work Phone: _____________________________
                                                  currently working on Basic Skills in preparation
for students to increase competency               for the freestyle level.                              Date of Birth: _________________ Age: _______
through a program of class exercises,
and a competitive team approach to                On-Ice Activities: The camp offers 3 hours of         Contact Name: ____________________________
improving skills. We offer substantial            ice time with at least 1.5 hours on-ice instruction
ice time, while recognizing the                   per day which includes stroking, forward and          Email: __________________________________
importance of fun and recreational                backward crossovers, edges, three turns,
                                                                                                        Previous Level Completed: __________________
aspects of ice skating.                           Mohawks, as well as interpretive and
                                                  introduction to freestyle classes.
The camps have been designed for both
Freestyle skaters and those skaters at the US     Off-Ice Activities: 2 hours of off-ice instruction            PROGRAM ENROLLMENT
Figure Skating Basic 1 through Basic 8 levels.    per day includes stretching, aerobics, ballet,
The Figure Skating Camp will be staffed by The    games, and arts and crafts.                           Check Session(s):                 Aug. 18-22nd, 2008
Rink at Old York Road’s Professional Figure
Skating Staff. Lunch WILL NOT be provided.                    Track 2: Freestyle                        Check One:
Campers will need to bring their own lunches.     Track 2 is designed for those skaters who have                        Track 1: Basic 1-8
                                                  passed the Basic 8 class and are currently                            Track 2: Freestyle
                                                  skating at the Freestyle level.
  Camp Dates & Times                                                                                                    Track 3: Competitive FS
                                                  On-Ice Activities: The camp offers 3 hours of

 Mon. thru Fri.: 9AM - 3PM
                                                  ice time with at least 1.5 hours on-ice instruction       PAYMENT & CONSENT INFO
                                                  per day, which includes spins and jumps, moves
                                                  in the field, stroking, footwork, interpretive,          $199.00 due with Application (per week)
   Summer: August 18-22                                                                                                 Please make checks payable to:
                                                  choreography and style classes.
                                                                                                                      THE RINK AT OLD YORK ROAD
                                                  Off-Ice Activities: 2 hours of off-ice instruction                              Please Circle one:

             Camp Fees                            per day includes stretching, aerobics, strength and
                                                  conditioning, ballet, games and arts and crafts.
                                                                                                        Cash       Check        Money Order Visa              MC

                                                                                                        Credit Card #: ______________________ Exp Date: ________

                                                                                                        IN CONSIDERATION OF THE PARTICIPANTS AND HIS OR HER PARENT(S) BEING PERMITTED
                                                                                                        TO REGISTER THE PARTICIPANT IN FOR THE LEARN TO SKATE PROGRAM WE DO HEREBY

                                                    Track 3: Competitive Freestyle                      FOREVER RELEASE AND DISCHARGE THE RINK AT OLD YORK ROAD AND YORK ROAD
                                                                                                        RECREATION, INC., ITS OFFICERS, AGENTS, EMPLOYEES AND ANY PERSON, PARTNER-
                                                                                                        SHIP OR CORPORATION CONNECTED HEREWITH COLLECTIVELY “OYR” FROM ALL MANNER
                                                                                                        OF ACTION, INJURY, DAMAGES, COSTS, CLAIMS OR DEMANDS WHICH WE SHALL OR MAY
               (Per one week camp)
                                                  Track 3 is designed for those skaters who are in      HEREAFTER HAVE SUFFER OR RECEIVE BY REASON OF SUCH PARTICIPATION IN CLINIC.
                                                                                                        THIS RELEASE SHALL BE BINDING ON OUR HEIRS, SUCCESSORS, ASSIGNS, EXECUTORS
   For more information, contact Figure Skating   Freestyle 6 and above and are looking for a           AND ADMINISTRATORS.

      Director, Julia Rey, at 215.635.0331 or     more competitive track. On-ice and Off-ice             ____________________________                             _________
                  activities will be similar to that of Track 2.        Signature of Parent or Guardian                                 Date

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