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Know More About Sydney Home Renovation Tips


									        Know More About Sydney Home
              Renovation Tips
Are you with a growing family who is living in a small home? Or, for whatever
reason, are you feeling that your space is limited and you need more room? What
options do you have? It’s possible that you may want to move, though according
to the state manager NSW of Archicentre, Angus Kell, the average cost of doing so
ranges between $50,000 to $80,000 and occasionally could be even more.

If moving is too costly or not an option, there are two others that remain, and
numerous factors involved in helping you decide which one to make. You can
rebuild, or you could renovate. In considering the choice before you, several
issues ought to come into play before you make your decision.

Your first and the primary preference would be to find out that whether your
current house has the heritage value in the Sydney or not. Renovations might be a
more viable route; rebuilding might not be an actual option at all, and you will
should follow strict guidelines if you plan to renovate. If it could be renovated
structurally and legally, then you have to consider both cost and your ability to
completely finance the job. You also must investigate local planning laws and
what your neighbor’s will or will not allow before proceeding on any renovation

Moreover, before you do anything else, it is important to look into an estimate of
your home’s worth upon completion. The cost of Sydney renovations varies on
what you plan to do. Archicentre’s cost guide estimates that it will cost between
$164,526 and $310,896 to add an 80 meter ground level extension on an average
existing building; whereas, major structural extension work can cost upwards
from $300,000 to $400,000.

One more option is to rebuild. Its very significant to think about the locality at the
time when you’re considering of rebuilding, how a new house would look in your
neighborhood, neighbor’s rights and privacy, and cost. The average cost of a new
home as of March, 2010 is around $250,000. Rebuilding is usually a viable option
if you know what you want and do not want the long hassle of living with the
difficulties and stresses of renovation over many months.

When you rebuild, you know exactly what you are getting, and the opportunity is
there to make your new house more sustainable and energy-efficient, a more
difficult task to do when adding an extension or undergoing Sydney home
renovations. While you choose to rebuild your house then there are certain local
laws and even the regional guidelines which you have to keep in mind.

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