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					                                         Internship Sites with a Couple Treatment Focus

                                        APA-Approved Sites with Major Couple Rotations:

NOTE: Internship sites with either major or minor couple rotations may also be found by checking “Couples Therapy” in the search
criteria under “Treatment Modalities” when going through the internship directory search engine at

                                                           Theoretical Orientation
             Internship Site                                 Type of Casework                               Contact Person
                                                            Training Possibilities
                                                                                                     Michelle Sherman, Ph.D.
Oklahoma City VA Medical Center             Family systems approach with some CBT work.
                                            Varied approaches with some supervisors being
Texas A&M University Student                                                                         Andrew Smith, Ph.D.
                                            primarily cognitive behaviorally based; co-therapy
Counseling Service                                                                         
                                            casework with supervisor.
                                            Varied approaches; most supervisors use CBT model        Renee Kaplan, Ph.D.
UCLA Student Psychological Services
                                            but may combine it with psychodynamic treatment.
                                            Varied approaches (solution focused, relational and
University of Houston, Counseling and                                                                Sherri Terrell
                                            object relations) all using cognitive behavioral
Psychological Services Center                                                              
                                            techniques within their framework.
                                            CBT relying heavily on both Baucom’s and Gottman’s       Richard Isakson
Brigham Young University Provo, Utah
                                            Primarily family systems/structural family therapy.
                                            Exposure to family of origin, narrative, symbolic-
VA Palo Alto Health Care System Palo                                                                 Douglas Rait, Ph.D.
                                            experiential, and psychoeducational approaches, as
Alto, CA                                                                                   
                                            well as integrative behavioral and emotionally-focused
                                            couple therapy.
                                            Solution focused and cognitive behavioral in an          Larry Seeman, Ph.D.
The Guidance Center
                                            outpatient setting                             

University of Utah; Univ. Counseling                                                                 Frances N. Harris, Ph.D.
                                         Varied with some CBT supervisors; co-therapy format

                                                                                                     Ed Supplee, Ph.D. Maj. MS
WRAMC (military hospital) Washington     Incorporated in clinical core tx (not separate rotation);
DC                                       eclectic approach w/CBT widely used.
                                                                                                     Russell Haber
University of South Carolina             Systemic/experiential approach

                                         Postmodern narrative, collaborative language systems,       Delane Kinney
Salesmanship Club, Dallas TX             & solution focused practice; reported to have "cognitive    Dkinney@salesmanshipclub.or
                                         behavioral flavor to it by not pure CBT."                   g

                                         Cognitive-Behavioral; Supervisor is founding member         Wayne Goldman, Ph.D.
Monmouth Medical Ctr., Long Branch, NJ
                                         of NJ Assoc. of C-B Therapists & AABT Member.     
                                         Tri-model approach; uses psychodynamic
                                         cognitive-behavioral, and systemic theoretical              Jay T. King, Ph.D.
Danielsen Institute; Boston University
                                         approaches; excluding other approaches to focus on
                                         CBT is not an option.
                                         "Integratively oriented" drawing on behavioral,             Judy Patterson
University of Wisconsin; Madison, WI
                                         cognitive, object relations and communications theory.
                                         Evidence-based couple and family-therapy; primary
                                         -Behavioral Couple Therapy                              Joshua W. Madsen, Ph.D.
VA San Diego Healthcare System
                                         -Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy        
                                         -Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
                                         -Family-Focused Interventions for Psychiatric Disorders
                                         Full Couples Therapy Clinic rotation through the VA
                                                                                                     Julian Libet
                                         supervised by Julian Libet. Primary focus is CBT. 8
Charleston Consortium/ Medical                                                             
                                         hours of protected research time; Dr. Libet does
University of South Carolina.                                                              
                                         research with couples and acts as a research

                 APA-Approved Sites WITHOUT Major Couple Rotations but Recommended by SIG Members:

                                                        Theoretical Orientation
             Internship Site                              Type of Casework                                Contact Person
                                                         Training Possibilities

                                         Tracey Carson is the couple therapist who you can         Cameron Grodan
Durham VA Medical Center                 contact for more information about the couple rotation
                                         Site has large number of rotations in adult and
University of Alabama at Birmingham                                                                A. Hal Thurstin, Ph.D. (UAB)
                                         child/family with opportunities in evidence based
School of Medicine / Birmingham VA                                                       
                                         approaches. No major couples rotation, but
Medical Center Psychology Training                                                                 Chebon Porter, Ph.D (VA)
                                         opportunities exist to work with couples, especially in
                                         VA setting.
University of Washington; School of      Strong adult internship; eclectic approach with some      Karen Schmaling, Ph.D.
Medicine                                 opportunities for couples work.                 
Kaiser Permanente Medical Care           Although no major couples rotation, site supports
                                                                                                   Karen Earnest, Ph.D.
Program                                  couples work and has allowed interns to run couples
Los Angeles, CA                          groups.
                                         Again, no major couples rotation but the site clearly
Portland VA Medical Center               supports interest and training in couples work across a   Gina L. Ortola, Ph.D.
                                         number of rotations.
Virginia Treatment Center for Children   Site does not have a formal couples rotation but allows   Jennine Moritz, Ph.D.
Richmond, VA                             interns to devise couples projects if interested.

                                         This internship does not have a major couples rotation
Ioannis A. Lougaris VA Medical Center                                                              Valerie L. Williams, Ph.D.
                                         but has supported their interns in getting vast amounts
Reno, Nevada                                                                             
                                         of couples work when interested.

                                         Each intern is involved in a live couple/family group
University of Wisconsin-Madison          supervision. Gregory G. Kolden, Ph.D.

University of Mississippi Medical                                                                  Julie Schumacher, Ph.D.
                                           Emphasis on Evidence Based Practice and Research.
Center/G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VAMC                                                                jschumacher@psychiatry.umsm
                                           Some opportunities for couples work and research.
Consortium, Jackson, MS                                                                  
                                           Option to complete a substance use rotation where you
Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology                                                           Stephen Lancey
                                           work one day a week conducting BCT with substance
(Boston VA)                                                                              
                                           abusing couples with Tim O'Farrell.

                     Other Internship Sites Offering Major Couple Rotations (APPIC but NOT APA Approved):

                                                                 Site Type
             Internship Site                                                                        Contact Person
                                                    (No additional information available)

                                                                                             Deborah Bradford, Ph.D.
Acumen Counseling Services                 Community Mental Health Center
                                                                                             Pamelia Clement, Ph.D.
Brooke Army Medical Center                 Armed Forces Medical Center             
Bureau of Study Counsel; Harvard                                                             Charles P. Ducey, Ph.D.
                                           University Counseling Center
                                                                                             Gene Flessati, Ph.D.
Calgary Regional Health Authority          Consortium                                        gene.flessati@crha-health.ab.c
                                                                                             Douglas Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Children's Center                          Child/Adolescent Psychiatric
Community Mental Health Consultants,                                                         Jerry A. Morris, Psy.D.
Dallas Metropolitan Consortium in                                                            James P. Cannici, Ph.D.
                                                                                             Donald A. Lichi, Ph.D.
EMERGE Ministries, Inc.                    Community Mental Health Center
                                                                                             Thomas S. Bartlett, Psy.D.
Family Service and Guidance Center, Inc.   Child/Adolescent Psychiatric
Forest Institute of Professional                                                             Karen Lee, Psy.D.
Hartgrove Hospital                         Private Psychiatric Hospital                      Robert K. Marshall, Ph.D.
                                                                                             Loren Wilkenfeld, Ph.D.
Hefner VA Medical Center                   Veterans Administration Medical Center
                                                                                             Gail Bruce-Sanford, Ph.D.
Metropolitan State College of Denver       University Counseling Center
Mid-Coast Psychology Internship            Other                                             Craig Updegrove, Ph.D.
Multicultural Psychology Internship                                          Lourdes Mattei, Ph.D.
Program of Massachusetts                                           
                                                                             Paul R. Sather, Ph.D.
New Life Clinic                             Other
North Central Behavioral Health Systems,
                                            Community Mental Health Center   Laura Jansons, Psy.D.
Park Nicollet Medical Center                Private General Hospital         John Hanson, Ph.D.
School of Professional Psychology/Pacific                                    Donald K. Fromme, Ph.D.
                                            Community Mental Health Center
                                                                             Al Cooper, Ph.D.
Stanford University                         University Counseling Center
Western Kentucky Psychology Internship                                       Stephen Glasscock, Ph.D.
                                                                             Allen M. Yasser, Ph.D.
Wright Institute Los Angeles                Other
                                                                             Judith Coche, Ph.D.
The Coché Center (Not APPIC Approved)       Couples Workshop Center


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