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Couple Welcomes New Year Baby


What’s Inside...
                               A Monthly Publication of McLaren Regional Medical Center              Volume 8, Issue 1 January 2008

Regional EMS Collects
Toys for Tots ...........................2
Obese Discover Success
through Surgical Weight
Loss .........................................6
Employees Once Again Step
Up for Shoes That Fit .............6

                                                  Rafiah and terrance Meekins with baby Jade Sakaiah in their first family picture.

                                                  Couple Welcomes New Year’s Baby
                                                  The New Year is already full of surprises and             “Of course my baby was going to be born at
                                                  promise for Terrance and Rafiah Meekins. They             McLaren,” said Rafiah with a smile. “I couldn’t
                                                  are the proud parents of Jade Sakaiah Meekins,            imagine anything else.”
          “Of course my                           born three minutes past midnight on January 1,
                                                  2008 at McLaren Regional Medical Center.                  Expecting their first baby in early February,
        baby was going                                                                                      Rafiah returned to their hometown in mid
           to be born at                          Terrance and Rafiah Meekins, both originally              December to settle in and relax for the
              McLaren, I                          from Flint, currently reside overseas. Terrance           remainder of the pregnancy. Rafiah was able
                                                  serves as a gunnery sergeant in the United                to meet her Ob/Gyn, Joseph Metz, M.D., at her
       couldn’t imagine                           States Marine Corp. Rafiah, RN, BSN, spent                first scheduled check-up in the States and enjoy
         anything else.”                          several years working on the floors of MRMC.              the holidays with extended family and friends.
                     Rafiah Meekins               As a teenager, she was a Red Cross volunteer;             Then to her great surprise, she went into labor
                             Patient              as a college student she was a student nurse              on New Year’s Eve.
                                                  tech, eventually working as a graduate nurse,
                                                  then a registered nurse on 11 South until 2002.           “We tried to hold off on the delivery until
                                                  Meekins’ travels have taken them around the               Terrance arrived,” stated Dr. Metz. “But with
                                                  globe, but they always planned for their child to         the weather conditions, we just couldn’t wait.”
                                                  be born in the United States.                             Dr. Metz was pleased to be a part of the special
                                                                                                            delivery. Although he has delivered over five
                                                                                                                                        Continued on page 2
                          Couple Welcomes New Year’s Baby                Continued fRoM PAge 1

                          thousand babies, Jade was
                          the first to be declared the
                          Genesee County New Year’s

                          “This baby is determined
                          and a fighter,” said Jade’s
                          mother. “She was ready to
                          come out and didn’t want to
                          wait any longer.”

                          The early arrival made
                          it impossible for Jade’s
                          father to be present for the
                          delivery. Thwarted by the
                          winter weather, Terrance
                          was stranded at the Chicago
                          airport on New Year’s Day.
                          He kept in touch with many Cheryl ellegood and Kathy Reynolds, Rn present the Meekins family with a gift
                          phone calls between he and certficate to Babies R us.
                          Rafiah. He arrived in Flint        Rafiah waited and let Terrance be        of heartwarming memories, but
                          on the afternoon of January 2 and  the first to hold the baby.              this New Year’s Baby surely will
                          went straight to McLaren to meet                                            have many more wonderful stories
                          his daughter. Since baby Jade was  The special baby has already             ahead of her.
                          kept in an incubator to stay warm, given her mom and dad plenty

                          Regional EMS Collects Toys for Tots
                          Santa’s sleigh wasn’t the only        EMS ambulance was able to make      was the fifth collection site for
                          vehicle transporting gifts for        a joyful delivery. The ambulance    Regional EMS in the Flint Region
                          children this season. Thanks to the   was parked outside MRMC on          this holiday season.
                          generous donations by McLaren         December 19 accepting donations
                          employees and visitors, a Regional    on behalf of Toys for Tots. MRMC

      MRMC employee
  Rikki Simpson, R.n.
  from paCu stops by
    the Regional eMS                                                                                       inside the Regional eMS
 ambulance parked in                                                                                       ambulance
  front of the Medical
       Center to give a
  donation to toys for
     tots, manning the
  effort are l-r Yvonne
      prill, Marketing
 director for Regional
eMS and Misty Baird,
      a Regional eMS
Holiday Party Welcomes 2007 Rehab Patients

McLaren’s Annual Rehabilitation            #4 Jurisdictional Choir under           accomplishments. Members of
Christmas party was well received          the direction of McLaren’s own          Physical, Occupational, Speech,
by current and past patients and           Dirdre Dill. Rehabilitation staff       Escort, and Recreational Therapy
their families. On the evening             attended the party with family          were on hand to join in the
of December 10, guests were                members to assist with the event        celebration.
entertained by the Southwest MI            and to celebrate the patients’

                                                                                                                          (Left) Southwest Mi
                                                                                                                          #4 Jurisdictional
                                                                                                                          Choir entertainment
                                                                                                                          warms up with a
                                                                                                                          little vocal practice
                                                                                                                          before providing
                                                                                                                          the evening’s

L to R: terri Harding, Manager of McLaren therapy Services and          L to R: Lisa Stogner, physical therapist; Katie
Cardiac Rehabilitation; Kelli Kirby, physical theapist; Sarrah Byrne,   Stogner (Lisa’s daughter) and Rachelle Fultz,
physical therapist and Margo phillips, occupational therapist.          physical therapist.

                                           Abdul M.A. Hasnie, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I. passed the
                                           American Board of Vascular Medicine examination, has met the
                                           vascular board requirements and is certified as a diplomat in vascular
                                           medicine. He is also board certified in endovascular medicine.
                                           Dr. Hasnie’s practice includes cardiology and vascular medicine,
                                           including endovascular medicine.
                Management Changes in Surgical Services
                Over the past several months,          project, the final locations for the   patient--a great fit based on her
                several changes have been made to      Surgical Services and Heart &          history with PAT. This change
                the organizational structure within    Vascular Business Office will be       allows Renee to continue to use all
                Surgical Services.                     in the current Ambulatory Surgery      of her skill set -- drawing on past
                                                       area with a satellite office in the    work in ED and CVCU.
                Surgical Services has also             H&V area.
                collaborated with Heart &                                                     If you have any question or
                Vascular to move several               Kate Robertson has assumed             concerns regarding Surgical
                functions of both departments          responsibility for the Operating       Services, please feel free to
                into one cost center under on          Room, moving from PACU.                contact one of the following:
                manager. These include patient         Kate brings with her a wealth of       Theresa:
                scheduling, patient charging and       professional knowledge and skills      22631 (Offc) or 389.0946 (Pgr)
                charge reconciliation, payroll         in the care of the peri-operative      Kate:
                and administrative assistant           patient. She has continued to          22803 (Offc) or 25021 (Spectra)
                duties, statistical reporting and      demonstrate a collaborative            or 389.1077 (Pgr)
                analysis--and all other associated     approach to nursing and the care
                business office functions for the      of the patient and the customers       Renee:
                divisions of Surgical Services         we serve as she learns the new         22267 (Offc) or 25108 (Spectra)
                and Heart & Vascular. The new          skills necessary to perform in this    or 389.0978 (Pgr)
                manager of this area is Theresa        very challenging environment.          Debra S Stephenson, RN-BSN,
                Tithoff. Theresa brings a wealth                                              MBA, CNOR:
                of analytical knowledge, a strong      Renee Bradley has assumed              Director Surgical Services
                IT back ground, and in-depth           responsibility for PACU in             v-mail: (810) 342-2412
                knowledge of the scheduling            addition to Pre-Admission Testing      pager: (810) 389.1019
                system and processes to assist         and GI/Endoscopy. With the             spectralink phone: 342-5094
                in making this area efficient for      continued shift of ambulatory          e-mail:
                all of the cost centers that it will   patients from GI/Endo to
                serve. Following the construction      MMSEC, Renee will be changing
                                                       her focus to the peri-operative

                Cheryl Wieber has been promoted to Interim Administrative Director, Cardio-Vascular Services. Cheryl
                has been with McLaren since July 2007 in the Business Development Coordinator position. She has been
                integral in facilitating many of the recent process improvements in the Cath Lab and CVCU. Cheryl has a
                B.A. in Business Management and a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Healthcare
                Administration. She has administrative responsibility for the Cath Lab, CVCU, EKG, and Cardiac non-
                invasive services.

Cheryl Wieber

                Julie Snyder has recently accepted the position of Director of Specialty Clinics and Wound Care Services.
                Julie has been with McLaren Regional Medical Center since 1989. She has been a Manager of Therapy
                Services since 1992 and has extensive experience in the health care industry. Julie has a B.A. in Audiology
                and Speech Sciences and a M.A. in Speech Language Pathology. Julie will have administrative oversight for
                inpatient and outpatient wound care services and the Specialty Clinics. She will also have responsibility for
                developing the Wound Care Program in the Clarkston project and assisting other McLaren subsidiaries with
                the development of their programs.

Julie Snyder
Spirit of Season Fills Employees Hearts and                                      

Stomachs                                                      (Left) Standing by
                                                              ready to serve up a
McLaren Treats Employees                                      delicious meal are
                                                              members of MRMC’s
to Holiday Feast                                              Leadership team: (l
                                                              to r) tracy Williams,
                                                              Respiratory; Jeff
                                                              glover, nutritional
                                                              Services; Harry
                                                              Mitchell, Security;
                                                              Kate Robertson, oR;
                                                              deb Stephenson,
                                                              Surgery; Cris Mauro,
                                                              Cheryl ellegood,
                                                              Brent Wheeler,

                                                              (Left) annette taylor,
                                                              nutritional Services
                                                              carves the roast beef
                                                              while terri Harding,
                                                              therapy Cardiac
                                                              Services and debra
                                                              Main, Critical Care
                                                              serve up the stuffed
                                                              chicken breasts and
(above l to r) Shake’sa payton, Housekeeping; Sonya grayer,   baked shrimp.
Housekeeping; Juaice Lamar, CCu; and taiesha Robinson,

                                                              (Left) Lisa ash,
                                                              Clinical improvement
                                                              joins Laura Van
                                                              petton, nurse aide;
                                                              and Laura’s mom,
(above) Ruby gill and Becky neph from endoscopy dine
                                                              Sandra Winn, from
amid the glow of holiday lights strung on the 20 ft. tree.
                                                              the Medical Staff
                        Obese Find Success with Surgical Weight Loss

                                                               robotic system. It can also be        The McLaren Bariatric Institute
                        McLaren Bariatric                      performed as an open surgical         is located on the extended campus
                        Institute Offers                       procedure.                            of McLaren Regional Medical
                        Permanent Weight Loss                                                        Center at Beech Hill Centre. Free
                                                               Surgery alone does not guarantee      informational seminars are held
                        Solutions                              complete weight loss success.         monthly. Call 1-888-342-5470 to
                        Bariatric surgery can provide          To achieve lasting weight loss,       register or to schedule a private
                        dramatic improvements in health        the bariatric program includes        consultation.
                         and appearance for patients who       additional support, and dedicated
                          suffer from medical obesity.         medical care. Features of the
                           The McLaren Bariatric Institute     McLaren Bariatric Institute are:
                          provides a comprehensive                                                                       Bill
                                                               • Complete Medical Evaluation                             (Before)
                          surgical weight loss program to
                                                               • Surgical Consultation
                         equip patients with the necessary
                                                               • Psychological and Nutritional
                        tools and support for successful,
                        permanent weight loss.
                                                               • Complete Pre and Post
                        What is Bariatric Surgery?               Operative Care
                        There are two basic ways that          • Support Groups
                        bariatric surgery works to help        • Fully Monitored and Specially
                        patients lose weight and improve         Equipped Bariatric Unit for
                        or resolve co-morbidities:               Inpatient Care                      Name: Bill
                        malabsorption and restriction.
                                                                                                     Surgical procedure:
                                                               Who Qualifies for Bariatric
                        Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric        Surgery?
                                                                                                     Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Bill                    Banding (LapBand): is a purely
(After)                                                        Anyone that can answer “yes”          Weight loss following procedure:
                        restrictive surgical procedure in      to the questions below may be a       138 lbs.
                        which a band is placed around the      candidate.                            Date of Surgery:
                           uppermost part of the stomach.
                           This band divides the stomach       • Are you 100 pounds or more          March 5, 2007
    “I had run out      into one small portion and one            above your ideal body weight?      “I had run out of options. I had
                        larger portion. Since the stomach      • Do you have a BMI (body mass        lost 100 pounds or more four
 of options. I had
                        is divided into smaller parts,            index) of 40 or greater?           times before, without lasting
 lost 100 pounds        most patients feel full faster. As     • Do you have a BMI of                success. The laparoscopic Roux-
      or more four      the name indicates, the band is           35 or greater with one or          en-Y surgical procedure along
                        adjustable. So if the rate of weight      more obesity-related health        with the support I received from
     times before,      loss is not acceptable, the band          condition(s)?                      the staff was truly a life-saving
  without lasting       can be adjusted.                       • Have other forms of weight          experience. The recent results
     success. The                                                 control failed?                    of my annual physical were so
                        Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: is both                                            great, my doctor wrote me a
     laparoscopic       a restrictive and malabsorptive        • Are you over 18 years of age?
                                                                                                     letter congratulating me on my
                        procedure. The surgeon creates         • Are you well informed about
          Roux-en-                                                the potential procedure and
                                                                                                     perfect test results. I no longer
                        a small stomach pouch and then                                               have to take any medications
         Y surgical     constructs a “bypass” for food.           risks?                             I took prior to my weight loss
procedure along         The bypass allows food to skip         Payment Options                       surgery.”
                        parts of the small intestine. By       Many insurance carriers cover the
with the support        skipping a large part of the small     cost of bariatric surgery provided
  I received from       intestine, the body cannot absorb      medical documentation of weight
     the staff was      as many calories or nutrients.         loss attempts exist and the patient
                        The Roux-en-Y procedure can            shows a medical need for the
truly a lifesaving      be performed laparoscopically          procedure. A flexible self-payment
      experience.”      through traditional laparoscopic       plan is also available through
                 Bill   methods or aided by the                McLaren.
                        sophisticated da Vinci surgical

                                                            Danny                               Sandy
                                                            (Before)                            (Before)


Name: Paula                             Name: Danny                        Name: Sandy
Surgical procedure:                     Surgical procedure:                Surgical procedure:
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass                Roux-en-Y gastric bypass           LapBand gastric banding
Weight loss following procedure:        Weight loss following procedure:   Weight loss following procedure:
103 lbs.                                97 lbs.                            80 lbs.
Date of weight loss surgery:            Date of weight loss surgery:       Date of weight loss surgery:
                                                                                                                “I now feel
October 23, 2006                        June 25, 2007                      April 12, 2006                       better both
“Not a day went by that I               “My orthopedic surgeon said        “I am an overeater and had no        physically
didn’t look for a new way to            I had to lose 50-60 pounds         control. If I hadn’t had the Lap-    and
lose weight. In my eyes, I was          before he would perform hip        Band procedure, I would still
extremely obese. Working with           replacement surgery. The next      be overweight. The staff at the      emotionally.
special needs children, I have          day, I called McLaren Bariatric    McLaren Bariatric Institute is       It feels great
to be ready to get up and go at         Institute. With their support,     very supportive and I really enjoy
anytime. With my numerous               I was able to lose 50 pounds       participating in the support
                                                                                                                to be thin!”
health issues associated with           before my weight loss surgery,     group for McLaren bariatric          (patient)
             my obesity, I could          and I have lost over 97 pounds        patients. I now feel better
                not move the way          since then. The counseling               both physically and
                  I wanted to. I          by the dietician was very                 emotionally. I feel
                   chose to have        informative, and I received                  comfortable in my
                   the Roux-en-Y        excellent care overall. I still              clothes and I can
                    procedure. I        call them with questions.                          now cross my                     Sandy
                         am happy       I am no longer short                                legs like a
                         to say I       of breath and I am                                   lady. It
                         have no        definitely more                                      feels
                         health         active.”                                              great
                           issues                                                             to be
                           to worry                                                           thin!”
                        anymore. I
                        have made
                       a lifetime
                      to weight loss
                      and I feel like
                     a success!”

                       (After)                                                        Danny

adam ezell, a home
      school student
      and third year
member of the Lego
      team, observes
       the procedure
taking place behind
 him from the color
  monitor located in
the surgical suite. a
  reporter from tV5
was also on hand to
      cover the visit.

                                                                                                Students Experience
                                                                                                Robots Used in
                                                                                                Modern Medicine
                                                                                                For many young students interested in
                                                                                                engineering, Legos are a medium for creativity,
The students                                                                                    design, and experimentation. The colorful
     were able                                                                                  interlocking blocks have expanded beyond child’s
                                                                                                play to competitive teams. These teams use
    to operate                                                                                  special kits to build robotic machines, designed
   the robotic                                                                                  to perform selected functions. Recently, students
                                                                                                aged 9 through 14, competing in the First Flint
      controls,                                                                                 Lego Championship, were invited to McLaren
   experience                                                                                   to observe a robotic system in use at the Medical
the system’s                                                                                    Center for specialized surgical procedures.

dexterity and                                                                                   On December 14, a small group of students
 visualization                                                                                  toured the MRMC surgical suite which houses
                                                                                                the da Vinci Robotic Surgical System. Specially-
 capabilities,                                                                                  trained members of the surgical staff were on
     and learn                                                                                  hand to assist with hands-on demonstrations
                                                                                                of the system and answer questions. Here,
     about the                                                                                  the students were able to operate the robotic
      practical                                                                                 controls, experience the system’s dexterity
 applications                                                                                   and visualization capabilities, and learn about
                                                                                                the practical applications of robots in modern
     of robots                                                                                  medicine.
    in modern            Scott Micunek, clinical sales representative for intuitive, explains
                         to students how the da Vinci robotic surgical system works.
2008 Revised Emergency Management Standards

Knowing what you can, and                  pathways both within the            6. Patient Clinical and Support
should do, in any kind of                  organization and also to critical      Activities-the organization
emergency, is important. Working           community resources;                   must have clear, reasonable
to make sure you and our hospital     2.   Resources and Assets-materials         plans in place to address
are prepared for any crisis, or            and supplies, vendor and               the needs of patients during
emergency situation, small or              community services, and state          extreme conditions when the
large, is a constant challenge             and federal programs are some          organization’s infrastructure
for the Medical Center and                 of the essential resources that        and resources are taxed.
its Emergency Management                   organizations must know how         These new standards also require
Committee. In 2008, the Joint
                                                                                                                     In 2008,
                                           to access in times of crisis in     organizations to evaluate the six
Commission, is asking hospitals            order to ensure patient safety      performance areas identified          the Joint
to take an all-hazards approach            and sustain care, treatment, and    during planned exercises              Commission,
to preparedness. According to              services;                           and drills. Look for more
the Joint Commission, these                                                    information, more drills, and
                                                                                                                     is asking
                                      3.   Safety and Security-as
standards emphasize a “scalable”           emergency situations develop        new reference tools to come from      hospitals
approach that helps organizations          and parameters of operability       your Emergency Management             to take an
manage the variety, intensity,             shift, organizations must           Committee in 2008 so we can all
and duration of the disasters              continue to provide safe and        be better prepared for any disaster   all-hazards
that affect a single organization,         secure environments for their       or emergency situation, large or      approach to
multiple organizations, or                 patients and staff;                 small.
an entire community. The
                                      4.   Staff Responsibilities-as new
revised standards also stress
                                           risks develop and conditions
the importance of planning
                                           change, staff members will
and testing response plans for
                                           need to adapt their roles to
emergencies during conditions
                                           meet new demands on their
when the local community
                                           ability to care for patients;
cannot support the health care
organization. These revised           5.   Utilities Management-the
standards emphasis six critical            supply of key utilities such
areas:                                     as power or potable water,
                                           ventilation, and fuel, must not
1. Communication-organizations
                                           be disrupted or adverse events
    must develop a plan to
                                           may occur as a result;
    maintain communication

Becky Wolfington has been appointed to serve as Manager of the Specialty Clinics and Wound Care
Services. Becky has been with McLaren Regional Medical Center since 1994. She was appointed the
Wound Care Coordinator in April, 1998. In this role she has applied her talents to develop a comprehensive
inpatient wound care program. Becky has a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and in October, 1998 she
achieved her certification in wound care. Becky will be working with Julie Snyder to integrate our inpatient
and outpatient wound care programs and develop subsequent programs in the McLaren Health Care system.
                                                                                                                     Becky Wolfington

David J. DeSimone, Director for Planning and Business Development at McLaren Regional Medical
Center, was recently elected to serve a two-year term as Vice President of The Great Lakes Chapter of The
American College of Healthcare Executives. DeSimone is a Fellow of The American College of Healthcare
Executives, and is a member of the Regional Governing Board for The Great Lakes Chapter of The
American College of Healthcare Executives.

                                                                                                                     david J. deSimone
                          Employees Step Up for Shoes That Fit

                          The outpouring of support for the Shoes That Fit campaign remained constant in 2007, the seventh year for the
                          annual event. McLaren employees fulfilled all 300 requests for shoes or boots for Flint Community Schools
                          students. There were also an additional 23 pairs of shoes collected and donated. Monetary donations totaled
                          $730. The medical center also donated funds so each of the McLaren sponsored students would get a six pack
                          of socks. It is clear that MRMC has more than a few good soles!

    fulfilled all
 300 requests
  for shoes or
boots for Flint

                                                                                                    (above) Shelly anderson, Lab
         (Right) Lorie
        Smith, Budget

       (Right) pamela
       Handley, nurse
     practitioner, Case                                                               (above) tenaha Williams, 8S

                            (Left) Julie Coon,
                            nursing office

(above) Lyna Havalda, iCu

                             The Medical
                             Center also
                             donated funds
                             so each of
                             the McLaren
                             would get a
                             six pack of

                             (Left) More than
                             300 pair of shoes are
                             boxed and ready for
                             Ross Wood and david
                             Hall to transport
                             to Youth projects
                             once they arrive,
                             the shoes are sorted
(above) otto townsend,       according to school
pharmacy                     by volunteers and
                             delivered to Flint
                             School children in
                             time for the holidays.
                  Community Connection
  New Lothrop
  Choir Carols                                                                          Connection
    at Cancer                                                                           a monthly publication for
                                                                                        employees and friends of
                                                                                        McLaren Regional Medical
                                                                                        donald Kooy,
                                                                                        President and Ceo,
                                                                                        McLaren Regional
                                                                                        Medical Center
                                                                                        Managing editor:
                                                                                        Laurie Prochazka,
                                                                                        director of Marketing
                  Youthful voices filled the halls and many hearts at GLCI-McLaren as   ellen Peter,
                  New Lothrop High School Varsity Chorus members brought holiday        Marketing Communications
                  cheer to cancer patients, family members and employees on December
                  14 with a concert of holiday music.
                                                                                        Contributing Writers:
                                                                                        Sherry Stewart, ellen Peter,
                                                                                        Laurie Prochazka, and
                                                                                        contributions from McLaren
This FREE KIT                                                                           employees
 could save                                                                             photography:
                                                                                        ted Klopf, and contributions
  your life!
                                                                                        from McLaren employees
                                                                                        Shamiah Specht,
                                                                                        graphic designer,
                                                                                        McLaren Art department
                                                                                        McLaren graphics
                                                                                        We welcome comments,
                                                                                        suggestions, and ideas:
                                                                               or call
                                                                                        (810) 342-4478

                                             Blood Drive                                MISSON:
                                             The American Red Cross invite all MRMC
                                             employees and visitors who qualify to      McLaren Health Care,
          r                                                                             through its subsidiaries, will
  Mark You                                   donate blood at the upcoming blood drive
                                                                                        be Michigan’s best value
           s!                                held in Ballenger Auditorium on Thursday
   Calendar                                  February 28. Help us achieve our goal of   in healthcare as defined by
                                                                                        quality outcomes and cost.
    Blood Drive                              31 pints!
    February 28                                                                   

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