Pricing of services

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Why service prices are different for
 Customer knowledge of service prices is
 Role of non monetary cost: time cost,
  search cost etc
 Price as an indicator of service quality
    Approaches to pricing services
 Cost based pricing
 Competition based pricing
 Demand based pricing: what customer will
  pay for the service provided
         Pricing Strategies
 When customer means “value is low
 Discounting
 Penetration pricing
 Odd pricing
 When customer means “value is
  everything I want in a service”:
 Prestige pricing
 Skimming pricing
 When customer means “value is the
  quality I get for the price I pay”:
 Value pricing-giving more for less
 Market segmentation pricing- charge
  different prices from different segments
   When customer means “value is all that I get for
    all that I give”:
   Price framing- provide reference prices for
   Price bundling- pricing the services in a group.
    When services are used in conjunction with
    other services
   Complementary pricing-highly interrelated
    services can be leveraged by using
    complementary pricing (low sim price, high
    phone bill)
   Result based pricing-outcome of the legal case
     Factors related to Pricing
 Company
 Customers
 Market conditions
 Competitors