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PC Laptops Provides Customized Desktop Experience for Customers



      PC Laptops Provides Customized Desktop Experience for Customers
                  Instead of having engineers deciding what computer you should have,
                 PC Laptops lets customers tell them what works best for their own needs

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – March 13, 2006 – After nearly doubling sales from the previous week since
initiating its “Totally Awesome Customer Support Program™,” PC Laptops today announced the
availability of four customized desktop computers, the specifications of which are completely determined
by the customer.

“How can we assume that an engineer in Austin or Cupertino knows what kind of computer will work
best for each customer?” asked Dan “The Laptop Man” Young, president and founder of PC Laptops.
“We now have four different categories of desktop computers, but we want customers to be able to tell us
what they do and don’t want in their computers. This way, every person always gets exactly the right
computer for their needs, which is what we all want anyway.”

The four main categories of desktop computers from which customers will be able to create their own
customized personal computers are the Nano, Atomic, Titan and Epic computers. The desktop PCs, which
also include PC Laptops’ famous “no questions asked” free lifetime service and support guarantee, will
vary depending on the types of components customers want to use. The most common components found
in PCs include processors, hard drives, memory, video cards, monitors, keyboards and motherboards.

Since entering the desktop computer market last week, PC Laptops has already ordered more than
$500,000 worth of components and has added 26 experienced employees to provide the best customized
desktop buying experience possible.

“The Epic is positioned to be our top-of-the-line gaming, ‘waste-all-of-the-others-and-leave-them-to-
shame’ model, but if you are a poor student using a computer mostly for writing papers and sending
email, or a grandparent only receiving pictures of your grandkids, it might not be for you,” Young said.
“Rather than trying to sell you more than you need, our people will talk with you, determine your needs
and then we’ll build the computer that’s exactly right for you. We want our customers to be happy.”

Customers will also be able to choose from different case styles and colors, as well as the standard DVD

“These are the best desktop computers you can get,” Young said. “Each of our models has a use that will
be tailored for your needs, with gamers loving the Epic, business and multimedia enthusiasts being drawn
to the Atomic and Titan, and the Nano being a well-priced, high performance computer for the masses.
On top of that, no computer is worth very much without good service and support, and at PC Laptops we
give you the absolutely best service and support in the world – free lifetime labor and service support for
as long as you own any of our computers, including our fantastic laptops. You won’t be able to beat the
service, performance and personal touch our computers provide.”

Pricing on PC Laptops’ entry-level Nano personal computer starts at under $1,000. For specific pricing on
a computer custom-built to meet their specific needs, individuals should contact or visit one of the six PC
Laptops stores located along the Wasatch Front. For contact information, visit
In addition to building and customizing the best laptop and desktop computers in the world, PC Laptops
still invites owners of Totally Awesome-brand personal computers to bring them into any of the six PC
Laptops stores located in Utah along the Wasatch Front mountain range for a free diagnosis and check-up.

About PC Laptops
PC Laptops focuses on delivering a high level of local, personal service to differentiate itself in a crowded
personal computer market. The company sells industry-leading portable and desktop computers to
customers around the world via its Web site ( and toll-free number: 877-596-SAVE

Totally Awesome Customer Support Program is a trademark of PC Laptops, LLC.

Russell Page, Politis Communications, 801-523-3730(work)/801-787-8435(cell), or
David Politis, Politis Communications, 801-523-3730(work)/801-556-8184(cell),

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