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Loanable Laptops & Projectors


									                                                                                         January 2011
Factsheet 80
Loanable Laptops & Projectors
This factsheet can be made available in alternative formats. Please make
your request at the Library Help Desk, telephone 01642 342100 or email

Who can borrow laptops and projectors?
 Teesside University Staff can borrow laptops and projectors for use in the GPT Rooms only.

  Staff are reminded that, under no circumstances whatsoever should they allow a third party to
  utilise University IT equipment. The particular scenario to guard against is loaning, or letting
  friends or family use or have access to, University laptops.

How many sets of equipment are there?
  The Library has 9 x sets of equipment, comprising a laptop (with MS Office 2007 installed) & a
  data projector (including associated support cables etc.)

How do I book equipment?
  A minimum of 24 hours should be allowed for bookings in order for equipment to be prepared.
  However, there is no guarantee that all booking requests will be satisfied as it depends on
  demand, so it is recommended that bookings are made as soon as the GPT Rooms have been

  Bookings are made via email by sending details to If you have any queries
  please contact the Library on extension 2193 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm).

  Bookings must be made in the name of the member of staff who is collecting the equipment.

  Confirmation of your booking will be emailed to you.

Where do I collect equipment and what do I need to bring with me?
 Please collect equipment you have booked from the Library Help Desk on the ground floor of the
 Library. At various times during the year there may be queues, so you should allow time as the
 equipment must be checked prior to issue.

  Equipment will only be issued on production of a TUSC.
  Please note that the equipment is heavy and can be awkward to carry, so it is advisable to bring
  someone with you to help carry the equipment or a small trolley can be supplied if it is booked in
   The equipment is valuable and once it is issued onto your account it becomes your

   Please note that on rare occasions electrical equipment can affect the Library security system
   so we ask you to be patient if the alarm should sound and a member of staff will be on hand to
   assist you immediately.

Where do I return equipment?
  The equipment must be returned to the Library Help Desk by the return date and time as stated
  in the email confirmation.

   Please ensure that you hand the equipment to a member of staff at the Library Help Desk on
   return to ensure that it can be quickly checked and removed from your account. The equipment
   remains your responsibility until it is removed from your account. If any items are missing the
   equipment will remain on your account until items are returned.

   If there is a fault with the equipment please inform the Library on return.

How long can I book equipment for?
  Equipment can be booked for a maximum of one week. An email confirmation will state the
  date and time the equipment must be returned by.

What happens if all of the equipment is fully booked?
  Our advice would be to check with your own School / Department to see if they have any
  equipment available that you can use.

What do I do if I need help with using the equipment?
  There is a laminated sheet of quick instructions provided with the equipment.

   Please note that the Library does not provide any technical support for setting up the

If you have any further queries or would like to provide feedback on this service please email

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