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Build Email Lists


Building an email list is one of the most important aspects of creating an online empire, are you building your list?

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									Your Easy Guide to Build Email Lists

An email list is a basic internet marketing tool that anyone who wants to make money online
successfully must have. This list contains the email address and name of individuals who are
most interested to avail of your products or services. Here’s an easy guide to build email lists to
start benefitting from this tool.

Simple Steps to Follow

To build email lists, you may want to follow these simple steps:

   1. Include a squeeze page on your website. A squeeze page is where you are going to direct
      your traffic if you wish to get their contact information and have them sign-up to your
      list. Your sign-up or opt-in form should contain the fields where your traffic can leave
      their name and email including a submit button.

   2. Give away something for free. To attract and encourage your visitors to sign up, give
      them free items that are useful and of good quality. Make the offer for the free items
      tempting that your visitors can hardly refuse to join your subscription list. The freebies
      should relate to the nature of your business that your visitors can easily associate them
      with your products or services.

   3. Attract more visitors to your site and motivate them to join your lists. You can submit
      several articles to online directories providing the link to your squeeze page where they
      can register as subscribers and get their freebies. You may also want to set up a blog and
      increase your readership that will eventually join your list.

Techniques to Grow Your Email Lists Fast

Here are techniques that will help you build email lists fast:

   1. Get a list builder or an autoresponder that will automate the process of email list building.
      These are software programs that speed up list building and ensure that your content
      reaches your subscribers at the right time. It also keeps track of the lists and all the
      necessary contact information of your subscribers.

       With a list builder or an autoresponder in place, you get to free yourself from routinely
       tasks. You can then use the extra time saved to double your productivity and increase
       your profitability as a result.

   2. Design your squeeze page optimally and attractively to get the results that you want. The
      goal is to get your visitors to sign up to build email lists.
       The content of your squeeze page should be written concisely. do not be lengthy to
       compete with the time that your visitors can only spend. In the same way, do not be too
       brief that you miss the opportunity to get your visitors to sign up.

       While your headline should stimulate the interests of your visitors, your content should
       also deliver what your headline claims.

   3. Learn how to use and benefit from other methods of list building such as social
      networking or social media marketing as well as paid methods like pay per click
      advertising and cost per thousand or CPM list building.

There you have your step by step guide to build email lists plus three of the proven techniques
on how to grow your email lists quickly. These shall help you make money from internet
marketing successfully. For more information head over to
and claim your FREE DVD.

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