Citi's China Network Continues to Expand with Opening of Smart

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					Citi’s China Network Continues to Expand with Opening of Smart Banking,
           Environmentally Friendly Consumer Outlet in Beijing

        Second opening in two weeks, Citi’s 30th consumer outlet in China

Beijing, September 1, 2010 – Citibank (China) Co., Ltd. (“Citibank China”) today
opened its second Smart Banking outlet in China and its first in Beijing. Designed to
provide customers a superior banking experience, the new outlet is Citibank’s eighth in
Beijing and 30th in China. The opening comes one week after Citibank China unveiled a
full-service Smart Banking outlet at the People Square subway station, the busiest
station in the Shanghai’s metro system, which carries 7 million people daily.

Mr. Andrew Au said, “China is one of Citi’s priority markets globally and Citi is fully
committed to continue to invest here as we meet the needs of our diverse and
expanding customer base. The ongoing build out of our network in both existing and new
cities around China is an important part of that intent.”

Mr. Anand Selva said, “We are delighted to be opening the first Smart Banking
outlet in Beijing, which we are confident will provide our customers with superior
service experience. Today’s opening reaffirms our commitment to play a leading role in
contributing to the ongoing development of China’s consumer banking market.”
Citibank’s newly opened “Asia Games Village” sub-branch is a full-service retail outlet,
with a range of key attributes, including:

Fully “Wi-Fi enabled” allowing customers to go online while inside the outlet using
their mobile devices(laptop, cell phone, PDA etc)

The “Citi Service Browser” is comprised of a number of interactive touch screens
that enable customers to easily obtain information about Citibank as well as Citibank’s
latest product and service offerings at their fingertips. The “Citi Service Browser” also
includes hand-held devices containing electronic brochures with detailed introduction to
Citibank products and services, market outlook and commentaries, audio and video clips.
These devices negate the need for print materials in Citibank’s environmentally friendly
branch environment

The “Citi Work Bench” allows customers to complete their daily banking needs on
their own at their own pace. By operating touch screen computers, customers can
complete various transactional services in a secured and convenient manner

The “Citi Assist” interactive video conferencing services provide customers with the
opportunity to obtain additional expert opinion and consultation from Citibank specialists
at another location on a real time basis via video phones

Wireless “Soft Phones” for all staff while providing complimentary use of mobile
phones for its customers

State-of-the-art complimentary “Internet kiosks” available for customers to browse
the web and get access to Citibank China’s next-generation online banking services,
which include enhanced online security features, more convenient online payments and
transfers, “Global View of Accounts” allowing customers to access Citibank accounts in
multiple countries, a comprehensive set of alerts/SMS-based banking services, all
delivered with user-friendly interface and modern look-and-feel

The new outlet also features a service designed to help owners of small enterprises
by allowing customers access to both commercial banking and personal banking
services via a single point of contact. Key product offerings available under the
service include:

Installment Loans, which offer a variety of loans in both foreign currency and
Renminbi characterized by quick approval and flexible repayment arrangements.

Cash Management Services, which provide a range of foreign exchange and cash
management products. Cash management services include account establishment,
funds receivable and payments, supplemented with electronic banking to allow
for efficient cash flow management and supervision. Other solutions available to
assist the customer with financial risk management include FX long-term hedge,
options and timely delivery of market information and FX analysis.
Express trade, Citi will leverage its longstanding experience in trade finance to
provide comprehensive coverage on trade flows. Citi’s global network, its leadership in
the provision of export-import trade services, and its understanding of the particular
needs of clients in many markets around the world ensures it is well placed to provide
trade consulting services that help SME exporters in China achieve their funding

Ms. Nancy Zhang, Head of Citi’s Local Commercial Bank, said, “The integrated offering
we have run in Shanghai has generated significant positive feedback from our SME
customers. Expanding this service into Beijing will build upon the initial success of our
Shanghai pilot, and ensure our strong momentum as we serve an increasingly diverse
array of SME customers in China.”

The new outlet will also offer a full range of personal banking and wealth management
services. Citibanking services, which require a minimum balance of RMB80,000, feature
dedicated personal bankers who provide financial guidance, practical financial solutions
that meet family financial needs, efficient and convenient channels that include state-of-
the-art online banking, mobile banking, 24x7 phone banking and fax banking.

Citibank’s Citigold offering, which requires a minimum balance of RMB 500,000, features
a dedicated relationship manager supported by a team of product specialists, access to
award winning research, proprietary financial planning tools, exclusive rewards and
privileges, and comprehensive global banking benefits.

Citigold Private Client, which was launched in July in China, is a new proposition
designed to meet the needs of high net worth individuals with assets under management
of RMB 8 million and above. With Citigold Private Client, clients benefit from tailored
financial solutions, exclusive and personalized financial advisory services, a dedicated
Citigold Private Client banker and an associate banker, together with a team of financial
experts, catering to a comprehensive range of personal wealth and business banking

The Asia Game Village outlet houses 16 retail banking professionals including Citigold
Relationship Managers, Personal Bankers and Commercial bankers, trained and
certified to provide premium banking services. It is located at Unit 1403, Tower B and
Unit 1012, 1013, Tower C, Luoke Time Center, No 103, Huizhongli, Chaoyang District,


About Citi
Citi, the leading global financial services company, has approximately 200 million
customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions.
Through Citicorp and Citi Holdings, Citi provides consumers, corporations, governments
and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including
consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage,
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About Citi China
Citi first established an office in China on May 15, 1902, in Shanghai. In April 2007, Citi
was among the first international banks to locally incorporate in China. Citi's locally
incorporated entity is known as Citibank (China) Co Ltd, which is wholly owned by
Citibank N.A. Today Citi is a leading international bank in China, and has nine corporate
bank branches - in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chengdu,
Hangzhou, Dalian and Chongqing - and twenty-nine consumer bank outlets. With
operations in more than 160 countries around the world, Citi is the most global of all
international banks in China.

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