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					       Get Complete Packing and Wrapping

Packing Consultant & Order Fulfillment Services - Handline handles all your
contract packing, direct mail marketing and warehousing needs. Our expert finishing
services includes Plastic Wrapping, Shrink Wrapping, Hand Packing and more.
Handline gives accurate finishing services at affordable price.

If you need any particular advice on contract packing, shrink wrapping, container
unloading, plastic wrapping, direct mail marketing, finishing services, order
fulfillment, direct mail marketing, digital printing, shrink wrap, warehousing, let us
help you make the perfect decision. Doesn’t matter whether it is Australian items or
imported products, we are committed to use our expertise to offer a material
handling solution to assist you. We are one stop wrapping, packing, printing and
warehousing solutions, such as:

       Shrink Wrapping
       Contract packing
       Digital Printing
       Component Assembly and Final Assembly
       Container Receiving and Unloading

Hand Line is a completely Australian owned and operated company. We make and
supply bundle wrappers, Shrink wrap heat sealers, and shrink tunnels. We offer
both type of packing service from simple manually to completely automatic wrapping
system. We have the finest quality wrapping machinery and turnkey systems. We
have the capability to remove the wrapping issues of customers, at the same time
with reducing the packaging rates and thus lifting customers’ earnings margins.

We make sure to our clients that we fulfill the requirement of mass mailing and
direct mailing service at a class of professionalism. If delivered professionally and
proficiently direct mailing service can hit the ideal audience, also it is cost effective
and one can measure the results very easily. Rigorous quality controls make sure the
maximum level of accuracy and precision available, bringing the best possible
outcome. Customers using direct mail marketing service know that their mailing
requirements will be completed by a team of professionals. Direct mail
marketing is booming now days and turning out to be a preferred marketing medium
in client possession and preservation.
You can select to send your marketing and promotion message to target audience.
With the use of information and data, the service facilitates you to target your
interactions so you select your audience who is receiving your message and who isn’t.
We control several machines for folding documents as per your requirement and
desired size and then inserting to envelopes. We also offer high speed folding of
documents with DL and vertical perforated panels. Sometimes parcels and envelopes
must be fulfilled by hand. Often inserts become very thick, require collation and
match-mailing demanding a hands on approach. Our experienced and professional
team is very proficient and expert in their work. When customers contact us with their
requirements they know that they would be assisted at the best and will get the best
possible result for their needs.

Pictures speak many words and with the products we make, we ensure that the
products will only speak the best words about our clients to their audience. It is very
important in case of pictures that pictures should convey the perfect message we want
them to. so we work in that direction only that pictures should appear in the same way
as our clients expect. Obtaining our service is almost equivalent to the consideration
of getting rid of all the troubles related with digital printing along with the guarantee
of professionally consummated outcome.

Handline provides Pallet storage and mail outs facilities for small and large
business. Our high speed machines supports in fast and easy direct mail and mail outs
for perfect mail marketing services.

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Description: Direct Mail Marketing - Handline provides direct mail marketing and mail outs facilities for small and large business. Our high speed machines supports in fast and easy mail folding and mail outs for perfect mail marketing services.